Shaman wishes

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Raccoo, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Raccoo Augur

    Don't think there is a list yet...

    I'd like an AA that casts Growth, Incapacity, and Ancient Alliance. Or something else to make these three buffs less of a pain in the butt to maintain.
  2. Kinadorm Augur

    Spell Ideas
    • Upgrade to Chaotic Venom with the new poison spells.
    • Rirwech's Malosinata is obsolete now with the AA Malo changes so maybe change it to the Hemocoraxius' Pandemic upgrade and have it cast all 3 current disease DoT's.
    • Make the HoT on Ward of Remediation stack with our other HoT's (Maybe move to slot 8 song window.)
    • I'm assuming there will be a Turgur's Insects upgrade in the expansion based on the AA changes but if not then I think that needs to be done. Something like 80% slow and better resist check like the AA had.
    • Spiritual Swell upgrade.

    AA Ideas
    • An AA that casts Savage Growth would be great.
    • AA that casts Feralisenia. Also get rid of the body-type restriction on it.
    • Spirit Binding - Snare or Snare/DoT
    • Spirit Void - Self Only Evac
    • Spirit Shield - Activated Divine Aura ability.
    • Rabid Wolf - Pet version of rabid bear with the feral bite and protection proc for group.
    • Eradicate Magic / Spiritual Rebuke - Beneficial only dispell AA so it would remove buffs from mobs without dispelling debuffs.
    • Spirit Walk - Invis to Undead or combo invis like "Shauri's Sonorous Clouding III" AA
    • Secondary bind/gate - I think all casters/priests should have this by now.
  3. Bigfan Augur

    Upgraded chaotic venom and pandemic should have already happened...

    But want those back please.
  4. bigpapa Augur

    since we got a HUGE dots nerf *** because it was too powerfull in raids ** our group game suffer a lot because of that , when mobs die in 20 sec or so.

    many years ago we had our swift dots ( 2 tics ), to be much less efficient VS raid targets , possible to get back them doing more damage for the group game and mitigated with raid targets , like it was many years ago ??.

    our fleeting spirit was reduced ( nerfed ) from 20 hits to 10 , again, because of the raid environment .
    --->>> fleeting spirit ----->>> {{ Duration: 4m (40 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
    Max Hits: 10 Matching Spells
    1: Increase Chance to Twincast by 100%}} .......** refresh is 20 min **
    possible to get back to 20 like it was before since we already got a huge dots nerf ? or reduce the refresh timer.

    like the previous posts ----------->> aa growth would be nice.... and an upgrade for spiritual swell .

    possible to have an upgrade level 74 spell spirit of tala tak and the range to be more than 50 feet ae? when I cast ( mgb ) in raid, the range is so shorth that I am missing some players who are not that far.

    * possible to have more ranks for call of the wild aa to reduce the refresh timer ?
    * group incapacity would be nice as well
  5. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    I'd like to see an AA with a 20 minute re-use (however many ranks you need to get there) that doubles the effectiveness of the next 2-3 casts of Roar of the Lion. This is a standard spell that is always up in every spell set that I have heard of for shamans whether group or raid. After TBM progression and a BP duration extension there is nothing else to modify it that I know of.

    I love the idea of a melee buff for the shaman dog. The other pet classes get one along with their Companion's Fury AAs but not shamans. I'm not sure in keeping with the lore if "rabid" is the best bet since they're kind of ethereal spirits but I like where your mind is going.
  6. Daedly Augur

    I would like to see shaman haste be improved somehow...
    -add an endurance amount increase 4k+ and some endurance regen
    -have it 100 add HDex, HSta, HStr
    -add a debuff melee swing proc with a watered down version of feralize(preferably through the means of a toggled AA)
    -add a vampiric endurance drain proc to melee, or an endurance cannibalize melee proc(20 End for 10HP)
  7. SilentWave Journeyman

    Some good suggestions posted above.
    Another wish list:
    Fix the bug with shaman's AE slow AA overwriting the HP buff of shaman Unity in the next patch. Or just revert the changes to both slow AAs & malo AAs. The old versions were just better.
  8. Kamor Lorekeeper

    Upgrade to 105 swell
    Combo dots return!
    Make me immune to my AE Malo/AE Slow spells so that I no longer languid bite myself.
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  9. Mano Man New Member

    I'll second the call for the combo spells we were promised with ROS. No idea why they weren't 'highest in the line' and allow the inclusion of new spells. Basically, many of us use one or both of the old combo's, putting us in a real bind on choosing type 3 augs.

    Shmn already have pressure on their type 3s (no dont take away our options/its inherent to our swiss army knife build), so maybe we could get combo type 3s, even if at a higher cost.

    The dot nerf severly impacted our group game, and I've only heard the justification being how impacting our long dots were on raids. Why not only nerf the long dots? It was such a drastic, unexpected reversal of how shmn were treated thru all of eok. Did db mess up for an entire expac, or in the nerf? I vote the later. My biggest wish is for them to fix this flub.

    Fix the AA - its sloppy. No idea why this has been a continuing issue.

    Stop our regen spell/unwavering from being overwritten by ROL.

    Shmn, I always thought - were intended to have a little of all the classes, and we certainly seemed to through eok. However, our cc was nerfed to oblivion. Punt options were taken just pre-ROS, and the latest was combining crippling apparition into a debuff spell - basically eliminating the AA. I can only assume, b/c crippling was in the name, no one realized it wasn't a debuff. That AA should be returned and upgraded - i think the previous version was at lvl 86.

