Shadeweaver's Tangle mob HP still too high for a T1 zone

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ternarissa, Jan 20, 2023.

  1. Belexes ForumQuester

    You don't have to FD to pull one out.

    I stated I was killing trashmobs, but I mentioned that because they are important to pulling PHs. I also said I would go pull single PH mobs tonight. Go read my posts again.

    I know you don't get it and maybe you are not a very imaginative puller. That is ok.

    I am not talking in circles. I am letting people know that if these mobs can't be snared, mezzed or rooted, there are other ways to get them and spawn the named.

    I don't want people to think they can't do something just because mobs can't be CC'd traditionally.

    You guys are the ones getting all snotty and uppity and making negative posts attacking me. Learn some manners. I never attacked anyone here. I just stated you don't need be dependent on CC to deal with the zone.

    Don't be some negative. People like to complain and be negative about everything. Give players information so they can do their Hunters as well. Don't turn them off by being negative and saying it can't be done.

    You can be sure I will make a post on it later so people venturing into the zone will have some info to deal with this CC issue that was mentioned here.

    There are my first two posts in this thread. I talk about the PHs in both.

    I only have 2 accounts, so I do all group merc and partisan tasks and some missions. I don't have a "Crew".

    I will camp the skeles with a mage and ranger, so I don't have FD to use. I will post later about it.
  2. Swiss Augur

    We've gone over this too much. The mobs are bugged and have T2 HP with CC immunity when they aren't supposed to. You being able to still kill them or split them does not matter at all, the bug still exists.

    Lines like "All my pulling tools worked here." & "Every mob I solo'd could be snared, parked or pulled with harm arrow etc." are just flat false if you were killing PHs because they are immune to snare, root, and harmonious arrow(lull). I'm glad you can still kill these mobs, anyone who can kill T2 should be able to but it is a T1 zone with bugged PHs.

    I would like to see this bug fixed instead of having to work around it. I believe this will hurt the average group player much more than me and am trying to report useful data on it but instead have to repeatedly explain to you that pulling with other tools doesn't mean the mobs aren't bugged high HP and CC immunity. This is why the majority of those more casual players avoid forums because a simple bug thread get derailed into some random person's ability to split pulls.
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  3. Belexes ForumQuester

    I looked at the bug submittals for this zone and it said the HP issue was fixed internally and the HP have been reduced. There is nothing that states you can't CC them as a bug and hasn't been reported as such. I think it is likely intentional or one of you would have surely reported it?

    If you think no CC on these mobs is a bug, report it.

    Swiss, you are not getting it. If a PH is surrounded by non PH mobs that can be CC'd then it is important to know so you can change how you pull.

    If the PH is only surrounded by other PHs that can't be CC'd, then you adopt a different strategy.

    I never said I was pulling PHs last night. I am saying they can be pulled. Others said I was full of it.
  4. Swiss Augur

    Grobb's #1 ranger, you should start some youtube tutorials for how to split pull I really want to see them. You came in with the wrong info and just won't let it go. The PHs are High HP and CC immune which is a bug.

    It is currently in limbo until someone notices they didn't actually fix it in the previous patch but seeing as how you've derailed the thread it makes more sense why so little gets attention and fixed when they have to read through dozens of posts about you being able to split pulls which has nothing to do with the bug.

    I have better things to do like mindlessly farming hundreds of named for t1 augs than to continue this so just reply and claim your forum quest completion.
  5. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    The three most difficult things to do in the world:

    3) Design rockets to launch into space
    2) Brain surgery
    1) Admit you were wrong on the internet
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  6. Svann2 The Magnificent

    If Im ever wrong then Ill test this.
  7. Flatchy Court Jester

    I just did Commander last night with SK , Bst, Sham. I like that camp because its completely single pulls and long respawn. Hates attraction and fd are your key. If you get a double pull out of that camp its because your fade fd was on cooldown.

    The skells are more of a pain because of the dang roamers. Just use rest the dead on all the Non Scorched Bones and pull the same way. I think the problem there is just too dang many ph to keep down. I wish the new owners would have stuck to the 3 ph per mob thing that has been going on for the most part.
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  8. Whulfgar Augur

    Are you a dev with higher ranking then the dev who already openly stated this is not a bug ?
    If the answer is no. Then your opinion is null / void. It is not a bug as per ..

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  9. Swiss Augur

    Because devs never miss a bug.
  10. Xellen Journeyman

    No change after 2/15/2023 patch, at least in the Commander Esline camp. The placeholders still can not be CC'd. They still have 123 million HP, named still have 240 million HP.

    Ran to Firefall to take down Insect hoping for armor and can confirm no change in that Tier 1 zone, the placeholders there can be CC'd and come in at less than 60 million HP and named have 240 million HP.
  11. Wanuven Journeyman

    I know this isn’t the point of the thread, but may be useful to folks for pulling the placeholders with a ranger.

    1: Pick any mob that can be shared/rooted
    2: snare him
    3: fluster/bluster it toward the desired placeholder. The snared mob “yelling for help” and generating social agro can snag one placeholder at a time that would otherwise be multiple mobs of you tried to get the placeholder via lull or spell what not. The fluster bolted add eventually mem wipes in that spot and you have a single PH pulled.

