Severe Lag

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bummak, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Bummak Journeyman

    Ever since the patch that changed Feign Death for all classes, I have experienced SEVERE lag issues. Every thing I do causes my character to completely stop, but the most severe issue is when I use Mouse Look to move. You know, holding the right mouse button down to increase turn or sideways movement? That causes my character to stop completely, or even worse, to completely turn me around, where I'm facing away from the mob, and getting hit from behind. This causes me to take increased damage from the mob, and I have been killed more times than I care to count. Can someone look into this? It is making the game unplayable. Also, I have noticed that the lag seems associated with the mobs detecting me. As soon as a mob sees me, my character freezes for as long as 3 seconds!!! This has become steadily worse as more patches have been implemented. As I said, this is making it impossible to play the game as intended.

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