Share your worst DB customer services stories

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  1. xmPradah Not a dude

    Been playing for 21 years... and while I haven't necessarily "liked" the outcome of a couple petitions - I can't lay that entirely on CS:

    1) VERY OLD account recovery - where we could not remember anything (account username, email, CC info (we probably sub'd with the stupid cards you could buy at Walmart at the time))... just, nothing other than the character, RL person name, and significant events/dates. We can verify so much (including server transfers) but not what they deem as necessary for recovery... no dice. I think this one is the most upsetting.

    2) Cleric epic issue. Don't like the outcome, but understand it and hope they fix the issue.

    3) Guild Hall issue where items placed (specifically epic 1.0s) were not recovered then the time expired on the guild hall.

    Honestly, with the exception of the first item - the others are "whatever". My husband and I would really like to recover that old account for sentimental purposes :(
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  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    My worst customer service experience was back in 2000 when a GM saw my name and forced me to change it from Hakahairball.
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  3. Cadira Augur

    Not too long ago I did the Winding Ways Trial in plane of smoke. With all the teleport pads and four bosses. After killing the fire boss, he dropped a chase item in the advanced loot window. It was a caster dagger (Trash for me and most of the game) but none the less it might have been worth something to someone.

    I was unable claim it as the corpse of the bosses immediately disappears when killed, despite still being able to drop chase items for some reason. When i tried to grab it from the window it just kept telling me I couldn't loot it or some such.

    After posting screenshots and describing the situation and reason for why it wouldn't let me loot it, clearly showing proof that it dropped and I was entitled to it, I was told by the gm that he could not give it to me and I needed to post something about it in the bug section of forms. I asked to have it escalated up to someone with a brain (not in those words, I was nice!) and the next senior gm lacked a brain as well and told me I still could not have it.
  4. NeverPayForLag Augur

    I am really sick of it to repeat all that mess which happenend.15 years ago the support helped out in many cases which belonged to broken quests. Meanwhile if something is destroyed which needed a lot of time to do then I had only one single case for a fast and cool help, but a broken step on an "Epic end handin" was obviously too much for the wrong support guy. It seems it depends who is on the other end. Do you have a lazy guy there or is somebody who cares and takes the time for REAL help instead of useless text blocks or the usual sentence "bug it for the devs"....

    Best one was complete incompetency in handling debit payment when doing starts and stops which including delays of 2 weeks for changes from DGBs side and no refund or correction for the lost time of over 2 weeks suspended account. Readymade textblocks as support, not real understanding of the game or the case whatsover, partly pure ignorance of the case and my reasons and solutions. I stopped playing all accounts for six months. I was really pissed. Since then I have never used debit again. Be happy if you live in the US. Then you don't have trouble if DGB uses 3rd-party-companies for problem handling in the name of DGB (which seemed the case).

    Second was completely stripped characters, lost items, lost housing stuff, lost all veteran rewards. Partly has been corrected with giving all players all veteran rewards after a couple of years. There was proof in my payment history, how old the toon was but support let me hang around with that problem for years and claimed that it is not possible to proof it - despite nobody would have ever cared on such an old character (around 19 years) to simply activate at least "lesson" because the age and the claims younger veteran rewards on the other toons on that account would have been proof enough. But somebody was too lazy, too idea-less, too whatsover. Nothing. No support at all. After so much money. Stopped playing again a couple of months. Good - then I spent my money elsewhere.

    Now collection item achievement. This is a bad bug for everybody who works on the TBL evolvement items. No real help from the support like 15 years ago. It is only a darn entry in the database to correct it manually and it would be possble to activate the next step after collecting ALL stuff and endless stone-old missions. Only help: I should bug it for the devs. After the last patch a series of strange things, one again a collection achievement bug. Stupidly the tabard dropped a couple of times but evolving that piece with that crap of an design failure called collection achievement went again down the toilette. But perhaps in years it is solved because everybody gets the collection achievements or there are no "sub achievements" anymore or EQ is broke/closed.....

