Signets for Anguish in OoW

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Brumans, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Brumans Augur

    From patch notes a couple of months ago:

    Great change!

    Any reason wasn't adjusted similarly? Or was he adjusted, and accidentally left off the patch notes?

    That also leaves 4 open world Dragorns for the remaining signets. Do they always drop 6, or only 1?
  2. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    Regardless of how many they drop, you're still going to have the poopsockers griefing people non stop by KSing them.
  3. Nolrog Augur

    Aren't they instances?
  4. jack of all trades Journeyman

    Believe he was talking about the non-instance signets, such as the Wall of Slaughter, MPG, and Riftseekers signets.
  5. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    I guess the real question will be, since we're not getting instances, will load balancing at least be enabled for OoW? Dev?
  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    It was enabled on Quarm. I imagine we should be safe on this end.

    I do hope the threshold to spawn is quite low though. Each open world signet dropper only has 2-3 spawn spots. So you're looking st probably 1 group at each so around 20 people should spawn a new pick ideally.

    I was also curious about the OP's question. But not curious enough to log on a live server and spend 5 min to test it out myself. I suppose I should do that tonight.
  7. C3lowz Augur

    I'm willing to bet the Open World Signet mobs will still drop only 1.

    This is a very nice QoL change for the instance versions. The 2 level 70 instances were a pain, Sewers even more so as he was near the end of the instance. Catacombs wasn't too bad. The mob spawned in the next room. Eitherway I like this, even tho I don't play Phini anymore or any TLP after GoD for that matter, but my good old EQ self approves this change.
  8. Prathun Developer

    This has not yet been changed, but probably should be for consistency. We'll look into it when time allows.

    Omens of War zones already load balance. This was implemented shortly before the Quarm server launched.
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  9. MaestroM Augur

    If consistency matters re: changes, might be worth taking a look at the Wizard/Enchanter/SK epics....
  10. Ryak Augur

    Were the numbers needed to spawn picks adjusted down with the others in 'the great pick zone adjustment of 2017'?

    I think you did a great job setting numbers for picks appropriately in Gates of Discord. I hope Omens zones are set appropriately too.

    I'm particularly worried about any zone with an open world signet mob spawn, especially Riftseekers since it traditionally only has two camps, while actually being a pretty big zone.
  11. Brumans Augur

    Thanks Prathun! Hopefully by next patch as Omens is next month hehe :).

    Please do and report back! hehe
  12. Jaera Augur

    Popped on test, killed the Dragorn Battlemaster, it dropped one signet.
  13. Brumans Augur

    Thanks for testing!

    Luclin Shards 2.0 inc, heh. Although at least there's not 10 of them to contest.
  14. McJumps Augur

    The Luclin shards were not that bad. VP key pieces were the worst before they fixed them. YOU'RE WELCOME AGNARR.

    So how many are going to be open world? Everything past GoD is new to me, so.
  15. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Four are open world. 3 are instanced. Two of the instances spawn on instance up and drop 6. The other instance has a ph and drops one.
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  16. NoWay Lorekeeper

    Goes by how many in the group and who needs them. so solo 1 6=6.
  17. McJumps Augur

    Thanks for the info. Had planned to do Research on Omens this weekend. I only know the basics and what I learned on Quarm. I am excited. GoD has been a ton of fun. I was very familiar will the the content up until GoD, and I have to say, so far its the most fun Ive had on Phinny.
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  18. Brumans Augur

    Wait, really? Are you sure of this? Have you (or anyone else) tested this with a box or a friend or something?

    I didn't think EQ could do drops smartly like that in the first place, and definitely haven't heard of that myself.

    Is it a technique that's pretty common in the game at this point? When did it start?
  19. Jaera Augur

    Signets will probably be the same as shards, as in everyone will be working on them but in the end it'll be maybe a day or two of some small problems then it won't be. Each of the open world zones has three spawn points for the necessary dragorn and they're spread out enough and have other things to do at them that even then its not comparable to Lucid Shards.

    Additionally, there are other things to do instead of shards (like Epic 1.5s) that some people or guilds may decide to wait a bit if things are looking train-happy and will reduce the pressure, although this may also cause pick zones to be a little less common.
  20. Jaera Augur

    Science must be always be done.

    Test copied all six of my characters from Phinigel (so none of them have signets done), went to Wall of Slaughter and killed a Dragorn Mastermind. Got one signet.

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