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    Greetings Norrath!

    As many of you may already know I run a... as of more recently a semi-ok looking website for Everquest guides. The sad part of that is many of my guides were out of date and I didn't have much for the community post PoP era aside from leveling guides and farming guides... which are out of date to say the least.

    *equips sunglasses* That's all changed now! Many of you probably already saw my recent website update and I also made a post in the TLP section calling for people to update their book marks. I've noticed that my website though tends to have a Progression server bias with its guides and the main reason for that is EQresource does such a phenomenal job covering the more recent expansions and their quests/progression. Where EQresource doesn't answer a question usually Allakhazam does - there's no need for me!

    That's not entirely true I have found as there's a unique niche that leaves many unanswered questions and I have recently started to fill in the holes with guides for live players. To find these guides, on my website you'll notice I have a button that specifically says "EQ Live" that links to this page:

    I have begun adding guides that those of us playing on live servers will find useful, such as raising tradeskills 1 - 300. Where some good locations to camp are for 100 - 105s.

    (Camp locations)
    (Baking Guide)
    (Brewing Guide)

    I also have a guide that i think many people will find useful that doesn't get many hits... How to min/max your character and more-or-less what to do after you hit max!

    That's all I have to brag about for now - I am going to be working over the rest of this year on updating all of my guides and creating new ones to cover each of the expansions on my website. As you can see though I have a massive back log of guides I have to write for both TLPs and Live EQers! I'll be at this for quite awhile so I must thank everyone for their patience and support as I write these guides.

    Much love to all of you and much love to everyone else who contributes in one way or another to answering all of our questions about Everquest and making the experience more enjoyable! (EQResource, the EQ wikia, Allakhazam, Daybreak & the devs and anyone else I missed)
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    Awesome work, we all will appreciate it!
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    I use your guides, your 1.0's are good.
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