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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Behelit, May 15, 2021.

  1. Behelit Augur

    Critical Affliction: 3 Additional ranks for 56/57/58% crit DoT chance.

    Destructive Cascade: 3 Additional ranks for 395/400/405% crit DoT damage.

    Destructive Fury: 5 Additional ranks for 360/365/370/375/380% crit DD damage.

    Enhanced Pesitilience: Additional rank to effect 12s min duration dots so swifts are effected and able to be used in grouping play and situationally on raids when mana is a concern.

    Fleeting Spirit: Additional ranks to lower recast to 15min like other ITC abilities.

    Pact of the Wolf: Additional ranks to add SPA 218 and 474 to the self buff Pact of the Wolf and Group Pact of the Wolf.

    Pact of the Wolf XV/XVI/XVII
    Target: Self
    1: See Invisible (Enhanced 2)
    2: Increase Melee Haste by 80%
    3: Cast: Pact of the Wolf Form (v374)
    4: Ultravision
    6: Increase Max Endurance by 30000
    7: Increase Max Mana by 30000
    8: Increase Pet Chance to Critical Hit by 6/9/12%
    9: Increase Pet Critical Hit Damage by 25/35/45% of Base Damage
    11: Increase Max HP by 30000

    Group Pact of the Wolf XV/XVI/XVII
    Target: Single
    1: See Invisible
    2: Increase Melee Haste by 75%
    3: Cast: Group Pact of the Wolf Form (v374)
    4: Ultravision
    6: Increase Max Endurance by 15000
    7: Increase Max Mana by 15000
    8: Increase Pet Chance to Critical Hit by 3/4/5%
    9: Increase Pet Critical Hit Damage by 12/16/20% of Base Damage
    11: Increase Max HP by 15000

    Rabid Bear: Additional ranks to add slot 15: Increase Chance to Repeat Primary Hand Round by 40% with 20/22/25% Damage

    Spire of Ancestors: Additional ranks to add Critical DoT Damage (SPA 375) 20/30/40%.

    Visionary's Unity: Addition of Ward of Recuperation and Attentive Spirit.

    New Lines:
    Improved Chaotics: Lowers the recast of the Chaotic Venom line (Chaotic Venom, Chaotic Poison, Chaotic Venin) by 3/6/9sec.

    Cold Compress: 3/4/5% Chance on casting a cold-resist DD (min lvl 105, mana 100) to recourse a grp heal for 2000/2250/2500

    Poisonous Panacea: 3/4/5% Chance on casting a poison-resist DD (min lvl 105, mana 100) to Increase Spell Dmg by 8/9/10% (SPA 302) for 1 tick.
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  2. Szilent Augur

    mmm - howzabout an AA to groupify Cannibalizes (spell & AA cannis)
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  3. bomodo New Member

    aa to reduce the cast time of lupine spirit aa 4/4 { cast the highest rank of spirit of tala'tak }
    spell is 3,25 sec cast time ( focused ) and the aa is 7.30 sec cast time , ( more the double casting time ). and the range is only 50 feet ae ..

    druid version { spirit of eagle aa } 3/3 rank is 2 seconds cast time ( lower than their casting one who is at 2.5 cast time ) ----->> cast the highest rank of flight of falcon. 100 feet ae
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  4. bomodo New Member

    shaman alliance :i wish they never introduced that one.......................

    *** aa to get longer duration or reduce the casting time , atm it is 4 min 50 sec or so lenght ,
    having to cast on multiple tanks ( 7 ~ 8 ) we need to recast it every 4min or so,............
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  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why would a single shaman be casting it on that many people? All priests have a similar alliance so it can easily be split up among all of the priests at a raid and they all hit someone else. Don't have to worry about who hits the MT as they will have a lot of healers healing them.
  6. Thundersnake Lorekeeper

    I'd like to add a updated versions of the group cure spell lines would be helpful for those of us who can't get the TBL Rk. 3
  7. Szilent Augur

    TBL runes are only needed for specifically TBL spells. Spiritual Squall is the only one for shm.

