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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Kinadorm, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Ibudin Augur

    I haven't dual'ed an SK with my Shaman pet, but they are an undercon for sure. If you have rank 3 of the shaman pet, its pretty flippy sturdy. I box my shaman along side my necro who has max focused pet, and if that pet dies, the shaman pet does very well on a pinch. I don't think the SK pet would last more than 1 round on a TBL namer.
  2. Brohg Augur

    That would be a colossal pain in the for developers, who would then have to hand-build 12 (for current focuses) variants on four spirit dog summons -- just to make sure the new one is covered. Never mind having to also explain to people why those suddenly cut in or don't suddenly during RoF. Back filling would mean hand-building another dozen dog variants per summon spell however far back self-destructive TLPs whine themselves into. "Self-destructive" because this move would also at the same time be a colossal nerf for shaman pets at all levels!

    Right now, Shm/Shd/Enc pets are fully the power that shm/shd/enc pets are intended to be, the end. If there were pet focuses involved, that intended power level wouldn't change. Developers would be forced to drastically weaken the pet as-cast without focus, so's to be their intended power only when summoning the focused version. Top group focus from the old expansion to make the pet exactly what it is now at Rk.I, top group focus from the new expansion (maybe or maybe not readily available to group shm. It sure wasn't in TDS, TBM, RoS recently.) for the pet to be exactly what it is now at Rk.II, and top raid focus (if you plan on taking this ahead of mag/bst/nec, you're a jerk) to make the pet exactly what it is now at Rk.III
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  3. chocster Journeyman

    1. I give 2 flips about TLP server and it shouldn't dictate the over all game, last time i checked, there is more regulars than TLPs so by pandering to the minority, you segregate the majority.

    2. "The End..." it isnt "The End", this is an input section, if you disagree then just say "I disagree, and here is the reason why..." or better yet, come up with some ideas, I don't see any ideas from you, just trolling and commenting on people who actually did give input.

    3. "If you plan on taking this ahead of mag/bst/nec, you're a jerk"...How about Don't be a jerk!, in the input, I mentioned nothing of over taking these classes.

    Basically, if you disagree with inputs and recommendations for a new expansion, then gripe at DBG or the original poster for opening this up. I gave recommendations, if you don't agree with them, cool, but you ain't the end all be all browski
  4. Raccoo Augur

    Change Call of the Ancients ward to cast the HP like Issuance of Mercy, so they can stack, instead of going to the song window. Also bump up the HP on it quite a bit.
  5. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    Those effects aren't "mirrored" back on the caster (unless the mob is actually reflecting the spell, which happens). you're casting an area of effect spell and it's hitting you.
    this is the same mechanic/functionality that has existed since I was quad kiting hill giants on my druid. your 109 poison rain DD line will also do this, and for the same reason... and there's no reason to change it.

    if you don't want to get hit by these effects, step back out of the radius before casting the AOE slow or malo. if you want to get languid bite on a swarm of mobs without chancing it hitting you, then use the PBAOE slow instead.
  6. Teylana Elder

    The effects of languid, cripple, and malo are minimal at best on the shaman anyway but if they're really a problem, it just takes a few seconds to cure yourself and, in the case of cripple, re-buff yourself.

    I will admit it's a pretty stupid mechanic.
  7. Liljit Augur

    These weren't an issue until they changed what version of the spell the AAs fired. Both for druids and shaman.
  8. Teylana Elder

    True enough. In my opinion, it was a solution looking for a problem. That said, it's more than easy enough to deal with. There are better issues to go after (reducing mana cost after the DoT mega nerf for example).
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  9. chocster Journeyman

    The problem with the AE slow, malo, cripple is that it knocks out other buffs when your all slot maxed out. Chanter buff isnt in the correct slot? boom, its gone, druid wood not in the correct slot, boom...gone.

    * I see the point of...well then step away from the mobs in order to do an AE debuff, I just think it could have been better implemented considering the resist potential. Shaman AE rain is resistable, the slows, cripple, malo are less resistable which pertty much makes it land every time.
  10. Raccoo Augur

    They've fixed the AE slow so it doesn't hit the shaman casting it anymore. Malo was already fixed so it didn't hit the shaman casting it a while ago.
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  11. Leigo Augur

    combo curse/jinx dot and single target blood would be great additions
  12. chocster Journeyman

    No Shaman COMBO DoTs this expansion?
    touche sir...We didnt ask for them...our bad...
    Are we so wrong as to just have expected Combo DoTs?
    Again COMBO DoTS!
  13. Jondalar Augur

    Don't they usually skip an expac?
  14. Szilent Augur

    That the combo spells exist is a pretty compelling argument in favor of merging the two poison dots permanently, imo, and the three diseases.

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