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  1. Zyba New Member

    Which type 5 heroic stat do shamans stack - stamina, wisdom or dex like almost everyone else and why? I've heard stamina from folks in game but am curious about the numbers specifically vs dex and of course would love to hear brohg's comments if he would care to share.

    And similarly, for the type 78 augs, focus on ac/hp with a heroic focus on same as above ignoring the clairvoyance, heal amount and spell damage or would it be worth grabbing the big mana augs with the caster trio above other heroics?
  2. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Most Shamans I know go with hSTA where they can. I don't think hDEX does anything/much for Shamans.
  3. Brohg Augur

    Me? hSta all week & twice on Sundays. hDex does virtually nothing for shm, just a small boost to proc rate when meleeing. Some years ago when "in teh face" soloing was a thing hAgi could have gone with that, but anything worth soloing now needs to be rooted off, or tanked by Companion's Fortification AA. So the thing to gear for is having more hp after hitting Canni. hWis is The Druid Stat.

    For type7s, sort by hp (each hSta is 16hp last I checked):
    Extruded Pearl
    SD Vigor
    Silver Coin
    Darkened Trak Heart
    SD Security
    Black Claw
    Dragon Tolls

    is top 15
    then 4 evolver slots
    and weapon aug is procs

    if you have to keep going due to inaccessibility of the above, or lack of evolvers, then

    SD Adroitness
    Dour Blue
    Earth Love
    Relife Adornment
    Conflagrant Security

    are the next highest hp. Relife might be promoted into the top category for the high mods, too
  4. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    yeah, most shamans go Hsta. but to me it's all about the break points on heroics...
    HSTA's direct effects are increased hitpoints. which translates to mana for shamans and increased survivability. its break points are every 400 where it gives increases in melee shielding and stun resist.
    HWIS's direct effect is mana, which is well, mana. its break points are also every 400 and it gives increases to DoT shielding and Spell Shielding, which translates to survivability.
    HDEX, as previously stated does next to nothing for shamans. same with HSTR and HINT. then there's always HCHA, which is completely useless as far as I can tell.
    HAGI is a nice tertiary heroic to go with, as it has break points much more frequently than wis/sta (i don't know the exact amount) and provides avoidance and strikethrough.

    in the end, if you're group geared I would stick with pure HSTA, as it will provide you with significant benefit, zero drawback and you're not likely to be able to hit higher break points on multiple heroics as you might with raid gear.

    raid geared, I would (personally) still focus on hsta up to 2000HSTA, I would then try to push a mix into my augs to hit 1600HWIS. this provides ~40 shielding/stun resist, and 39 spell shielding/dot shielding.

    regardless, If you're looking at spell mods (which I would also recommend) I would prioritize heal amount over the others (such as clairvoyance and spell dmg) but not to the detriment of hitting a break point on HSTA or HWIS. fortunately most stuff with high heal amounts also has good HWIS so you don't honestly have to focus on that much.
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  5. Jondalar Augur

    Apologies for necroing this thread but I had a question about the 15.3/16 hp per Hsta. I tried confirming that number by removing a type 5 with 63 Hsta vs 70Hsta. Math suggested around 15.3 hp per Hsta. However when i checked a couple of type 7 augs i saw some weirdness.

    Amplified Amber Gemstone 465 HP and 11 Hsta.
    Sleeper's Essence 315 HP and 21 Hsta.

    Math suggests Amplified has 465 + (11 x 15.3) = 633.3 HP
    Sleeper's essence has 315 + (21 x 15.3) = 636.3 HP

    My current HP right now are 406246 in guild hall with various buffs wearing the Amplified Amber Gemstone. If i swap to Sleeper's Essence it becomes 406209.

    Somehow putting Sleeper's Essence on ends up in 37 less hps.

    So what am I missing?
  6. Jondalar Augur

    How do natural durability and fervor of the dark reign factor in?
    25.5% and 3%.Applying those to the HP portion of the augs gets closer but it's still a little off.
    Testing with only heroic stamina (using a 63Hsta type 5 vs a 70Hsta type 5 showed 16.4 hp/sta). If I instead put on and remove a 63Hsta item i see a difference of 968hps or 15.365 hp/Hsta. Doing the same with a 70Hsta item i see a difference of 1082 hps or 15.457 hp/hsta.

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