Severe and shortsighted SK nerf with Feb. 8 Test server patch

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  1. Tereil Elder

    Also, this will affect AE aggro (ANOTHER main SK ability) abilities for group SKs. I know I'm not going to try to pull all the aggro now that epic and MC are bonked.
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  2. IblisTheMage Augur

    Agreed, that is EQ.
  3. YellowBelly Augur

    You are an idiot.
  4. Brock Landers Journeyman

    Hey Daybreak, why dont you take this effort you're putting into changing and adapting something that has been perfectly functional for 13 years and put that into figuring out why you cant go more than a few days without crashing servers and logins?

    call me crazy, tech, engineers, programmers, all different people and teams we know, but maybe, just maybe, you can try to fix what is broken before breaking what is working just fine?
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  5. eqgamer Augur

    Y'all act like this is the first time we've had to deal with a "nerf".
  6. Hellboy007 Augur

    same argument could be made for all of the major nerfs throughout the years though.
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  7. Red Ranger New Member

    This reminds me of when rangers were swarm slaughtering in Feerrott, Headshot and arrow swarm spells got changed, drastically. Is it a nerf, absolutely, does it make me want to reroll or retire, no. It allows me to find a different way to play the game.
  8. Seldom Augur

    It shouldn't be possible to hold unbreakable aggro on a large pack of mobs/entire zone swarm under any circumstance, especially with incredible ease. The only change that should have come from the Balance Where Art Thou thread and Drogba's videos was correcting that. I'm not a fan of most of the SK's that post on these forums but the the current changes to leech abilities as is are beyond silly. Adding mechanism to nerf AE aggro for EVERYONE when over a set amount of mobs in extended target would have been far more fair. Also, nerfing shield defensive profiency for all tank classes and going back to very similar cookie cutter defensive disc/aa's for ALL the tanks would have been wise. Having full time ridiculous disc like mitigation by equipping a shield is just going to continuously make achieving logical balance across the board too difficult. SK's needed to be hit with the nerf bat in a serious way FYI in my book, this just happened to be the most illogical approach IMO
  9. Kravn Augur

    Apparently the Devs don't realize that the Shadowknight is built around AE containment and control. Literally 1/4 of our used spells / abilities at the moment. Crippling our ability to survive using said tools is a pretty asinine way to fix a larger problem. This is not an attack on the swarming playstyle, it is an attack directly on ONE of the many classes that can successfully swarm by taking away their self healing tools. So are Pallies that can swarm due to their ridiculous self healing ability also getting nerfed? Again, you are attacking the tools, not the playstyle.

    Why not attack swarming directly and maybe add a max mobs on agro limit or something? Have a value for standard group and one for raid so you can still scale up raids. Something. THINK, don't just make kneejerk reactions that don't even accomplish the main goal of your actions.

    As for the newer idiocy pouring out of Drogba's mouth, Yeah... a lot of the content can start to seem trivial when you are top end geared and likely grouping with other top end geared people. I can honestly say that I have died many times to random things here and there like bad timing when an AE hit, etc.. and if you aren't on the ball, you can pretty easily get slaughtered by adds in any given situation. This being said, I have survived a lot of situations I didn't think I would either using my tools correctly. You roll the dice, sometimes they land in your favor and sometimes they don't. Changing mitigation or even mob difficulty at this point will not change how powerful raid geared tanks are vs group content, it will only further cripple those already struggling.

    Personally, I see a lot of fully group geared tanks still struggling in areas of EoK's group game... and very few SKs out there period are able to pull off the heroic stunts in current content that Drogba decided to make a video of. Hell, I don't even know many SKs that still consider mass swarming all that fun/useful anymore to begin with, even in older content.

    All in all this entire situation is pointless, overly severe, and bad for the class/game. Stop taking away our tools and look at the bigger picture. This isn't just an SK problem, other classes are capable of swarming too.
  10. Brock Landers Journeyman

    SKs dont swarm though anymore (well, they do, and can still to a decent degree.) They fixed that few years back with the patch nerfing our epic and mortal coil to limited number of swings. But it's not nearly as effective and not used much (especially since the wurmslayer was introduced, nothing tops that for swarming/power leveling.)

