Shadeweaver's Tangle mob HP still too high for a T1 zone

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ternarissa, Jan 20, 2023.

  1. Ternarissa Journeyman

    The trash mobs in ST are still WAY TOO HIGH in HP. I have to circulate through 3 round of DoT's on trash mobs, when other zones, including T2, still only need 1 or maybe 2 rounds of DoT's, there's an issue. And trash mobs are STILL not rootable, mezzable or paci'able. C'mon y'all, halving HP's that were already 4x+ more than other trash in other zones is NOT acceptable!!
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  2. MmmmBop Wise Troll

    There are only 2 T1 zones... it's hard to imagine that it was intended for one of them to be tuned as something less than T2 and one to play like it was supposed to be harder than T2 - at least regarding the number of HP for the named place holders.

    Fixing this zone could be as simple as cutting the HP of the place holders in half from where it's at now.
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  3. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Its like a T3 zone.
  4. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    Why do people hate this so much?
  5. Stacked Apprentice

    While I do apreciate the mobs not having 300M HPs I do think 122-133M is still to high. For it to be more in line with a NoS T1 zone the HPs should be between 72-75M.

    This zone has so much potential but other than getting hunters done its not worth dealing with in its current trash mob state.
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  6. Koutarou Elder

    Because the respawn rate is 8 minutes and some of the named in this zone have 10-15 PHs. The spawn rate of a named per-PH is based on both of these numbers.

    A 1 PH named in this zone would have roughly an 11% chance of spawning per time killed.

    But let's use Cackling Scorched Bones (which I believe has 12 PHs) as an example. This would bring the number down to under 1% per PH respawn. If a group can only keep 3 of those PHs down (roughly 23 PH kills per hour) because of the greater than normal number of HP and random wandering adds, roughly 77 kills (almost 4 hours) would be required to get to a 50% probability of seeing the first and to get to a 90% confidence, 255 kills (10.5 hours) would be needed. (This is cocktail-napkin engineer math and I rounded off multiple times but it should be in the ballpark)
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  7. Ratalthor Developer

    Since this is feedback and not a bug, I have moved this thread to the Veterans' Lounge.
  8. Flatchy Court Jester

    Because we are not all raid geared pumping out insane DPS on grouper mobs. respawn is like what 6 mins leaves me to kill oh 4 mobs in a respawn or so. That is if you want any kind of med. forage whatever time.
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  9. Warpeace Augur

    So are they going to be looked at for another tuning pass to reduce HP/mitigation? As they are they are tougher than rare spawns or equal. Also are the lack of CC methods intended in this zone?
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  10. Iribabh Augur

    @Ratalthor can you help us understand your logic here?

    You were presented with data stating that these specific mobs in this specific zone have nearly twice as much health as any other zone and are all unmezzable, unrootable, unsnareable, and uncalmable. This is not normal. I can't imagine that GROUP tier monsters were intentionally flagged to be un-ccable in any way.

    Your statement is it's just feedback. What then qualifies as a bug? Are the mobs in SWT intentionally this way? Should we expect this type of mob behavior going forward for GROUP tier rare PLACEHOLDERS?

    I realize I'm kind of putting you on the post here and this may get deleted, but I seriously want to know. I'm just putting you on the post, I'm not calling you out on this (yet).
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  11. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Exactly HOW is insanely high hp on placeholder mobs, higher than it's ever been on ph'er mobs in an expansion, NOT a bug?
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  12. Svann2 The Magnificent

    How do you all know its a T1 zone? Maybe its T3 with the wrong loot.
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  13. Salene_Luclin Journeyman

    Wish they could explain how this is working as intended
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  14. Alnitak Augur

    Check the HP of golems (placeholders) in Shadow Heaven - same 120-130 mil. Placeholder fattening epidemics.
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  15. Allayna Augur

    Different color fungi in deepshade too.
  16. Xellen Journeyman

    Golem mobs have had more HP since EoK or RoS and it makes sense. The stuff going on in Shadeweaver's is just annoying. If it was one set of PH like in Maiden's Eye in TOL it is kind of interesting and fun. This is just a joke and needs tuned.
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  17. Alnitak Augur

    Alternatively, this may be just a canary in the mine: it seems that DPG wishes to beef up placeholders to the point that grinding trash for drops/AA's and hunting names will be separate activities, in the sense, that PH's are too fat and takes longer to kill, so AA reward will be lower, comparing to common trash mobs, with a reward of names with loot. Kinda make up your mind: AA's with trash loot or names.
    A high-dps group can do both, but still at expense of potentially reducing AA influx.
    Although it is still a questionable decision - names are needed for Hunter perhaps even more than for loot, and artificially hardening the achievement is not what I like. Maybe they should reduce the number of different names for Hunter to compensate.
  18. Xellen Journeyman

    They already did make a huge change to the hunter achievement or at least how it will be obtained. Previously named mobs had 3 or 4 placeholders and within reason you could get a spawn 1 out of every 20 kills. Now it is clear they have adjusted the formula. Every spawn point decreases the chance to spawn. So in T1 zones in NoS where the placeholders are past a dozen the chances to spawn are almost 0%. It took me almost 300 placeholder mobs for Firefall Lizard and another 300 for the Insect. This is absurd.

    Now, add that scenario to the double hitpoints/no snare/no mez situation in Shadeweaver. It is BS.
  19. Cicelee Augur

    I do wonder how many of the complaints are from solo/box players who cannot put forth the DPS to hold down a camp. Whereas a full group of fully functioning players have the ability to put forth the DPS to kill a scorched bones within 30 seconds. I also wonder how many of these players are saving/holding their burns for that 1% chance of seeing the named, and if they rotated and refreshed their burns that they could put forth the DPS required to handle multiple PH.

    The issue I see is the fast respawn and the amount of PH/trash necessary to kill before respawn. As an example, my mage and box bard went to Caverns and killed the named spectral bear Benjamin or whatever its name is. Five PH, no extra mobs to kill, IIRC 6-7 minute respawn. It is feasible and achievable.

    I am now camping Scorched Bones. Someone said 12 PH, I see 7 mobs named scorched bones which I believe is the PH. But I can only keep 3-4 cleared at most, because I also have to kill multiple extra skeletons. Which I don't mind, but when there is such a quick respawn then the roamers need to be removed so that it is just the PH.
  20. Swiss Augur

    Golem types have more HP in general and that is T2 vs T1 tangleweaver's.