Servers down.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Narakas, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. Narakas New Member

    And .... servers down again!
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  2. EEEE New Member

    2 days in a row at about the same time. Not acceptable! It's the same as yesterday. The log in server is down again. Yet today they seem to not be on top of it. Not a happy camper!
  3. Hytest3 New Member

    Actually last night it was just log in servers. No disconnect. Tonight the servers disconnected but are still up.
  4. laller Lorekeeper

    its just log in server ab it up but you cant log in
  5. Hytest3 New Member

    Was grouped with a guild member and our 4 toons got disconnected from the game. So it's more than just log in server this time.
  6. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    My box team got clobbered whatever the problem was. Two of them went into permanent zoning status. The other 3 got a communication error. EQ thought my internet service was down. It wasn't.

    FV server.
  7. FrankTheNotTank Journeyman

    It was a mix of both last night/morning.

    My one laptop froze while porting and sat there for 5 minutes til it disconnected. Then my other laptop i was able to continue tradeskilling on for another 30-40minutes. then disconnected.

    Either way, between this and the client push to fix the client push to fix the client push, with horribad raid lag.. it's really frustrating.
  8. EEEE New Member

    After the log in servers last night there was then a problem on the Rathe and FV servers and at least one other that got at least me disconnected. I am still in game on 2 of my accounts right now, one on Bristlebane and one on Cazic. I got booted off tonight while trying to swap from the Rathe server to Bristlebane.
  9. Undertaker New Member

    I was doing the Turtorial on a new toon on my Server then i got disconnected
  10. Undertaker New Member

    Yeah we got 6 servers down tonight versus 4 lastnight
  11. EEEE New Member

    Last night at least there were red messages near the top of the forums page. Tonight they seem to be asleep at the wheel. Not cool!
  12. Hytest3 New Member

    Mangler, EM, FV, Rathe, Tunare, Xegony are down per the server screen Rest are showing up.
  13. laller Lorekeeper

    was fast the new hamster gave up on life
  14. EEEE New Member

    It loaded me into Bristlebane strangely but at least back in for now.
  15. laller Lorekeeper

    only 6 servers locked now some one must have done cpr on the hamsters for login server and the rest!
    wonder how fast you can get 6 new hamster that passed away!
  16. StinkyVetWarrior Master

    "Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Narakas, 39 minutes ago."

    It is not a good day for DBG when their customers cannot play the game due to servers being down, and DBG does not publicly acknowledge the servers being down on the MAIN PAGE !!!

    Come on DBG, there must be more than one person in the company who can upload server status within the first 30 minutes. When a company does not communicate in a timely fashion, they either don't give a flip, or are incompetent.
  17. Agrippa Augur

    My character was rolled back at least an hour with yesterday's lock out. I was only working through the tradeskill freebie quests in the Abysmal Sea, but this would be rather upsetting to be rolled back multiple times and lose significant progression. As a player, though, rollbacks are something that are entirely out of my control? Full 30 second camping every five to ten minutes wouldn't help to save and store data in these cases?
  18. StinkyVetWarrior Master

    Back up, but overseer data not loaded.
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  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I had my 3 accounts logged into the Lobby on Drinal overnight and it didn't go down.