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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Solidon, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Solidon New Member

    So for those of us bringing our ts/slow box shamans out of mothballs for some much deserved love.....(aka slackers who can't sham for crap)
    Can someone in the know give us a Top 10/20 list of AA's to invest in most importantly. CA/CS/Pet stuff/Focus tab and autogrants excluded?
    I know its a lot to ask but it is a 24hr patch, if we're lucky lol.
  2. ptah Augur

    i dont fit this topic but im bored.

    General speaking i favor focusing on things we use these boxes for?
    ie if your shaman Heals more and replaces a merc.. i focus on them heals, if you rather patch heal and DoT.. i thinking ROI suggest more DoT focus on AA. If box is real rothball maybe just HP support and candy comes later.

    Shaman is a wonderful class.
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  3. Mr. Froo Developer

    Speaking as a player I tend to rotate. My build is more towards Moloing/group content and not super raid focused but my strategy. Also I'm so sorry I'm terrible at names here.

    Figure out what I need the most right now.
    Staples IMO:
    Pact of the Wolf. Maxed first because stat buffs make me happy.
    Lupine Spirit or whatever the attack spirit buff is, maxed second, again trying to get those buffs.
    Rabid Bear. Invested until a certain point, the tradeoff of like 60-80 AAs versus investments elsewhere for me. Again reasoning, need those buffs.
    Turgur's Swarm. Maxed because if the mobs hit slower I can live longer.
    The advanced swarm spell after that to just spread the slow around, think it's Virulent Swarm.
    Languid Bite, invested into a certain point because I'm slowing a ton, might as well got those DoTs applied.
    Spire was after that, maxed for DPS.
    Cannibalize was here and there depending on how I felt I was managing mana.
    Malaise and Wind of Malaise. Debuffs are your friend.

    After that, just kinda going with what I need:
    Pet Fortitude so he can tank and I can swap to healer merc.
    Pet Flurry so I can get my attack proc off more. (Though my reasoning might be bad there)
    Spirit Call because wolf friends are your friends.
    And then just kinda going from there... do I need more heals invest in heal AAs, do I need more stats invest in Planar Power, do I need more DPS invest in the AA that increases damage of crit DoT spells.

    Honestly Shamans have so much breadth of choices it's really situational based. Like man I need X right now or I wish my Y just did more. There's so many AAs to choose from.
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  4. Zyrek New Member

    On a new shaman I would roughly cycle through these categories buying left to right.

    saves: soothsayer's intervention, union of spirits, forceful rejuvenation, spirit guardian
    burn: fleeting, aid, spire, bear, spirit call
    other discs: spirtual channeling, ancestral guard, spiritual blessing, call of the ancients
    misc: canni, pact, malo/slow/vp & aoe versions, urgency, dampen/focus
    dps passives: enhanced pestilence, critical affliction/destructive cascade, nuke stuff
    healing passives: healing gift/adept/boon, synergy, twinheal, abundant healing

    spellbar something like this:

    7)group hot/nuke/dot
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