Servers going down and locking, whats up?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Caell, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Caell Augur

    Title says it all.

    So far:
    Erollisi Marr
  2. Dastrout New Member

    This is the worst April Fool's joke ever.
  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    Worst one is I am missing several toons also
  4. Viciado New Member

    Same here, Thunderkiks.
  5. Davlannan New Member

    From what I have heard, is that there is a guild that is angry because they weren't the first to take on Kerafyrm on Selo so they are DDOSing all the servers.
  6. Eklipse New Member

    LOL, if that is true. Honestly might be my fault. Took off tomorrow, just poured myself a crown&coke...feeling good. No way it could last.
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  7. Junlo Journeyman

    Lol really? Some serious neck beards there.. get some social skills hahaha. If that's true.. haha just wow
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  8. Rawko New Member

    Good ol' Kerafyrm. Still tearing communities apart all these years later.
  9. macncheesey Journeyman

    joy..idk what the heck happened..was crossing into echo caverns when the dc hit..
  10. Eklipse New Member

    While we have time on our hands someone mind explaining the Kerafyrm aspect of causing ddos? I am new to the Classic/veliious eq days. From what I gathered there are wardens that have good gear that stop spawning was sleeper awoken. So people ddos to keep this from happening? Am I off base?
  11. macncheesey Journeyman

    its april fools day bro...
  12. Junlo Journeyman

    Any chance on an update? Not able to even get to the server select screen now..
  13. Flat Toad Elder

    We are not worthy...we must; a pint of my blood...all good now?
  14. Mr Dali New Member

    And it isn't even the 1 of april anymore .. so no aprils foool. Please wake up DB and tell us what is going on.
  15. Ion17 New Member

  16. Eklipse New Member

    I cant find it for some reason lol but one of devs said it should be up soon assuming no more hiccups
  17. Eklipse New Member

    mangler up
  18. narksar Augur

    In chat someone was claiming that it was caused by a hacker who provided inappropriate software to EQers. As a result of getting his account banned he allegedly began perma-deleting chars of other peoples' accounts. Accounts of people who had used his software. Idk how true all that is, but it is what people were claiming in the server chat.
  19. DebonAir Lorekeeper

    Xegony is up again (for the 2nd time during my playtime) and as usual after server crashes (at least on Xegony) Franklin Teeks daily quests and the Hot Zones are out of sync. :(