    Sad that with such a cool gaming idea so many bad incidents are accompanied....
    Only Microsoft reached that level of bad customer support, as the Win10 beta forgot all purchases and all licences I have bought while the beta went live. But it seems this is the typical US was of earning money. Money first, service last. The opposite like we are used in our country: Service first, money after that - but meanwhile this US manners have infected my country too....

    But at least the GMs in the game have brains and can talk properly. And sometimes here in the forum there is some support. This is in the most cases I had not the slightest the standard via the usual support via ticket.
  5. Tazz New Member

    For me it was trying to recover my 1st account. Contected CS because after finally remembering my account I nt infor and loging in I l found it was under some old else's name. I explained this to CS and they wanted my credit card etc to prove it was my account. Like I'm gonna have that after 15 years. So I got a big r I n around I told my guild about it and they said that happened to another of people back when they did the server mergers years ago. Needles to say I lost this char not that they were highe was more cemental than anything else. Needless to say I haven't had much use for CS since.
  6. Arborer Lorekeeper

    Many years ago, I was at the last step of my druid epic. I inveigled at least 40 members of my guild to make the long haul trek to the donut island in Timorous Deep one Saturday morning to kill the runt dragon Faydedar. I had done most of the epic on my own or with groups of friends and I had recently joined this guild, my first guild ever. I was super-impressed that many players would go to all this trouble for me. (Then I realized it was a "quid pro quo" situation and I ended up helping many other guildies with their epics but still was a nice thing!)

    We're on the beach buffing and getting ready. 40 guild members and this one "outside" druid hanging around watching the preparations. Then she asks me if we're doing the druid epic. I said yeah in a few minutes I'll hail the dwarf NPC on the beach which triggers Faydedar's appearance. She doesn't respond. Turns out she was scouting ahead hoping to do her epic later that day with her guild. Well, I guess she threw a hissy fit and out of spite decided to KILL THE DWARF.

    Allakhazam says he's on a 12-hour timer but seems I recall it was a bit less back then, more like 8 hours. But, in any case, my guild members weren't going to hang around for 8 hours. So the guild leader petitioned. A GM showed up pretty quick and heard our case. We requested respawning the NPC because of "harassment" by this other druid. Yeah, that was a bit of a jump but we figured give it a shot. The GM considered our arguments and then made the judicial decision of "game working as intended" and said he couldn't do that. Which I get. But he then sanctioned the other druid. Supposedly he soul-marked her (which was a thing back then, not sure anymore, kinda like "first strike, two more and you get banned) and, again supposedly, suspended her for 24 hours so she couldn't do the epic fight that weekend.)

    Now, I thought at the time that was an illogical decision. "There are no camps in EQ" and since we hadn't engaged the dwarf in any way, she had every right to attack him, as petty as that was to do. But, if the GM sanctioned her as severely as he did, that would seem to support being able to justify respawning the NPC. Unless literally he didn't have that power, which somehow I doubt since I've seen it done in other circumstances.

    This isn't much of a CS horror story, I know, and that shows that in 20 years I've had few experiences with needing to ask for official help, and every other time the response was wise and helpful. Like the time I ported into Butcherblock and found myself at the very top of the sky with no lev and fell to my death UNDER the zone. I hit the ground so hard I fell under the geometry and not even a necro could summon my corpse. I petitioned and a GM showed up in 15 minutes, summoned my corpse, gave me 100% rez, apologized for my inconvenience and handed me some milk and cookies. Class act!

    What happened to my epic? Well, the next day Sunday, I log in and the guild leader sends me a tell asking if I'm available to try it again. Wow! Successful this time. And so I learned that it's so worth it being a member of a good guild.
  7. Xerzist Augur

    Don't name your characters last names anything that has to do with the current 2020 political climate. That's for sure. Woo. You'll get so many petitions against you from triggered pixel babies the GM's will be like /YOU ARE FORSAKEN!

    True story. This happened. Might be a part two. Maybe.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Who would be dumb enough to do that? A lot of people play EQ to get away from RL. Especially politics.
  9. Sissruukk Rogue One

    You'd be surprised...or maybe not.