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  1. Vindicate Elder

    My group DPS the day of the latest patch on Test.

    Combined: A pirate crew member in 22883s, 1744135k @76220sdps --- #1 Catisha + pets 882671k@38573sdps (38922dps in 22678s) [50.6%]

    My burn DPS the day of the latest patch on Test, this was self buffed only. This isn't horrible DPS for a group geared shaman. If you can't do this send me a message in game I'll help, but looking at every other class's DPS, this is about where we need to be. Nerf Zerkers they're broken, or everyone else in EQ is broken, its one or the other, nerf us up or nerf them down.

    Test One Hundred Three in 80s, 15447k @193089sdps --- #1 Catisha + pets 15447k@193089sdps (193089dps in 80s) [100%]

    We're doing really decent, efficient, easily agro manageable DPS right now as of the new changes on Test. I linked 6 hours of parse data all from my group gear(badly) newly 105 shaman, in a fast killing environment. I love my shaman and we're doing very respectable DPS now on Test. That junk before with the broken DoTs should have never came out, I'm very disappointed that it made it to live. If you couldn't do from 60-90k dps in a fast killing group, and sustain it, like I was doing on my poorly geared shaman with only half its AA, then send me a message in game, I can help you with your DPS and rotations and spell usage. But that by no means at all means it wasn't possible. Right now I sustain 40k very easily, and when I'm just sitting at goblins in FM I'm getting 40-60k normal. This is really decent DPS for a group shaman.

    My typical mob fight goes like this in a fast killing group -
    Malo AA > Turgurs AA > Roar of Lion(Only for refresh when not up) > Swift Disease > Swift Poison > Swift Poison Nuke > Melee for 6 seconds or Cani / group heal > Swift Disease > Swift Poison > Swift Poison Nuke. If the mobs aren't dead by this point you are not in a fast killing group!

    Its actually not a lot of clicking...
    Hotkey 1-- /assist and or /attack on with /pet attack and Malo AA
    Hotkey----- Turgurs
    Hotkey----- Roar of Lion refresh
    Hotkey 2-- x2 dots swift or combined dots
    Hotkey----- Swift Poison Nuke
    I generally keep both magic dots and the combined poison dot up on the bar too for namer DPS or if the fight just allows me to get one more dot in there(usually garugaru or combined poison dot). I don't try to go all out with 6-7 dots because I don't need to, I can though and I have, its good DPS, but not sustainable.

    My shaman is meleeing 100% of the time, if you're not taking advantage of 70k lion crits you're lazy, really the only thing I can say about that :p unless of course you're playing the main heal role. Still possible to melee but probably unwise unless you have a tank that doesn't need healing but so often.

    Root rotting-- I leveled from 90 - 105 basically root rotting trees in FM, its very good exp, 6% per kill at 90. If you're limited on dot choices use anything that procs a second dot after duration, bonus! At 105 I just Malo AA >VP > x3 disease, Necter of Woe, Magic Dot either one. and go find another mob. I'll have up to 5 mobs rooted and dying at once, usually not 5 though, that ones dead by the time I get to the next mob, usually with about 1 min left on root. Results may vary! Put Turgurs on there too, it helps especially at 90 when one round brings me to 5% health, gives me time to hit VP or run :p Keep communion of cheetah handy, I basically use that as bard speed everywhere I go. If you're on a mount, expect to die a lot, but you'll look oh so pretty doing it!
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  2. Leigo You come here often?

    This works quite well.
    I've started a new shm on BB after returning from a year away.
    How do you do on mana? This is a little rough for me. Granted I still have 4-5 ranks of canni to get. But with 100k Mana pool it's about 50% Mana dotting up one mob. Any suggestions?
  3. Leigo You come here often?

    The last few AA have made a huge difference. Keeping 3+ trees dying is easy, usually they're falling off by the time I agro the 4th. Turgurs is good to use between mobs, though I recommend counterbias for the HoT when using canni.
  4. Goranothos Augur

    I resubbed yesterday after taking a few months off. Three boxing Mage/Shammy/Chanter. After a few mob kills I noticed "holy crap my Shammy is almost OOM". I have a macro that stacks four dots on the mob. I thought it was some sort of bug, but then I noticed what those dots were hitting for!

    Sounds like a good group. How is EoK progression without a player tank? If you don't mind my asking, why did you go with druid instead of cleric?
  5. Nylrem Augur

    LOL big surprises on mana usage for shaman dots when been away :)

    Are you joking about why a druid over a cleric in group content? Cleric healing is super awesome, but MUCH more powerful than is necessary for group content. Their DPS and overall utility -- porting, (group port to bind is AMAZING for boxing), tracking ability, ADPS, etc are horribad, compared to a druid, and a druid's healing ability is PLENTY for group content.

    As to the player tank... with a shaman AND a druid healing/slowing/debuffing... even extremely weakened magician pets can tank group stuff with 2 real (non-merc) healers ;) Not near as good as any decent tank, but still decent enough to get by.
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  6. Belkar_OotS Augur

    So lets talk about doing max self support only burn dps as a shaman in a raid/solo setting.

    Use AA - Fleeting Spirit, First Spire, 7th Year Vet

    1. Chaotic Venom (auto casts Reef Crawler Blood (blocks swift dot Serpentil's Venon) and Nectar of Woe, chance to cast 2 swift nukes).
    2. Hemocoraxius' Pandemic (auto casts Breath of Hemocoraxius (blocks swift dot Sephry's Malady) and Spirespine's Pandemic).
    3. Livio's Malosenia/Livio's Affliction
    4. Sraskus' Curse
    5. Garugaru

    Rotate nukes Reefmaw's Bite, Serisaria's Spear of Venom and Ice Squall while refreshing dots.

    What else am I missing?
    Better to use nukes over certain dots at this point?
  7. Behelit Augur

    add in glyph of destruction II, rabid bear, roar of lion, and glacial gift over spear of venom. autoattack running for global cooldown procs, and glacial is 2nd best nuke option altho it is a little annoying to swap targets.
  8. Brohg Augur

    First Spire & 7th vet are both plain crit rate increases

    base crit rate for shm is 56%
    1st is +30%
    7th is +50%
    Auspice of the Hunters is +33%
    Spirit of Vesagran (brd epic) +12%
    Fierce Eye (brd AA) or Illusions of Grandeur (enc AA, doesn't stack with FE) +12%

    If Auspice and any of brd epic / FE / IoG are up, then you're already full crit rate, both self boosts are useless overkill.

    If you have 7th available, pretty sure you want to save that for when your Nectar & Affliction "stingers" are running alongside the regular dots. likely auspices will have run out by then
  9. Raccoo Augur

    I've been using dots exclusively for damage when I am able, since the changes to the dot damage. Reefmaw and Glacial Gift only ones I would sometimes use before. Reefmaw was my preferred until Chaotic Venom took its spellbar spot (since it locks out Reefmaw when it procs it).

    Thanks Brohg for that bit of clarification on adps affecting crit rate. I'll add it to my shaman guide on Freelance's MB.
  10. smash Augur

    Shamans still rocks in dps and is still in top 3.

    And maybe things stack a bit too well, see post from Brohg