Shroud Leveling Strategy Thread

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by guado, May 13, 2014.

  1. guado Augur

    Let's see who has a creative strategy for leveling up the Gnoll Shroud!! (ac buff, plane of war group mission reward, etc)

    This is what I'm doing:

    Hey, know all those mobs in the starting areas? The bugged ones, the swarms upon swarms that will go away with the next patch? If not,

    Shroud down to level 5

    Use the Magus to travel to North Ro (my personal favorite for this)

    Go to toxxulia, north ro, really almost any starting area zone. There's swarms of low lvl mobs.

    I have my bard in group, dropped down an Echo of Salara (hp regen for everyone in the group, doesn't travel with the bard) run the bard out of XP range.

    Now your shroud and mercs have unlimited hp (pretty much)

    Add DS and have fun!

    What is everyone else doing?
  2. Makavien Augur

    Shroud to level 70 and go to heart of fear the rebirth , the hatchling area AE them down as fast as possible with an sk tank, mage ,and wizard mercs on ae burn for dps.
  3. Gaarbage Journeyman

    I used level 10 shroud, I went to Field of Bone pit for lots of wanders and fast respawn. The cleric viral reverse damage shield worked well. Blood of the Adherent, level 95 spell.

    This was ok but for even faster leveling I went to Kurns Tower, and used the cleric viral reverse damage shield again. The nice thing is you can let a low health runner run off and it will basically create a train for you because it wanders back into the host of other mobs. I pulled upstairs and downstairs separate as to not overwhelm my shrouded character.
  4. Kongfoo Elder

    I shrouded to level 15 and went to the skeleton area on the north end of the zone in Crescent Reach. There is something like 30-40 skeletons in this area and they are on a 1 min respawn. I would pull all of this area on my 100 Mage and then spam sit until my health hit 80%, once at 80% health i would take my healer merc off passive so it would heal me. Once merc got heal agro, i would use Oil of Fennin Ro on the shroud to hit all of the mobs with an AE. Once all of the mobs were hit with an AE, i would cast a damage shield on merc with Mage and watch the exp flow in on the shroud. You can do this strategy for any zone 1-70, i just prefer this area in CR, since the respawn time is so quick.
  5. Ravengloome Augur

    You could have done the same thing with a level 5 shroud and leveled the shroud faster.

    took me 90 minutes to get it finished: and I leveled it that way (level 5 shroud), I mass pulled everything in CR (since everything is atleast Dblue at 5, and shroud XP is based off some odd calculation of Amount of kills and XP per kill i cant figure out) < used a shaman for Idol of malos, Chanter for AE tash, and use Holgresh Mojo Sticks.
  6. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Do you only have to level up one shroud? I read something that you get 5 shrouds back when you turn in the item to the quest guy.
  7. Zellic Elder

    60 mins or so in torment, tank with mage DS and Oil of Fennin Ro
  8. Uxtalzon Augur

    Find areas where mobs assist and are low level and in high concentrations. Kobold Warrens comes to mind. Commonlands works, but sadly redesigned zones like that have dumb mobs assisting others (bears assisting fire beetles) and you end up with 20+ and scared mercenaries.

    Innothule Swamp and Feerrott are overrun as well. I personally hang out in the Paineel newbie area, because I can one-shot small stuff.

    Some people are so lazy, I'm watching a bot group automatically attacking anything in range with a mage pet. Been at it for a couple days straight. I don't condone that method, but it's just amazing how impatient/careless some are.
  9. Ravengloome Augur

    Only the one.

    Grats thats Effing Fast! I might try Torment next time < What level did you shroud to?
  10. Dibab Augur

    are you meaning 60 min a level or 60 min for all 5?
  11. Ravengloome Augur

    I would guess he meant for the whole thing, Since i did mine in 90 minutes.
  12. RPoo Augur

    How much AC is everyone getting with theirs finished? I'm getting 204, which seems high... anyone else getting a unexpected high amount?
  13. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    The AC from this is based on your class softcap; warriors get 153 AC, SHD/CLR/BRD get 154 AC, int casters 204, and everyone else somewhere in the middle. I'm guessing its sort of like the Armor of Wisdom AA.
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  14. Mytoss Elder

    i did dragonscale farm camp , friend and i shrouded to 65 ) i pulled trains on mage alt , let merc get heal agro and then ds on merc and friend used oil of fennin ) think it took us 2 hours and only used like 10 potions
  15. Hiladdar Augur

    Level 5 shroud, head to Freeport newbie area, load up movie, video, or turn on the TV, and go at it. Takes about 4-5 hours to level it up.

    Level 5 shroud in Freeport is good since most of the mobs can be single rounded, with a very fast zone respawn. Best part, is at this level you don't need any spells, potions or what ever, so ultra easy logistics. The movie / video / TV helps with the task tediousness.
  16. Uuvin Augur

    strategies with partners or boxes - too easy. Solo level 5 shroud unbuffed, 345 kills in west Freeport. took 55 minutes to go from 2/5 2% in to 3/5 2% in. Same rate as Hiladdar. The hardest part is staying awake.
  17. Xegony_Druid New Member

    Zellic, when you said: 60 mins or so in torment, tank with mage DS and Oil of Fennin Ro when you leveled your shroud, what level shroud were you using in Torment?
  18. Zellic Elder

    Pretty sure it was 55. Tried 50 at first, but forgot that you need a certain level to enter torment. 3 full clears should do it i think. At most four, I cant really recall since I did it slack style and didnt really clear all mobs, but its pretty darn fast. And this is from 0 to highest level of course.

    Edit: 60 mins mightve been a bit low, but not much above. You can probably do it faster in other places... nadox with a level 40-50 something shroud would probably be quite fast, faster than torment even but the run kind of sucks.
  19. Ismel Augur

    I have done it in poi in 6 pulles shroud to level 50 pull half the "circle" including side rooms, don´t try to pull all the way round you will lag the zone to much to move, move slowly to avoid losing some of the pull and don't have DS up during the pull you will just make them summon. took me about 2 hours but that was mostly due to afking to long when waiting for respawn 1 hours should be np at all.
  20. Vmas Elder

    Hm i am a Ranger, the buff say i will get between 17 and 107. When i checked the Display Ac in inventory its 94.