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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Lenx, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. Yeux New Member

    Pretending it's not an exploit when they considered invis turn ins one, is just plain silly. If it wasn't an exploit people in this thread wouldn't be so reluctant to detail how to do it, now would they? Plenty of SKs have it only because of the Shaman exploit because Kurron is a major unforeseen problem due to them fixing the invis turn ins months ago. Otherwise, only 4 or so SKs on either server have even done their Kurron turn in.

    That's a problem, and if they want people to attempt to do it the "intended" way, whatever that means after a fix to a 20-year-old workaround, then they need to address the new problem they created with Kurron.
  2. Mithra Augur

    Turning in quest items while invisible is an exploit now?
  3. Cainen Augur

    Its been explained in this thread and others.

    Have a chanter charm the spirit(most people use OOT, I assume others will work)
    Get the gem on SK
    Go open trade with FP guy
    Go invis while trade is open
    Click trade
    Get faction set to indif

    This USED to be doable over and over to get unlimited faction, however it was recently changes to set your faction to 100. You can see this by getting some faction elsewhere(do a wizzy turn in or 2) then doing this will only give you enough faction to get to 100. Again, this was CHANGED RECENTLY to work this way. Therefor one can assume its working as intended, if you choose not to use it, thats on you.

    I think everyone agrees that the OT guy can be a faster spawn, but pretending your epic is broken or cant be completed in the current state is just wrong.
  4. Yeux New Member

    They chose to make the change after nearly 20 years, so clearly someone in charge at DBG thinks so
  5. bardybard Augur

    Lol, why didn't they change like every single other NPC that you can do invis turn ins to?
    Just stop, don't embarrass yourself any further.
  6. Haze New Member

    Just get a Frozen Zweihander to use in the interim then come back once velious drops and complete the epic.
  7. Celestian Elder

    Lets stop pretending these things are epic when level 10s are walking around with them.
  8. Nolrog Augur

    I am working on this one on Thorn. The darkforge pieces are pretty tedious.

    Where is the best place to get damage militia helmets? The faction hits on the Freeport Militia are pretty severe for killing and I'd prefer to not be KOS to both sets of guards.
  9. Xanathol Augur

    Follow up - funny enough, turns out that the different options behave differently - one you can have someone else charm while one you cannot.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    Aren't the epics still no drop on Mischief?
  11. Cainen Augur

    Epics are no drop, however some epics CAN have all the final pieces traded to an under 46 toon and completed. I have 100% seen an under 46 with an epic. He was 40 mind you so not 10, but the point still has some merit.
  12. theonepercent Elder

    Then you did something wrong.
  13. Celestian Elder

    Dunno, I've not been able to do my quest to see if they are. They are camped by krono farmers at bottle necks.

    I have seen low level clerics (unrest level) with them but no clue how they managed it.
  14. Accipiter Old Timer

    OK, that's what I thought.
  15. Cainen Augur

    Second this opinion, we were able to do this 2x(once to get the epic and once to get the faction after the epic was done to get the BP again).

    !00% works as described in this and other threads. If the spirit is charmed, the SK should be indiff and be given the gem. Unless it changed in the last 24 hours its still working as described in Mischief.
  16. Yteran New Member

    Considering they reduced Lhranc and Caradon respawn timers, there's no reason not to reduce Kurron Ni's. He is, after all, the first step of the actual epic quest.
  17. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Test Patch Notes from today:

    - Reduced the respawn time for Kurron Ni from about 84 hours to about 4 hours.
  18. Cainen Augur

    Neat, good change.
  19. Catashe Augur

    good thing cause apparently they got rid of the faction workaround too it seems?
  20. Hoodcat New Member

    Dont petition too much, i hear the GM's are suspending people for 3 days, for "toxic behavior" petitioning epic turn in mobs that are not working correctly.

    Apparently asking them to please not close or mark a petition as solved until it is solved is toxic behavior. Ask Woebot =p

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