Shadeweaver's Tangle named PH issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ternarissa, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. Ternarissa Journeyman

    In addition to the named PH having ridiculously high hitpoints, the PH's also are inexplicably immune to root spells, mez spells, and pacify spells. Additionally, I've been a part of numerous hunter raids where the names are extremely rare, especially Shak Dathor Overlord. Bad enough it takes nearly 4x the damage to kill a PH, but the EXTREME rarity of the named is like adding insult to injury...
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  2. Cadira Augur

    It's like they copy and pasted all the stats of the named to their phs.
  3. Ternarissa Journeyman

    That would be my guess....
  4. Fenthen aka Rath

    Wait, are you accusing developers of copy/pasting content and then not doing any QA after?
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  5. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

    SDO took me 7 hours (during the 50% bonus), killing a 250m hp every 80 seconds pretty much continuously.
    Guildie is at 10 hours with his box group now, still no spawn.

    In addition to SDO, any named with 10+ PHs need a boost to the spawn rate as well, its unreasonable to assume all groups can keep this many down before respawn at the same time. The abandonment of the 3 PH model means that spawn rate calculations really need to be reexamined.