Shroud of Stealth and collectables. Unfair advantage.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by YellowBelly, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Cicelee Augur

    I can only see one outcome that happens from this thread...

    Magician pets will be nerfed next patch.
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  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Yes, because it is really the magician air pet that is running around with SoS picking up ground spawn collectibles, then returning with their hoard of rare ones to the mage at the zone in so they can be sold in /genchat for a bazillion krono each. We are on to you now, Cicelee...
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  3. Fullwin Journeyman

    Too many of you are ignoring the real issue: rogues should be allowed to pickpocket the loot collectibles from mobs.
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  4. Duhbeast Augur

  5. Cicelee Augur

    At least that would give the air pet an actual purpose in game instead of being a spell you buy and never use...
  6. Thrillho Augur

    What! Quit telling people this stuff! You're gonna get us all nerfed! Next thing we know, we'll have our graphics removed and be playing a MUD because some people have larger monitors than others (or play with TWO!).

    MORE STUFF! Gah!
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  7. Diani Augur

    And while we are at it, why don't get all classes the ability to kill themselves and heal a wizard?
  8. Feochadan the Savior Lorekeeper

    Yesterday I took my level 105 necro, geared from 1-2 years old raids and group/vendor bought gear. Guess what ? I soloed red con mobs in Overthere with disconcerting ease, and made the some 16% I needed for 106, chain killing 2 dozens mobs without stress. Should I call to nerf necros ? That would obviously impact negatively the time I spend playing anyway when I do not have a group for my rogue to kill bigger mobs than blue humanoids in the previous expansion.
    Note that the OP posts in necro and Tunare threads.

    And about "Its unfair that rogues can do more damage to a monster simply because they are behind it.". We should reverse the question : :) Is it fair that we do less damage to a monster just because we are not behind it ? With all the things that prevent rogues to be behind mobs in raid (like tail swipe), it's not often that we really can be in the rear arc. And now actually, rogues get an AA that allows other melees to do 5% more damage from rear arc when activated (1 minute, refresh 5 minutes).
  9. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Status: 12/19/2017 9:37 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled patching.
    Uh oh, the nerf is here...
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  10. Scorrpio Augur

  11. Jyve Augur

    Get the rogue/monk shroud and run around invis/FD'ing all over the place too! Nerf shrouds.
  12. daranged Lorekeeper

  13. HeatherPurrs Augur

    Can we please nerf everyone to the point they have to group with me? Is this to much to ask?
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  14. Rolaque Augur

    I'm not telling no one how many monitors I have or don't have. So there!
  15. Tronda Journeyman

    mh.. somebody does not like sodomic greek stances? :p

    to Yellowbelly:

    Seriously - somebody discovered that there are shrouds.... nerf the shrouds... or better nerf the poster.... mama does not give him his treats...

    oh man, are there meanwhile kiddies playing this game again?

    Hey.. nerf Zerkers because they have decapitize...

    oh don't forgot Rangers, they have killshot... ah done last time.. sorry..

    oh.. don't forget Warriors, they have so much DPS.. oh done last time.. sorry

    oh.. don't forget SKs, they are ubah ubah buba.. mh.. done? .. sorry I know

    ah.. perhaps Mages.. their pets are so ubah to my playstyle... done? cool then I can now slack again...

    mh.. but this stinky Enchanters.. they have an ubah pet and they can surely tank in a negligé.. mama please nerf them... ok done... cool then I can look again cool without effort in playing...

    butttt.... there is a class I really hate... Wizards.. they make damage and I would need to press an hotbutton and even place this from a window into a hotbutton menu... too complicated.. pleeeease nerf their furious mana burn... perhaps I look better in my unfinished playstyle.. no? thats not nicey...

    but all other classes have a speciality and I do want to be like them.... but I need to play them up.. mh.. work... oh please nerf them.. it is easier than playing those classes...

    oh and perhaps give me some milk, 40 million plat and some thousand loyality points... perhaps a 3rd party program which is playing my class and oh.. an ebay rogue so that I can do the same and don't need to complain anymore because shrouds are too complicated in playstyle? arrg.. I forget... then I have to use the SoS button - too complicated....

    Sorry - I couldn't really resist - that was one of the most dumb post ever insulting my eyes - which really tried to get blind but stopped out of stubborness...:confused:
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  16. Reval Augur

    Several bridges too far.
  17. Bigstomp Augur

    Rogues can sneak, warriors can tank. Most people seem to work together in this game, so the rogue sneaks to help the warrior and the warrior helps the rogue kill stuff. We both win.
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  18. Tronda Journeyman

    No - I am a bit ironic - no - better say sarcastic. I better may a 'sarcasm on' 'sarcasm off'-tag :rolleyes:

    You apply this example to every character.

    But because of people complaining about such things - the special features of cool characters gets lost and the uniqueness of EQ suffers if the devs will take these things for serious. Lucky us - the devs have some brains and don't go only for the money (sometimes... :rolleyes:) .

    To strip SoS from rogues is to simply making a very unique feature which allows one class to explore a new expansion and map them highly difficult. My main is no rogue but I personally love that class for this. But to sneak into a zone to grasp collection items (which are really the least thing I care about in an expansion) and complain about that is really beyond me. I understand this on PVP if they are completely ubah but it seems people found a way to defend themselves meanwhile even there. And collections only give about 3-4 times 11 AA per zone - nothing more - this is easy done with killing a bit EoK or TBM stuff and with 105 this should be easy even solo in TBM.

    Collector items which are ground spawns are only a part of the collectors package. Some are drop only and everybody without SoS can simply wait at safe part of a zone to take them or simply sneak them up while journeying through the zone. The hardest ones are the ones you have to collect by killing - esp. in HAs/Missions. Should the devs then nerf these zones only because of collection items - oh by the way then I complain about "Collectors"-collection items which only are possible to use if you buy the horrible price of over 120 bucks to be able to activate - which by the way is only a typcial business-reason and has nothing to do with a playstyle. THAT would perhaps a reason for complaints...but even then I wouldn't care about a simple collection item which completes only 11AA which are faster done with killing some mobs in an old expansion. Do you?
  19. Sad Panda Elder

    the rogue is using show eq. that is it.
    I heard bards can run really fast. that seems kinda OP.
    I did this get huge motor for my fishing boat. First one to spot wins.
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  20. Hiladdar Augur

    SoS is the signature ability for rogues, along with backstab, in the same way that for a ranger it is bow based stuff, including headshot and tracking.

    There is no reason to change that ... unless you want to give rangers SoS, melee defensive disp that a warrior has, optional agro of a knight, DPS of a berserker, and cleric heals and resses, enchanters CC, FD, magician pets, shaman / chanter debuffs, druid and wizard ports. Oh yeah, let's not forget bard songs, and 100% HP / Mana / Endurance / AC bonus over all other classes combined.
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