Shaman DPS potential

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  1. chocster Lorekeeper

    Any event that has incoming multiple mobs.
    As the DoTs are already running on main mob, you switch to next mob,,,and so on and so on.
    Shaman poison combo DoT is basically an insta-cast.
    Same concept as debuffing,
    as a mob comes in, AE malo AA = insta cast
    MOb is slowed, boom time for DoTs after it is off tanked or main tanked
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  2. bomodo New Member

    shm combo dot level 115 is 42 second refresh ,so we can't cast that one on multiple mobs.

  3. chocster Lorekeeper

    Uh...AA...force rejuvenation will allow us the additional insta cast.
    Also, Although not an insta cast, Bledrek's Pandemic is insta repop
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  4. Alkyvret Nature's Fervid Wrath Enthusiast

    Unless I'm missing something, druids beat shamans in any scenario for DPS, and shamans beat druids in any scenario for heals. Horde/Sunshock for druids are .5s cast and refresh within a tick, so easy to hit on multiple mobs (provided mana of course).
  5. Shredd Augur

    We usually run 4 necros and I can only dot trash on raids where that applies. But on raids where I can melee dps I do that. Love using rapid bear and smacking mobs. For dps on raids it is Necros, then a mixture of Berserker, Monk, Druid, Mage, Wizard, Bst. . it really depends on who uses glyphs.
  6. Fintank Augur

    Where dem rangers at though :(
  7. Shredd Augur

    would love 1 more ranger. . I am greedy. But, I was talking classes, in top 10 parse.
  8. Fintank Augur

    As was I :p
  9. disclose Buffz, slowz, & healz.

    I think removing mercs (Both a blessing and a curse) would be more beneficial for the class getting groups rather than getting a DPS buff. I feel like a DPS buff for Clerics would only help Cleric's solo. It wouldn't improve group play sadly. That's just my opinions though.) If every class can belt out an insane amount of DPS then what's the point of having Rogues, Berserkers, etc? At this point in the game sadly it would be detrimental I fear. More and more would solo/molo, at least the casual players.

    For instance a number of years ago, they buffed the Shaman. A competent Shaman could easily steal agrro from anyone at that point. Even a raid geared, full AA Sk or War could not keep the aggro. I had so many SKs, Pallys, & Wars pissed off. Because they had to button mash their keyboards and hotbars to even attempt to get it back, which was ultimately fail. It was to the point where people did not even want the slow in the group because of the aggro issue. Even solo I could root rot 5 mobs in FM at a shot. Dead within 30 seconds. The next update the nerf was delivered. That was a lonely month in EQ. Bringing us to where we are at now. The point is, sometimes DPS buffs are detrimental, not constructive.
  10. Tropi Elder

    lack of grouping is what brought mercs we know what it would be like with out them they did not lower group they made it possible . any one that would turn down a clr in a group whe nthe yhave a merc is wrong , finding a clr that is willing to heal you in a group for long stretches when they have nothing else to do is the hard part , group clericing is boring as hell epically for a raid clr
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  11. Tropi Elder

    as far as the original point of this thread i actually think shms are at a good place dps/healing wise in raid game its really fun to be a raid shm right now assuming you can dps . and the only thing stopping that the mob buff slots assuming you can dps tehre is so much to do to keep you buzzy and we do good dps for our effort I've seen better parses but my self I've gotten over 1m burn on sont / zland and mid 600k's on guardian's / tantor and that's with out an enchanter and keeping my group alive other then the zerker that thinks he's a tank he's hopeless =-)
  12. strongbus Augur

    question for you all on sham dps

    i box one. if i wanted to setup a spam key to chain cast a group of dot/dd when grouping what would you all suggest for max dps?
  13. Tucoh Augur

    This isn't a spam key but you can do pretty well with a single macro that has

    /pause 50, /cast 6
    /pause 50, /cast 7
    /pause 50, /cast 8
    /cast 9

    Where 6 is chaotic venin, 7 is Bledrek's Pandemic, 8 is Marlek's Curse and 9 is Evil Eye. I don't know the right numbers for those pauses, so you'll want to play around with it on a target dummy. The only line I don't have above is Svartmane's Affliction, which I find to not be useful for me personally, but might be really good for you.

    This is what I do on my boxed shaman, a real shaman might have a different (and likely better) opinion.
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  14. strongbus Augur

    thanks tucoh i give it a try. i am strange(lest my guild saids so) for my box crew atm. bst/2mages/durid/sham/cleric

    atm i use the cleric/sham as healers and druid as dps/backup heals. but man the druid is geat dps but run out of mana fast. I know its not as much dps but the sham has so many more mana tools so figure i see what i could find to try using the sham as dps/backup heals and swtich to druid over to heals.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    You should consider dropping your least favorite characters in that group for a bard. The bard will boost your group so hard you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
  16. atchoom Lorekeeper

    my shm hotkey :

    assist hotkey : using aa slow ( since my mage already casting aa malo i don't need to cast with shm ).

    /pause 6, /assist ( target ), for me it is my mage name
    /pause 12, /alt act 3729 ( aa slow ).
    /pause 6, /pet attack ( with shm, roar it add a little dps, and help mage with the * of many line dd * )
    /pause 22 or 35 ( 22 if you are using chaotic venin { 42 sec recast } , and 35 if you are using nectar of misery ( 2 sec recast ** )
    then /cast beldrek's pandemic ( or malvus malady ( 3 tics ),

    depending how fast you are killing , for me i am using nectar of misery and malvus malady , and for named kill i use chaotic venin and beldrek's pandemic .

    when the assist key is done, i click my other hotkey :
    /pause 29, /cast marlek's curse
    /pause 35, /cast evil eye
    /pause 35, /cast 8 ( composite roar )
    /pause 35 /cast spectre of renewal { group hot } ( since i got the merc hot blocked )
    /cast spiritual squall

    *** beldrek's pandemic is nice but i don't really need a 1min 40 sec dots on trash mobs who are dying pretty fast
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  17. Vizier Augur

    Thanks a lot for this, I needed this for my shaman badly!
  18. Heatwave Journeyman

    Nah... people like to group with cleric mains, in general... They WANT to help their guild clerics...

    The problem is, playing a cleric in group content is BORING AS CRAP!...

    Target tank, /autofollow... set spam key to press "1" every 5ms... Remedy > Remedy > Remedy... go watch netflix, while the knight tank spams 200k proc heals on group every 2.0 seconds, every time your Remedy lands...

    Increasing Intravention and Contravention lines by 800% would make them semi relevant DPS wise, and require clerics to actually swap targets, pay attention, and... generally, give a crap, about anything, really...

    A cleric is not going to WANT to solo, like... ever, without a 1000% or more DPS boost. That's fairly easy to avoid...
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  19. Mindbend New Member

    Guildy shaman just sustained 1.01 million dps over 1,118 seconds on primal vampire raid tonight. We have some druids that can beat that on short parses, but none that sustain that kind of dps for that long.
  20. bigpapa Augur

    i wish i could cast that many dots,,,,,last week we had only one necro ( we usually have 3 ) in raid but 2 bards pretty high on parse , so i guess they were chain casting dots ect as well, and i had many dot's ( shaman ) to not land due to the limited debuffs mobs can have.

    well for us , bloodfall raid shm need to chain cast their ae rain heal, when avail.