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Discussion in 'Priests' started by gnomeboss, Jul 21, 2019.

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    i have raid rot 2hb. i now melee for funsies. i want to aug this bad boy for more laughs so looking for suggestions. pls don't say elemental or immortal curio of ondine force because challenger > my boxes and i don't have any friends. =( i will cast chaotic poison on shm, but that's about it for nuking so i don't know if proc augs are the way to go. straight dmg augs seem to lack the giggles that proc augs could provide, however.

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    First off, there is nothing funsies of a shaman 2handing....they should do it all the time, much cooler weapons and much better dmg or for healing :);)

    Personally I am using for when i dps and I am using when healing.

    When you are using the last one, casting dots and nukes suddenly also gives you healing abilities when you dps....much more fun :). Mix that with group heals, group hots and counterbias healing it is rare i have to actually target the tank to heal and can focus on "dps".

    For augs, it is worth looking into The buried sea augs, for easier proc augs to get.
    Some of the augs offer extra healing when you cast heals, some extra healing when you cast dmg spells and some extra dmg when you cast dmg spells and some just add proc dmg when you are swinging your mighty 2hander :cool:.

    p.s. there are some really nice augs in TBL it seems, but I have been afk some time, so I havent even finished the smoke trials, so I cant talk alot about those.
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