    Also that snared mob won’t roam away so you can repeat the process with it parked in that area

    I agree that it’s annoying to have cc immune mobs, but EverQuest is a game in which you can use creative workarounds when you play with its mechanics.
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  12. Dharken Elder

    Creative work arounds are indeed needed. It prevents the game from being boring.

    Shadeweaver is still broken. IF you want to base your argument on "Well the dev said it aint"... Try this one on for size. --They are wrong--. When a game is designed for others, its their job to listen to people to resolve their issues with content. We the paying customers are telling them they did not deliver in a manner consistent with their previous performance. They tried a new model and it failed miserably. Instead of telling people to "Deal with it" They need to up their mindset, Listen to the complaints and work to resolve it in a favorable manner.

    For those of you who want to come in and say "Then the game would become TOO EASY!!!".... No. It wont. Because we do a "Balance"... You know.. Game balance. Class balance... AA balance.. Health balance...Zone balance...loot division balance..

    Having this T1 zone with such an oversight in number of PHs, number of HP and capability to use core class mechanics is a fail. Lets further push that envelope and say that the loot mechanic ideas, are a fail. The augments and other loot dropping from a smattering of Named so you have a significantly harder time isolating what you need and the ability to upgrade? Is a fail.

    There are many people who are not min-maxxers. There are many people who may not have a full set of augments as it is. So if they get lucky and put risk to reward in the brand new T1 zone, they should have a decent chance to be rewarded for it. Not get told its their fault for wanting something to drop that has an absolutely tiny chance to drop across many named, with many PHs having remarkably bloated hitpoints.

    The only way I would say this zone is working as intended and for the benefit of players, would be for each PH to have a --SIGNIFICANTLY-- higher chance to spawn the nameds, being the payoff is they have to seriously up their game play. (if) this was to be a thing, then I would still argue its completely wrong as a T1 zone. T2? maybe. T3? Absolutely. An anniversary zone where you are supposed to be in with the better side of each class and capability? That would make a TON of sense.. NOT A T1 Zone in an expansion already throttled with a less than stellar other T1. Zone.
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  13. Whulfgar Augur

    As already stated by a Dev, who read your op, they openly stated its not a bug. They have been reduced. You appear to not want to accept that . Sounds like a you issue not a dev issue.
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  14. Swiss Augur

    I have no idea what your problem is but if you think bugs in games don't get missed or the fixes don't require fixes then you haven't paid any attention. This thread is about pointing out that they are still T2 HP and CC immune in a T1 zone, it isn't complicated.
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  15. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    Not a bug doesn't necessarily mean not an issue. It could mean that the code is functional, and it's a design concern without weighing in on whether or not the design is right or wrong.
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  16. Belexes ForumQuester


    These are the posts I was hoping to see. Flatchy and Wan give tips on how to deal with certain types of mobs that can't be pulled the easy way many of you think every mob should be.

    The people coming on this thread that can't defend their points with facts and resort to name calling is weak.

    I am not one of those git gud players. I am not in fact, that great of a player, but I know pulling and I know how to think outside the box and use the abilities my characters have.

    If I was that great, I would still be raiding. :)

    Since most people might have issues with this camp considering it isn't a bug, we should be showing others how to deal with it.

    Wan touched on why it is important that you know how the other mobs react to CC measures, because that can help you pull the ones you can't snare, mez or root. That is what I was getting at, but wanted you to connect the dots. You failed.

    There are other ways similar to what Wan is doing too. Flatchy used some techniques where he uses SK CC abilities.

    You can use a small dot to your advantage when pulling as well. :D There are clickies that help too.

    My intention was to go to this camp, pull PH singles and let you know how I did it to help.

    Others here just want to complain about game design and insist it is a bug because they can't pull like they expect and want to know who moved their cheese.

    Be constructive and encourage the idea that you can absolutely find other ways to do the same thing.

    Help those who may not know all the ways to do stuff like this.

    This is why I say there are no CC issues, because it can be done and you don't have to be a hot shot player to do it. Hell, the average group with a decent tank and healer don't even have to pull singles.

    A good full group can lock it down. If I can duo these PH skeles under 2 mins, a full group will surely have no issues.

    Stay tuned. I will make a post about how to deal with mobs at this camp. It might help at other camps where mobs can't be snared, mezzed, rooted.

    Just a question, does Daybreak actually categorize zones as T1 etc., or is that just us players. Honest question as I don't know.

    You can either spend time name calling and whine about how your normal style of play in a zone can't be used or you can figure something else out and get stuff done.
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  17. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Hill Giants in the Commonlands.
  18. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    I LOVE this zone as is! I bot a 54 man raid. I find the basic trash and ph's to be challenging to my 54 man crew. I don't even need to bother with CC for that or singles because I am BOTTING 54! I only wish I could genuinely pull the entire zone with 1 pull!

    Why do I wish this? Because for a tier 1 zone it is such bull that it's like this and no one wants to hunt here anyway. This way when I go to work for 8 or 12 hours, I know my 54 man crew worked hard in my absence. Plus I won't be griefing anyone while my crew is going because no one is here anyway.

    Just my $.02.
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  19. Warpeace Augur

    Sounds legit.
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  20. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    It is. Why else leave a T1 zone like this other than to give the botters something legit to do?