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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gutt, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Gutt New Member

    Im sure this topic has already been mentioned 100 times already, and Im sure the petitions are piling up.

    The Marl Kastane despawn and respawn timers are unrealistic and totally unreasonable to players that are employed and or have a life outside of the game.

    I would like the devs to reconsider their stance on the Coirnav server in regards to the level of animosity this type of mechanic is breeding.

    The level of competition on the Coirnav TLP server is great but its also breeding a new form of uber toxic player.

    People currently pay a monthly subscription to enjoy a classic experience, not being treated like second class indaviduals. I believe that changing the Marl Kastane despawn issue would improve the quality of life for a lot of people.

    Daybreak understands that the community's on TLP server are passionate about Everquest, but there have been some major oversights in regards to quality of life.

    People avoid playing the shadowknight class due to the major bottleneck that the epic quests provides. Its a terrible idea, maybe one of the worst ever. Its legendary how garbage this quest was designed.

    Everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy the game and all it has to offer.

    Please consider removing or reducing the Marl Kastane despawn or atleast reduce it.
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  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    In before blatantly ignored by devs.
  3. Gutt New Member

    They cant ignore us forever, we need to start a petition or somthing, as sad as that is its the reality that we are dealing with.

    Daybreak knows they have us by the balls or atleast it feels that way. One of the most passionate gaming communities in the history of MMos and they still wont listen to their community.

    Its really upsetting, until then we need to keep asking for help. It feels like they dont care or the issue the community keeps bringing up is just being laughed at.
  4. Xeris Augur

    I have a job and a life outside the game and I had no problem getting my epic on Agnarr. It requires effort and a bit of a timesink, but if you really want the epic, you'll do what you need to get it done.

    Once you see him up you can keep a timer, then all you need to do is log in during the 4 hour window he can spawn... then you just need to be fast to get the turnin. If that's unreasonable to you then... shrug.
  5. Gutt New Member

    Agnarr isnt Coirnav, we have a serious greifing issue and an excess of macroquesting cheaters. Its a real sad state of the game, I'm happy you had the time and luck required to get your epic congrats. but again, this is the Coirnav server I am referring to not Agnarr.

    Maybe I should have made that more clear for people
  6. Koniku Lorekeeper

    They been ignoring this for over 2 years my dude it isn't gonna change now
  7. Gutt New Member

    Maybe we should roll over or find a new game I guess. This horse called Everquest has been kicked for a long time, if they keep at it they are going to regret their lack of vision and foresight.
  8. crunkmonk New Member

    It was just as bad on Agnarr before Coirnav opened. All of the scumbags have just moved there now.
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  9. Xeris Augur

    Shrug- I'm not playing Coirnav, but people were making the exact same complaints during Kunark on Agnarr. I'm assuming most of the same folks who made Agnarr during Kunark are currently making Coirnav . But ya, maybe it's worse. When I was getting epic on Agnarr there were constantly 4-5 SKs camping him.
  10. Gutt New Member

    A simple quality of life fix is all I am asking for.

    I know I dont represent the entirety of the shadowknight community but I can guarentee you that a large percentage of players might consider picking the class up or even returning to the game if the epic bottleneck that is the Curse of Innoruuk was fixed.

    Can you imagine if the cleric epic was put behind Marl Kastane, the servers would light on fire.

    The game would die. People are drawn to the Kunark expansion sorely due to the epic questlines that are offered.

    The epics were so popular they kept bringing them back through multiple expansions, that alone should speak volumes.

    The current state of the shadowknight epic is totally unreasonable.
  11. Doomrage New Member

    Agreed with OP.

    Ready for another SK epic post to be ignored by the powers that be.
  12. Lankie Augur

    What if epics should be rare. Maybe there should only be 2 or 3 on the server. Or rename it from 'epic' to 'common'. Casual ppl shouldn't diminish the achievements of others.
  13. Gutt New Member

    Take the time to read the op and avoid making yourself look like a troll please. If you have a valid comment or somthing constructive to say then say it.
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  14. Lankie Augur

    I read it again. Nothing of value as to why epics should be common. Your only argument is "I want my epic".

    Why should there be more than half a dozen SK epics on the entire server.
  15. Gutt New Member

    Nothing constructive again. I have appealed to your ego apparently, whatever you are going through I hope your figure it out.

    Go back a re read the op if your are still having an issue understanding what is being said here. If you cant grasp it after doing that maybe just stop posting here I guess.

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  16. Lankie Augur

    I've read it a 3rd time and there's literally nothing said apart from the OP wants a free epic because he paid a monthly sub.
  17. malaki Augur

    It's true one class should have en epic that's orders of magnitude harder to finish than all the other epics because of an npc that's needed a bunch of times despawns everytime.
  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Epics should be rare...

    We should also get rid of the daybreak store and turn our gamma way down! Also dont forget to pick up your phone and intentionally disconnect from the internet... as God intended!
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  19. That0neguy Augur

    You must be talking about enchanters right? because that would make two and who knows how many more.

    Deal with it. Epics are hard and sometimes rare.

    I would much rather have the developer resources committed to fixing or enhancing the game that affects close to 100% of the population instead of the 50 SK's who cant get this done on Coirnav.
  20. BiscuitLoves New Member

    Epics are not hard. That’s not an argument anymore. Everything has already been solved for us.

    A simple fix that makes Mark spawn similar to the way Stanos is spawned would solve everything. Or, if he was just available for a certain amount of time per game day.

    Race clicking is not content.

    Yes, all of this will be ignored. I just recommend that if you’re a SK just get a Greenmist and an Argent Protector. Then when Velious hits kill Tunare and get her 2hs.

    The three gerbils left to run EQ probably aren’t going to change the SK Epic 1.0.
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