    Similarly, we lost single and group spirit walk. It was 'combined' per the patch notes, into a new spirit line AA, and I honestly do not understand how that works. Again, I can only assume that bc spirit was in the name, no one realized they were including apples with the oranges. That should be returned, and in a version that actually works. It was seemingly the only rogue-like ability we were at least intended to have. Maybe I'll wish they just replace it with an AA that we can group buff, that effectively allows sneaking by mobs 10 lvls or so behind us.

    Yes I want cheese with my whine, but I wonder if anyone making the decisions, spends time actually playing a shmn, or is it all about charts graphs data formulas. Regardless, errors were made. It would be nice if they were fixed and not compounded with the next release.

    We are one of the most popular classes, and continue to fill gaps in grouping with an ever-dwindling population. We deserve some positive attention. Let's hope they stop the nerf, both intentional or otherwise. :p
  10. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    Interesting stance....
    we were extremely OP, and needed the nerf... no matter how much it hurt we should not have been doing more DPS than pure DPS classes....

    our CC wasn't nerfed to oblivion, it's still plenty hearty. adapt, overcome... you still have 2 solid punt/root options available to you, as well as a pet that can offtank. CC aplenty.

    maybe i'm mis-remembering... spirit walk didn't give any kind of improved invis… it gave essentially a combination of cheetah and silent presence. hence why it went away. redundancy is dumb. make a hotkey that casts levi, cheetah, and invis, and call it a day. they're all instant cast.

    one of the most popular classes to box you mean. shaman mains who are actually decent players are more rare than a caster group bard =P.
  11. bigpapa Augur


    that was raids , our group game dps is pathetic.........
  12. Raccoo Augur

    Also want to add, if we're continuing the Roar of the Lion spell line, can the HoT be changed to another slot to not get blocked by 90% of the dots that get cast by mobs/raids? That crap is annoying.
  13. Raccoo Augur

    While in Rabid Bear form change direct heals cast on mobs to be directed to our target's target.
  14. Kamor Lorekeeper

    I lol'd when I read this. I raid as a bard primarily in a caster group, also raid in a different guild as a shaman. When I box I pull on the bard, but "drive" the group w/ the shaman.
  15. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    our group game was way OP as well. it was only mitigated by the fact that when in a group mobs don't have as much hp for you to spin up your dps….. but there was literally nowhere in RoS I couldn't solo as a shaman. that's OP plain and simple. to pretend otherwise is simply playing make believe. did they go a little overboard with it? sure, but there's always going to be people unhappy with a nerf.

    we can still push 250k+ on a parse if we need to, while still applying appropriate ADPS to the group... which is respectable but not OP.
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  16. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    that statement doesn't run counter to my comment in any way shape or form =P. if you're driving on the shaman, then your other toons are sucking. especially if they're melee.
  17. bigpapa Augur

    yeah the solo game we can load many dots , in a full group ( not ** SOLO ** ) our dps is pathetic , bring back our swift dots like it was many years ago, doing good damage while doing mitigated damage on raid mobs,
  18. Mano Man New Member

    "adapt, overcome..."
    "one of the most popular classes to box"
    just seems like on this you are trolling, as it adds nothing to the conversation - I main a pretty old shaman in group content btw

    shmn were reportedly op in raids, but as I said and others continue to reiterate, not in group content - they nerfed with little thought to the group game - a blanket statement, in essence that something had to be done, again adds nothing but a retort

    kicks were halved and an AA mistakenly poofed - maybe you are taking issue with my characterization, but that's a significant hit combined with a major flub; your comment on the pet bump is a good point and may somewhat offset the nerf on kicks (although I assume that was not the motive) - but it doesn't excuse a lost ability supposedly 'combined' into an incompatible AA line

    i always read spirit walk to be invis with a silence component - per zam: "This ability provides you with the ability to attune yourself with the spirits and move silently and quickly." i guess i keyed on 'silently' and not 'quickly' however, the effect links to lupine spirit I, so i was wrong - i just never noted the cheetah effect - nonetheless, it was eliminated and not combined and my wish, the subject of the thread, stands

    I dont outright disagree w/ a combo cheetah/levi/invis button, but i can anticipate situational nuisance of finding/clicking off undesirable buffs; since we are wishing/spit balling, maybe combine cheetah with an on/off option for invis, like is done on a multitude of other AAs

    As to the other post re soloing - many classes solo/molo current content - albeit in varying degrees of efficiency; shmn would reasonably be sub par to other classes no matter the approach imo, in line with our build, but that again does not measure how significantly our group game was hit - which was the point of the original dot nerf comment

    none of this is intended to flame - only to clarify the discussion
  19. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    to be constructive...since they're adding new combo dots / upgrades for venom/pandemic I would personally like to see a magic based combo dot that casts curse+jinx. as well.
    a fast dot combo would also be nice.
  20. Tucoh Augur

    I don't know how real shaman feel about this, but ige always thought my shamans regen skills were underpowered due to activating every tick.

    One change that i think would made the class more interesting is to change it so regens trigger every second instead, so there isnt a glut of overheal every six seconds. That and to work our all the stacking issues with regen.
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