    While Reparm is pretty darned easy, if you need something even more straightforward then the 110 cure can be sourced from RoS. Veeshan's Peak raids only take 3-4 groups that can include boxed alts & whatnot.
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  8. Moak The Most High

    Of three priest classes, the shaman alliance line has the longest range (though the shaman alliance line doesn't have the highest raw heal benefit). Also since the tank groups have clerics, the tanks will be getting the alliance benefit every time those clerics cast. I believe the idea is that it increases the likelihood that a fulmination will occur (because those same tanks will be getting out of group heals from the other healers, to include the squalls cast by the other shaman. I often play a shaman alt on casual raids on Bristlebane and that was essentially the explanation I remember being given.
  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If it was me, I would put the cleric alliance on tanks as it will fire the most often and put a mix of druid/shaman on other targets. Sure shaman has the best range but you are looking for extra healing and as long as the raid stays somewhat bunched up for other ae heals the range issue shouldn't be that bad.
  10. Szilent Augur


    AE ranges on Coalitions are
    Shm: 60
    Cle: 50
    Dru: 28

    π*r^2 ?
    Shm: 11310
    Cle: 7854
    Dru: 2463

    That's not a "10", difference, that's 30% less area

    Less math? Druid is right out, 28 is melee range only. If dps is at max melee, they couldn't be healed even if the splashes were coming off the mob, let alone off the tank who's on the far side of the mob.

    But that's not just a druid issue. Since the splashes are coming off tanks, and those tanks are on the far side of mobs to protect players from riposte and pets from parries, there is a ton of time even 50 plain won't get there. I've recorded over & over noob shm targeting the MT with their Squalls instead of MA - getting half or less the healing of the more skilled shm with the same count of Gift+Squalls. It's a natural mistake, to target the tank with heals. But it is a mistake. Because of the AE range.
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  11. Szilent Augur

    that's one way! I used the version of "target the MA" cause that same target works for the Gift part of GiftSquall. Can Squall yourself, but can't Gift yourself, so additional [tab] keypress in between. I've heard of shm using their doggo for GiftSquall targeting, too, or say they have a favorite add tank who's unlikely to be away from the raid like MT is
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Who cares about 10 range?

    Cleric: 16453 (162062)
    Druid: 17253 (168328)
    Shaman: 14355 (128469)

    You are going to get a lot more healing from a cleric alliance and a shaman will be free to cast their alliance on targets near the melee group instead of spending time recasting it on the tanks as it wears off/procs in its final form. Also why bother to target the MA for heals when you can target a melee in your group and also keep up group buffs? Doing that with a twin cast from gift can really up the healing.
  13. Szilent Augur

  14. Behelit Augur

    take your alliance debate to tells homies, lets try to keep this thread for shaman suggestions pretty please?
  15. Szilent Augur

    hold up - are you thinking cleric alliance fires from cleric heals, and shaman alliance fires from shaman heals? Is that the misunderstanding?

    All three priest alliances fire for any single target priest heals landing on the target, that's cleric heals or druid heals or shaman heals, except those of the caster who made the buff:

    61414 Ancient Coalition Rk. III 113 8519 4.5s 0s 2m+ n/a Single Stacking: Healing Alliance Spells 6
    Max Hits: 120 Matching Spells
    1: Cast: Blessing of the Ancients II Caza if Hit By Spell
    2: Limit Target: Single
    3: Limit Effect: Current HP
    4: Limit Type: Beneficial
    5: Limit Min Level: 106
    6: Limit Max Level: 125 (lose 100% per level)
    7: Limit Max Duration: 0s
    8: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
    9: Limit Effect: Current HP greater than 6000
    10: Limit Caster Class: CLR, DRU, SHM
    11: Limit Caster: Exclude Self
    12: Limit Min Recast Delay: 1.5s

    A cleric putting on theirs doesn't mean "cleric heals will work", it means that one cleric's heals won't work. They would have, if a shaman had put the Coalition on instead.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why do you think I ever suggested that. I even suggested that the casting load could be split up between all priests and not just depend on the shaman to do all the heavy lifting. My point was and still is that other classes can help out with the alliances and having the bigger heals from the cleric alliance on tanks is worth the tradeoff of the shorter range.
  17. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply
    There's a thread with useful information and discussion about alliances.
  18. Jondalar Augur

    preincarnation too.
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  19. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply

    Enhanced Pestilence
    3 more ranks, like we received in TOV.

    - Reduce casting time, currently 2 seconds cast.

    Turgur's Virulent Swarm
    - Reduce casting time, currently 2.5 seconds.

    - Reduce casting time, currently 1 second.

    Would be great if Reckless heals could be target & target's target heals, like the heal spells that hybrid classes received in ToV.
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  20. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    that would be the best ability ever.... if i could press canni and kill Lisard... i would pay good krono for that spell / AA.
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