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    Shining Alliance:
    server: The Rathe
    most common timezone: CST, but we have members from all over the world.

    Shining Alliance is a casual guild that raids. We have no minimum level or AA to join. We want good people whose company we enjoy. we have members that mainly raid, members that mainly group, and a people that do both. We try to progress in the group game and help each other out. We try to progress as far as we can in the raid game without it becoming a job, we want all aspects of the game to be fun and enjoyable.

    We accept applications from all classes.
    We make our raids and groups work with whatever makeup we have.

    All raids are optional, no mandatory raids attendance. We use a DKP system.
    We have 2 raid days a week, Wednesday (7pm est) and Saturday (1pm est).
    We host an open raid for anyone on the Rathe on Sunday at 5pm est
    We currently have an alliance with Calidus and they raid Monday and Friday nights.

    Currently Farming:
    tier 3/4 RoF
    CoTF - WK1

    Shining alliance webpage:

    Application and membership FAQ:

    Who are the officers:

    Ciaguy is the guild leader, the active officers are Angilia, Donolron, Easyjet, Grawp, Jalon, Jontos, Karago, Kathonjr, Nniki, and Sojero

    Please send an in game email or tell to sojero, nniki, or ciaguy with any questions.
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    bump, we have had a few new recruits, but we have room for many more, casual and raider alike are welcome.
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    We have had about 5 new people join, we are still inviting if anyone wants a good mid tier family raiding guild with no requirements to raid.
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    We have added new officers: Lanedora and Uanaden

    We have a friends channel safriends:fun join and talk to us.

    Even if not in guild we accept raiders from other guilds, join us on Wednesday nights 7pm est and Saturday 1pm est

    Currently raiding CoTF t1 a/b

    Recruiting all classes for grouping and raiding, again we are a casual raiding guild with a family environment. We are rebuilding our group game ranks as many have retired or moved on to more raid oriented guilds. we currently have about 30 - 40 groupers at various times.

    Also if on The Rathe and you need help with something or just questions please reach out to me, I am currently not playing as much as I am house hunting, but I am on the forums, the sa forums, and check my in game mail as I can.
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    We now have CoTF T1 A/B on lock down and are going to start giving T2 a go shortly. We want all classes, and are just looking for good people that want to have fun.

    We have an ok group game in the guild, usually 10-20 people on at most times, and about 40-45 raiders during raid times.

    We also invite guests to our raids, send a tell to Uanaden, Sojero, or lanedora during raid times listed above for invite. We have an alliance with Calidus and they raid Friday nights RoF T1/2 to help newer and returning players catch up.