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Discussion in 'Priests' started by gnomeboss, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. gnomeboss Augur

    i'm trying to determine which shm dots are ideal for use when grouping in tov. i assume that fight length is a large component to this and disease seems like a waste to cast, but i'm running into a brick wall when i try to parse individual dots on a dummy. there is so much variation from cast to cast. should i just cast them three dozen times each and get an average? or is there a formula that could give me a general idea?

    i have group focus, max aa, and trash fights don't last long enough for nectar to trigger vengeance.
  2. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    generally speaking, I would start with the magic dots. just keep both on every mob. if your mana can handle that and more, add in poison lines. if fights aren't lasting long enough to nectar to proc it's vengeance, then it should be the last thing added into your rotation.

    most shamans can't handle keeping more than 3 on mobs and not running themselves completely OOM in a constant pulling type situation. and if you're in a reasonble group, mobs will be basically dead by the time you malo/slow and get the 2 magic lines off. oh, and keep languid bite turned on unless you're slowing CC'd adds.

    side note: the longer the fight takes, the less good this advice is... and if you're soloing, ignore it completely.
  3. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Not a shaman.

    But since the variables in the damage per tick when casting dots are focus effects and criticals...when I'm testing a line-up with a practice dummy I will take off focus equipment. There's a few buffs that impact dot damage as well, click any of those off. Unless it's a dot that has varying damage, your normal dot ticks will always be the same.
  4. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    I main heal about 50/50 in my groups so the situation depends. I only really use 2 poison dots and languid if I'm the main healer. Between dots, roar, 2.0 and main healer + CC / Utility I don't have the spell slots to do much more than that before the mob dies.

    If I am not the main healer I load them up - 2 poison, 2 magic, 2 disease and languid + roar and 2.0. Maybe its inefficient but with the low grind XP available I like to push as hard as possible and if it means I have to cannibalize more to stay full than so be it.
  5. Neale Povar Journeyman

    Depends on the group but typically I use 2 magic and 2 short dots. Its mana efficient enough to keep it up indefinitely. Toss in some bite nukes here and there.
  6. Time zone Journeyman

    On longer duration fights, I recommend using our DoTs. I start with Affliction so it will tick down to its doom portion while casting the rest of the dots. Then hit Fleeting, Glyph of Destruction and Chaotic Venom, Erogo's, Jinx, and the 2 diseases. Re-apply dots as they fade, should get in the 10 twincasts from Fleeting before Afflcition finishes ticking down to the doom portion. If you have a Bifold Focus, you can use it on the first Erogo's afterrut
  7. chocster Journeyman

    1. Not as main healer:
    x2 Magic DoTs
    x2 swift DoTs
    x2 DDs
    is a good universal DPS line up and can run it for extended amounts of time (mana lasts long time)

    2. I have a great fellowship (cleric as main healer)
    Fellowship awesomely constructed (SK/Cleric/Mage/Ranger/Beastie/Shaman) All Top Notch!
    1. Reckless
    2. Reckless
    3. Reckless
    4. Spiritual Squall (Reckless)
    5. Grp Heal
    6. Dissident Roar (lvl 6)
    7. HoT
    8. Magic DoT
    9. Magic DoT
    10. Chaotic Poison
    11. Canni
    12. Elkikatar's Pandemic
    13. Rirwech's Affliction
    *Lingual Bite AA always on
    *Swarm pet AA from damage spells always on

    Uses alot of mana, not efficient, but we have a completely OP'ed Ranger and Mage so by the time I'm low on mana, they are too, plus we take breaks for beer refills during grouping sessions.

    - Until the Type 3 augs from ToV are released, using old DoTs = more damage
    - I will probably still use Chaotic Poison because we did not get Combo DoTs with new ToV spells and I
    love the insta cast multi DoTs from it.

  8. Neale Povar Journeyman

    90% of he time I am main healer in my groups so I am not very fo used on DPS. But, I have always found the short dots most attractive because of mana efficiency. I usually run with high dps groups so mobs just dont live long, and anything else seems a waste. Also, recently I have been using a setup that specifically is meant to prock pack as much as possible, and I have found with the right group makeup/mobs I can still pull it off as main healer.

    I havnt parsed it (need to get into parsing) but seeing 20 swarm pets out is oddly satisfying.

    I start off w/curse, then bite, then both short dots. What happens next is situational. Depending on how fast mobs are dying, and how much healing I nees to do, I will either follow up with evil eye, or gift. Gift has a nice cast time, will proc pets, and obviously grants you a twincast, so I would rather cast this than any other DD.

    So now if gift was used twincast is ready if you need to heal. Once this is cast, bite is ready, and short dots are close to wearing off. Again depending on group makeup epic and roar might be tossed in.

    Once I get back to bite, weather or not I decided to use evil eye, that will not be cast again. I'll just go through bite, both short dots, and gift, and repeat until dead.

    Again I can definately put out more dps using other spells, but with a high DPS group you will eventually be OOM. I can keep this rotation going with chain pulls indefinitely. Rarely maybe every 10th or so mob i pull curse out of the rotation to get back up to full.

    I propose I do more damage per hour using the short dots, curse, and DDs, with swarm pets procing like a mo fo

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