Shield of Immaculate light

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Daplane, Jun 9, 2024.

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    Yesterday at 08:02

    Im not sure what happened , I double checked before i purchased the item and made sure i was clicked on the right item , i never checked to see if it was in my inventory , until after i finished this quest i was doing next , now when i go and check the currency for it i do not have enough of the coin remaining , im not sure if i did buy the wrong thing or what happened , but i did have enough currency yesterday morning for it. Im not sure if i delete it but i do not see it in recover ect. can you look in my logs to see what happened or did I purchase the wrong item, i only wanted the shield for the disease cure. Not sure if this was an ingame bug or not , hadn't heard of others having the same issue. Flabby on Aradune
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    Did you use your find key?

    Its on the bottom right of your character screen. Click it and then in the search bar in upper left type in "immaculate" or "shield" or the whole thing. Then search.

    They usually don't have time to "look thru your bags" as there are thousands of players who lose items every day. But the find key was put in the game to help us help ourselves