    This is a fundamental change to how SKs work as tanks, it's a hit to how SKs are used on raids as add tanks and such. Not the strong ones for taking on the big boss with huge hits but being able to pull in and tank a handful of weaker adds where needed. It's a pretty big change to a core function of the class.
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  11. Brock Landers Journeyman

  12. Soulrheever Journeyman

    As an SK of 15 years, Officer and Raid Leader of a major raiding guild, and veteran of EQ in general, I can say without a doubt, that this is a STUPID change. As it currently stands, the only thing SKs can bring to the table vs. the other tank classes is our ability to handle multiple weaker mobs simultaneously. It is absolutely a class-defining characteristic, and to take that away from us would be to neuter our class into oblivion.

    Devs, I strongly urge you, on behalf of everyone who plays a Shadowknight and loves their class, to reconsider and abandon this attempted nerf.
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  13. fransisco Augur

    So your raid NEVER uses SKs to tank raid trash or adds? Ever? Only Paladins?
    SKs cannot tank group named? Ever?
    SKs cannot be a group tank? Worthless?
  14. Brock Landers Journeyman

    that's exactly what he just said, SKs are used to tank trash and adds, the weaker mobs simultaneously. that nerf is a drastic change to that ability.
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  15. p2aa Augur

    I would not be surprised that Drogba is partially responsible of this nerf to his own class and the nerf to chanter rune, he complained on both of them, and a nerf comes after this.
    As always, as it has been said, it's the average lower AA group geared SK that are going to suffer the most from this nerf. He stated it like what he was doing was something most SK could do in game.

    As to the people that say a warrior can tank 4 EoK mobs with a cleric merc, doing nothing, or 10-20 mobs going afk after clicking some defensive stuff , it's just a big lol and of course completly wrong. It's not possible at all.
    I play a raid geared warrior in full TBM raid gear, max defensive AA, i can tank comfortably one trash mob without doing anything, with 2H stance for a T1 EoK mob and with DW stance for a T2 EoK mob, and I can tank max 2 T2 trash mob or 3 T1 trash mob but I need to use some defensive stuff (like Pain doesn't hurt) to be able to do it and swap back to shield stance. 3 T2 mobs or 4 T1 mobs and I die, if not from too much dmg received, because the cleric merc goes oom because my own DPS cannot kill them fast enough.
  16. Soulrheever Journeyman

    We can tank raid trash/adds. But paladins or warriors could do just as well, and bring more utility to the raid as healing/curing or boss-tanks.
    We can tank group named, easy. But no better than a paladin or warrior could.
    We can tank in a group: Better than either, against multiples. Because we have the ability to leech from melee damage on multiple mobs simultaneously.

    I said "vs. other tanks", not "vs. nothing".
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  17. Tvarian Augur

    Seems like that won't last for too much longer.

    I have a 105sk that I fool around with (main is zerker) and since he is only badly group geared, I never really swarmed mobs like this. Won't be much of a change in my play style, but I feel for those that depended on it, especially handling multiple raid trash.

    Seems like it's a nerf pointed at the very top SKs, but the real damage of it falls upon the mid-range good SKs out there.
  18. Thraine Augur

  19. gotwar Gotcharms

    Drogbaa is a freakin' nerfprophet, you should all be pm'ing him with bribes asking him to avoid talking about your class to dodge nerfs, not inciting his ire by insulting him!

    Just kidding Drogpal. But seriously your balance thread:

    - Enchanter DPS *complete*
    - Enchanter "full ETW" stunlock tanking *complete*
    - SK OPness *complete, sorta*
    - Tank DPS, specifically Warrior OPness *in process?*
    - Mage pets lol *complete*

    Just need to get that tank DPS nerfgunned and we can start calling you Nerfstradamus :)

    With the upcoming Shaman DoT revamp looking to turn Shamans into 1st tier or high 2nd tier DPS monsters (no hate here, Shamans, your DoT revamp has been a long time coming, but Aristo might have overdone this one), can we get a "Balance, where art thou pt2" thread where you address the current raid-meta promoting a raid composition consisting entirely of:


    And nothing else.

    I got you :)

  20. Sindaiann Augur

    LOLOL that picture.....
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  21. fransisco Augur

    How is this any different than raids using dps classes other than berzerkers? Just cause someone else can do it doesn't mean the raid doesn't use you.
  22. Tvarian Augur

    DBG should frame it, and sell it as a painting. It is, after all, a masterpiece.
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