Shall I toss the towel?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Peter_The_great, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    We have spend hundreds of dollars on this game now for 8 months.. yet we feel no where near strong in the game..

    We can't even play in TOV cus it is simply to hard! We spend 50 dollars on 2 set of tov exp that we cant game that how it should be?! it for the best me and my gf quit this game before we put more money into it?!

    Both are over level 110, + 20k AA's and full set of Snow bound armor..We feel kinda scammed here.

    We can't even use the RKII spells cuz the mobs who holds are to strong to defeat! Again, kinda scammed.

    Will we ever own a raid we pay premium.. will we ever reach lvl 115, no..cuz we don't box..
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  2. Tucoh Augur

  3. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    Paladin and Beastlord.

    Tried all..we still suck, and most of our time is living like parasites on others TA's.. the game gets kinda boring..seeing other do a toon..level that up to 115 in one day while we struggles in 8 month to hit 112..pathetic..
  4. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    So I think I give up..then its up to gf if she wants to continue.

    I accept that I got scammed..just happy I stopped before it was thousands of dollars.
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  5. Mizen Baenre Lorekeeper

    If you're truly great, you'll figure it out.

    Join a good guild for support, imo.
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  6. Derka Power Ranger

    I dont think you should give up quite yet. In all honesty 20k AA is a little low for those classes. A Paladin should really shine in ToV with slay undead also. You should grind out a few more thousand AAs to make sure you have all defensive, pet and DPS appropriate maxed then decide if you want to throw in the towel. The people you speak of blowing through levels super fast or PLing most likely have all of the previous Hero AAs and trophies done which might not seem like a big deal but character power is generally the sum total of all those small details. They really do add up.
    Beastlords are also a VERY active class to make them shine. I used to know a beastlord that would just stand back and let pet attack whilst throwing the occasional nuke. A merc could out dps that player with that playstyle.
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  7. phattoni Augur

    ive spent thousands on this game and im only level 106, maybe i should rage quit too, the scammers...... lol
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  8. Visitor Elder

    20 years and my best is still only 111. I know I can not WIN EQ no one has, but I am in it for the journey. I help others and get help, there is a raider that i helped a chunk some years ago on his journey, and he stops and says hello to me. If you are playing here because you want that big Selfie of hitting 115 and one of maxing your AA count, etc for your Facebook page, that is the wrong attitude. Be part of the world, enjoy it and remember you are 16% time into ToV, but 40% into ToV levels. As i am a professional dawdler, i am spending a decent amount of my time using my new found powers to go back and pick up some older achievements. No one reaches the end, there is always some thing to do some one to help. until it is announced that EQ is wrapping up and we all leave for the last time.
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  9. FL!P Augur

    Im looking to get back into the game, what are your playtimes? Im always down to get a static going. Could possibly pull in another RL friend too potentially
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  10. Buri Augur

    This is not an easy game. That's what puts it in a special class by itself, compared to the games of today. That's what keeps us coming back and interested after 20 years. Anyone who says it's easy is mostly bragging, and also they've put a tremendous amount of time into developing their characters and skills.
    But, it's also one of the most rewarding. I'm assuming you haven't really raided in EQ, but there's nothing quite like beating an encounter for the first time, after you've failed the previous 12-15 attempts. The gratification level is directly proportional to the difficulty level.
    Watch Black Clover and take a cue from Asta... he never gives up, no matter what!
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  11. Mokai Journeyman

    You could /testcopy to the Test server. With exp bonus, all vet AA, all expansions you wouldn't need to worry about the costs and can play at a slightly faster pace. Then just /bug every once in awhile and play casually for free.
  12. Mokumara Elder

    Man I hate to do it but..

    Imagine putting money into a game and then think you deserve a certain aspect of the game.

    That's what's really wrong with the gaming industry. People want to spend money and think they should have it all. Grinding and getting your characters stronger has always been the ways of Everquest.

    Not trying to sound like an but there is always a way to achieve things in a game. Find some friends, join a guild, make your own guild and try and find like minded people trying to do the same thing, reach out on the forums, set up static groups to hit hard stuff, find a couple more people and work towards that goal of what you want to earn out the xpack. There might be something you could do so that you are more efficient with your class. There are a lot of variables. People like hard content. Its what we are missing in games now a days.

