Shadeweaver's Tangle mob HP still too high for a T1 zone

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  1. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Served a different design purpose.
  2. Cicelee Augur

    I disagree with the comparison.

    Shadeweaver is designed for level 120, probably 116-120. Anyone of that level can get into a group of that level range and kill skeletons. They may complain about the amount of HP among other things, but they can kill them.

    Commonlands IIRC was a level 5-15 zone primarily (sorry it has been over 20 years and I don't play TLP). It is impossible for six level 5-15 players to defeat hill giants, spectres in South Ro, etc. Those mobs were there for a higher level, but Shadeweaver skeletons are not designed for level 135.
  3. Whulfgar Augur

    Why you saying its a bug ? When a Dev has clearly indicated its not ?
    I ask you point blank are you a dev in the game higher ranking then the dev who openly stated its been fixed?
    If you are not ( I dont believe you are either) then all you carry is an opinion. Or lacking any real facts on the matter the ph's now have LESS hps then they had and certainly less then the named they spawn. Thus case closed its been fixed. Just because you cant solo every camp in T1 zones doesnt mean they are bugged.

    Duh ?
  4. Swiss Augur

    There is no requirement to being a dev to point out bugged things, fixes don't always work correctly either. I have provided evidence of these T1 mobs being out of sync with the other T1 zone and even worse than T2 PHs(partially because of CC immunity), if the devs wish to say that is intended then they can of course but that doesn't make their design flawless or perfect beyond critique and I believe they want constructive feedback. I understand how difficult their job is and missing things or having random bugs pop up will always happen.

    I don't want to solo any T1 camp, that would be a waste of time as a bard. I really don't understand why it is so difficult to just see that this T1 zone that has already been confirmed bugged just needs more tuning to be T1 instead of T2+, if you disagree that is your opinion and that is fine but can you let the devs speak for themselves?

    So far every post against making these PHs equal to T1 that quotes me seems to claim I can't handle the current zone and I don't know why that matters. I'm a raider that is done with the expansion(except t3 raids of course) before the previous HP reduction if that makes my opinion more important or less I don't know. I help others as the majority of my playtime outside raids now and hear feedback on this zone being the worst. All of this is not relevant of course to the facts but since it keeps being brought up as some sort of personal attack I hope that clarifies what I can clear.

    Let's ignore what the devs have done or whether it's a bug for a moment, do you personally find these numbers normal for game design over the past several expansions?

    T1 tangleweaver's PHs:
    A shak dathor swayer 118m
    scorched bones 119m
    a painted elemental 117m
    a stoneclaw crawler 121m
    a Loda Kai guard commander 121m
    a mature hopper 121m
    a gloompetal thistle 120m

    T1 firefall PHs:
    A fissure fiend 52m
    A Firefall falcon 52m
    A soot-specked hawk 49m
    A ravine roamer 52m
    Qua Liako/Centien/Thall/Zethon 66-75m
    a Firefall hollower 52m

    T2 shar vahl PHs:
    A grimling invader 71m
    A hungry xakra worm 68m

    T2 Paludal PHs:
    a fungal aberrant 72m
    A royal guardian 72m
    A recondite wanderer 71m

    T2 Shadowhaven PHs:
    spirit-touched scrap 72m
    a toughened phlarg fiend 156m
    a sensate reishi 72m
    a dour delver 72m

    T2 Deepshade PHs:
    a rowdy stand in 72m
    a pungent stinkhorn 72m

    T2 Darklight PHs:
    An overgrown nematode 66m
    A prickly perennial 70m

    Sadly my logs auto archived and I didn't want to dig forever so hopefully this is enough to show why I believe T1 tangleweaver's PHs hitpoints are too high and were scaled to beyond T2 levels instead of T1 firefall levels. If you have some personal issue with me that's fine but I don't know you and don't seek any drama from a game forum so please keep it to the feedback.
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  5. Buds Augur

