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    Guild Name: Silent Redemption

    Schedule: Sunday :: 6pm EST - 11pm EST (3pm-PST / 8pm PST) Monday - Tuesday :: 7:30pm EST -11pm EST (4:30pm PST / 8pm PST). When the expansion is fresh we raid lockouts till it is complete. Once we switch to farm mode, We plan to raid Sunday and Monday if needed only.

    Loot System: Raid participation points (RPP). Points are accrued based on time spent in raid. Items have set costs based on tier and expansion. We have a Decaying points system that has worked excellent for us. New members wont have any trouble competing with old ones. More info Here or Contact an officer in game to explain it.

    Content: We have completed ROS 6th Server wide & First on Cazic. We plan to farm RoS and occasionally work in Some EoK and older raids to complete quests (TBM Face/Eyes, Shawl aug ect..) as needed. Our guild progression history can be tracked Here.

    Recruiting: Currently looking for Solid High attendance Bard, Cleric. Everything else is good however we would never turn down an exceptional applicant. If you feel you are, Contact us anyway! We run full raids and have a solid roster of Support classes. Application requirements can be found Here.

    Casual Membership: We have added a casual wing to SR, Similar to how some other guilds do it. We have our main raid team we take applications for and in an effort to accommodate some raiders with friends and family we allow friends and family or an active person looking for a home to learn from us the chance to join the guild as a casual member. Once raid spots open up they will have the chance to move up if they want. We have a fairly active guild outside of raids. If this interests you there is no need to apply, Just get in touch with an officer for a quick chat. All classes are welcome we just ask that you be 105+

    In Game Contact: Stell, Maxxbuff, Zendikar, or any Officer

    Other: Silent Redemption is one of the oldest guilds on the server founded in October 1999 on Brell Serilis. We have raided all the content EQ has offered. We have been the Premier guild on the server since August 2012 and hope to have maintained that status when RoS is complete

    Since our old recruitment thread was 3 pages long and started in 2012, I wanted to change the title and start a new one. The old thread can be found Here if anyone wanted to see it. Please keep any replies or questions to this new thread.
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    Bump! Updated to current needs.
  3. Stell_CT Elder


    If you are looking for the casual side, be sure to get in touch with me in game.

  4. Stell_CT Elder

    Bump! Still looking for a solid cleric!
  5. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Check out some of our most esteemed guild members!


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  6. Zaknaffein Augur

    Did you adopt some rescued kittens from the livestream finally and name them Molly and Polly?
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    Bump, Could still use a Cleric.
  8. monk101 New Member

    Stell, Its rangers you need and more rangers :) Rangers better then Dart :p
  9. Jetslam Augur

    There's only one, and he's currently being worked on. ;)
  10. Poledo_EQ Elder

    Is this the original Silent Redemption that used to be on Brell?
  11. Ryino New Member

    It is the same SR from Brell.
  12. Stell_CT Elder

    Tier 2 RoS on Farm! Updated top post.
  13. Stell_CT Elder

    Updated, Having forum issues at the moment so please PM me here on the forums, In game email, or get with us in game
  14. Stell_CT Elder

    RoS Complete. Updated original post for needs.
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  18. Shredd Augur

    what is the website again? every time I use the link it is a blank page.
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  20. Mustadio New Member

    How many members are from the Brell Serilis days. I am currently trying to acquire my account back and wasn't sure how many guilds I remember would still be in tact.

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