    Sorry rant off
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  13. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I don't see how Twin heal and other nonsense AA's can help me get offense and defense are maxed out..still one hit die in TOV.
  14. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    How about you bought a game you never will be able to play?! And then need to put MORE money into to maybe be able to finish?! Kinda rubbish and scammers.
  15. Mokumara Elder

    What is the "more money" aspect that will make you better?
  16. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    Access to AA's RKII spells and prestige.
  17. Tarvas Augur

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  18. Moege Augur

    What I am reading:
    You bought the expansion
    Leveled up to 110
    Got some snowbound t1 non prestige gear

    $288 by my count (subscription + expansion x2)

    Did you go do all the heroic aa that makes a difference from COtF onwards, did you get all the augs needed. Did you even do the mercenary quest ?. ToV is absurdly easy if geared up properly.
    BTW tell me where I could buy ToV expansion for $25 sounds like a bargain.

    20k AA is a flash in a pan, you get roughly 18k AA just from autogranting. You played yourself by thinking "I bought the xpac, I am owned the content". You are not. You are owned the chance to play there which by the sounds of it you currently are.

    With undergeared/under AA characters of course you cannot kill them. The rnk ii spells are not going to make or break if you can kill a named or not, the difference between the ranks is tiny.

    Went to your activity history, don't see you asking for help on gear choices/augs/spellset/burns the fact that you posted what you did tells me that you are also not in a guild that can help.

    Box ... to xp ... /facepalm. You can get to 115 without boxing there is no secret about it, just time invested. Yet again the gripe about paying ... meaningless. To raid you need to make friends, with this mindset you will not be making friend or raiding.

    As a paladin who heals to survive ... Go take another look. There are a lot of fluff AA twinheal is not one of them.

    This does not sound like the game for you.

    Free to play is a trial an awesome trial actually. For you to be be able to really play you need to subscribe for about the cost of a pack of soda a month. Calling it a scam makes me feel no sympathy.

    * I was bored so decided to give you some of my thoughts.
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  19. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I don't drink soda. 288 US dollars is a lot where I live.

    For me this game feels like a scam.

    I have spent 2k hours in this game..trying to level, it is pathetic difficulty to gain XP..

    One lvl 109 mob is like 0,001 xp..and it takes around 10min to kill one no re..scammed..never to be able to game a game I bought..

    Its like buying a car that you are not allowed to drive, but all other who steals it can..(Boxers and boters)

    Sooo experts..where to I gain most XP without dying all the time?! Remember, I don't bot or box..
  20. Mokumara Elder

    Moege that was such a solid post.

    ALSO wait wait wait... Peter are you telling me you are playing the game as F2P??
    Damn bro im sorry. I just assumed if you were going to drop money on the most current x-pack that you would have a sub'd account.

    Listen I'm far from good at this game and a TON that I have no idea about. A long while ago I was kinda in the same boat as you. I had like a lvl 80 SK and was running around trying to find places to kill. Every place seemed incredibly difficult. Was difficult to tank, was slow, and constantly got my face smashed in... worse than it already was! I didn't care, I just assumed that's how it was. Everquest the long grinding game I played back in the day. I was used to it. Then one day I had someone cross my path and join me in my adventures. He was helping me out and showing me some different things I could do. Then he bestowed upon me the likes of a little green gem.. He just gave it to me as a friend in need. I peered into this tiny stone and you know what I saw? I saw the potential that I had been missing up to this point. I smashed that gem and everything I though I knew was a lie. I went from barely being able to slay 1 enemy to leaving a wake of corpses and blood in my path. The power I gained that day was unimaginable.

    Okay that was dramatic BUT if you have never burned a krono just from the benefits of auto grant it can make a HUGE difference; specially for a Paladin and a Beastlord.

    If you want to not pay and play free I would at least take advantage of that. You keep all your AA's even with the account goes back to F2P, but in all honestly if Everquest is a game you and the woman are going to invest time into playing is paying $30 a month for a sub really a huge deal? You guys would be having a ton more fun I feel like.. Also what server you all on?

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