Should they buff druids and how?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Maxe, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Maxe Augur

    I'm wondering how they could do this. I think if they put animals in some zones, rats etc., Druids could perform way better on dps. Thoughts? Tradeoffs?
  2. FL!P Augur

    Not sure, I was really excited to try druid out this go around on TLP, i was originally set on cleric but i keep being drawn to the ability to kind of do w.e i want whenever i want. Even though alot of people hate on them and i can understand why. Playing a druid just seems fun, 99% of EQ for me ends up grouping anyway. And most of those groups are plagued by lazy people, or people who have no idea whats going on. So being a druid and being able to pick up the slack in any department would be nice.
    I usually end up making my groups, again seeing as the majority of the people who play this game are insanely lazy. So the abilitiy to put the group together, get them to the camp and hold their hands just seems downright op. Like I get that I won't have L337 numbers in healing or dmg, however being able to make the group actually form and flow smoothly like a fine tuned machine is sexy.
  3. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    There's nothing wrong with druids, they have some expacs where their kit has specific weaknesses but not nearly to the extent of others.
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  4. FL!P Augur

    oops forgot to say however i understand the stigma. The argument of why pick a druid is pretty compelling. When people are looking for members, they pick w.e specialist fits that role. But I guess the counter to that argument is, "if you git gud ppl will add you on friends brah".
    But now im rambling lol. Maybe some druid mains can give us insight and hope lol. Otherwise I will prolly end up going cleric or enc.
  5. Kixx Journeyman

    Druid is the strongest class in the game.
  6. a_librarian Augur

    *dies from charm aggro on AoW*
  7. EnchFWO Augur

    I'd be curious to see your breakdown of this because almost every expansion they just get battered down more and more. It may not be as "bad" as some others over time but to suggest they ever got a break is kindof... well... :confused:

    When the right AAs and support come into picture they reclaim some sense of being useful but even in modern times on Live they still fail at a lot. Again, no one probably cares because you will never get there but just FYI if you ever Live.
  8. natedogg Journeyman

    The problem with buffing druids is that they have so much utility in numerous areas. They just aren't "the best" at any one thing, and the game and gameplay has changed considerably over the past 20 years.

    For instance, porting isn't as vital as it used to be, once a server hits Luclin, and even the gnome TLers have made travel pretty easy is you have SoW.

    DOTs, in groups are less efficient because of how fast NPCs die.

    There other examples that are on other threads.

    But, as far as what do you do about it? That's harder to address.

    Can't really improve on ports, they already have TL

    Make Damage Shields better? I guess, but that may impact raiding too much.

    Improve Regen line? Might work, but how good do you make it before it becomes OP? And, at some point it becomes like KEI where you just pay for a buff that lasts 3 hours then go off and lever without the buffer. Same for the DS line, for that matter.

    It really comes down to pushing them more towards wizards with better nukes, or more towards clerics with better heals. But they'll still be inferior to both.

    One crazy idea...why not give em slow?
  9. dundada3100 Elder

    they still flat out refuse to give Necros their DoT revamp and u asking for Druid buffs