    I think the issue is that T1 zones should have easier mobs than T2+. Guess it's not a law, but it's been the norm and makes sense, as you get better gear and move up. If it's meant to be, obviously it wasn't the most popluar idea, judging by the reaction of most on here. Maybe they will change it in a patch? I just still think it was an oversight, but could be wrong. Can't imagine that was intended.
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  6. Knifen Augur

    Unless its server up for name hunt, or I am helping someone with something that requires me to stay in that zone, I dont bother. Its just a cross zone connection for me currently. Anything I want that drops in that zone I can get easier elsewhere.
    Path of least resistance for me, this is a Tier 1.85 zone for Tier 1 loot. Pass

    Can it all be killed and cleared when needed, sure, is it worth the extra work, not with drop rates the same elsewhere.
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  7. Subpoena Apprentice

    Ignore the contrarians. FFP was the same way in BETA until they fixed it and for whatever reason (along with Heroic AAs, mercs dying when zoning into SVD, and many others) they haven't fixed SWT yet. If we keep talking about it maybe a DEV or a PM will take another look.
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  8. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    This is a stupid zone that isn't worth bothering with a dev in charge that clearly doesn't care about this game and should probably just go now and find another game to ruin.

    This is the same crap that had t1 WW crap drop the ore for t3 crafted gear for 6 months to a year almost as common as every tradeskill item, which the dev claimed was intended, only for it to stop. Then you had the dev who told us that the basic windchill sprites for a merc task are supposed to be spawned as rare as nameds when they borked the quest adding the updated artwork and it took several months for them to make it so the quest was the same skill level as any other >>T1<< merc quest.

    So while some of the devs and people who work are great people, we also have this one in charge of this zone. Months from now, when this dies down the Dev will do the right thing quietly and discreetly so as not to in any way admit that a real human being made this mistake and won't admit to it and correct it.
  9. Sivispacem New Member

    Complete ghost town on Vox.
  10. Subpoena Apprentice

    Seems to me that at this point the zone is only relevant for the Mercs/Partisans required for Champion achievement needed to evolve the cloak. I don't know anyone that camps namers for fun/loot there.

    Would be nice if a DEV or a PM could take another look and chime in.
  11. Zarkdon Augur

    I miss this aspect of the game sometimes. Big stompy monster and you had to run for your life. Or you turn your sound down for a second for a phone call and you don't hear the footfalls of impending doom.
  12. Svann2 The Magnificent

    A griffin in commonlands. Yea good times.
  13. Warpeace Augur

    So, doubling down on a T1 zone?
  14. Cicelee Augur

    A thought-

    Shadeweaver named drop the T1 augments that everyone wants. You can only get them from Firefall or Shadeweaver.

    Maybe the inflated HP results in a higher drop rate of the augs than FF named? So you can kill dozens of FF named and not see an augment, or you can do a "harder" camp in SW and have a higher chance at an aug?

    Just thinking out loud.
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  15. Knifen Augur

    That might be their response in the end, but Id have to call bs on it. Its not the named (I dont think) that have more HP, its the trash to pop them.
  16. Eaedyilye Augur

    As much as people dislike the hp mobs there's a huge plus to this. Bot PL crews are not in the zone. If you want a camp to hunt a named or do a lesson, you can have your pick of almost any camp.

    Firefall Pass is ruined by the Bot PL crews, The spider area in Darklight is camped frequently by a large PL crew. Heck, there's a PL crew in Sleepers Tomb (COV) 24-7 since the expansion was currant.
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  17. Lubianx Augur

    Actually, the skeletons are the only mobs in the expansion (apart from the couple of skeletons in Shar Vahl) that drop the Nigriventer and Gormar poisons

    I do occasionally go and try and farm some of the skeletons for this (and yes I know I could go and farm ToL for these but I am also getting a very little bit of cloak XP this way)
  18. Subpoena Apprentice

    Maybe that's true on your server, but not on Xegony. Either way, there are better ways to solve a bot problem than inflating the hps in a single T1 zone.
  19. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Yeah, bots don't get bored.
  20. Subpoena Apprentice

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