Servers Down (not all but a lot)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghazghul, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Ozadar Elder

    In AGILE software development, the programmer deems the fix is good, he can update the operational system (Everquest) immediately.
  2. Kryed New Member

    "Hmmm, whats this button do?" (for the second day in a row)
  3. Ozadar Elder

    They servers are probably in somebody's basement.
  4. Daivid Lorekeeper

    no one can tell me it's another fail in some pipe somewhere in some net node. all my other services and games are fine. problem is I don't want to play BattleforRNG right now
  5. ForadlensMain New Member

    Everquest home shows all servers up. Server select shows most down. Consistently inconsistent is my kinda programming. Think tech alerts need to be repointed to the more accurate of the two...
  6. kharmelion Journeyman

    Have they even acknowledged the servers being down? main page shows all servers up while launcher clearly has 2/3 of them down.
  7. taffastrophe New Member

    30 minutes now... most servers went down, then all were down, now a handful are back up, but no announcement yet? What's up?
  8. Exaaver Lorekeeper

  9. Izenic New Member

    *DBG Team* "You know what would be awesome? Let's wait till all our US customers are home / done eating dinner etc and ready to log in...then...bring the servers down!* *shared laughter by all*

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  10. soulslayyer New Member

    i wonder if it will be down all night
  11. Wildjester New Member

    This crash hurts me right in the feels! :x
  12. GameFace New Member

    Dear Daybreak Games,
    How are you? Fine I hope. I realize you may be a tad busy at the moment and, goodness knows, I wouldn't want to be the one to hold up your current recovery effort by writing a lengthy dissertation on how frustrated and disappointed I am right now. That being said, some of us would be really interested to know what the post mortem was on some of the recent issues you have encountered. Back in the olden days when I worked in I.T., the most frequent question I ever got was 'What happened?' after there was an issue. Perhaps if you took the time to explain, not in tremendous detail, what caused the outage maybe the number poison pen comments you get on the forum would be reduced. Just sayn'.
    Oh, and by the by, I have been a subscriber since 2000 but I have to say that I have a supply of sharp sticks in my desk drawer for jabbing in my eye which is looking more and more like a better alternative to sticking around any longer. Sorry about the lengthy dissertation on how frustrated and disappointed I am right now.

    The guy who wrote a lengthy dissertation on how frustrated and disappointed he is right now
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  13. Windance Augur

    I would like to second GameFace's comment. It would be nice to know what is going on. All we see is the game getting more unstable, longer patches, and more frequent problems. Perhaps instead of new content take a couple weeks off and really work on figuring out what is going wrong with your systems.
  14. niente Developer

    Servers are up and unlocked now.
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  15. Shiloh-Coirnav New Member

    Now it's just the login to be fixed!
  16. Windance Augur

    They may be up but we still can't get past the log in server.
  17. Hithiquen New Member

    *sigh* was most of the way through an HA when DC'd, logged back in and have to start all over...
  18. Steon New Member

    It says servers are up... But, I for one can still not log in... It comes up with either a time out, or says I'm using the wrong log in info... Which can't be the case, since it works just fine to log in on the website...

    X3 Accounts.
  19. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    Can't log in, it's no good the servers being up.
  20. Hithiquen New Member

    yup now i cant login again, giving up for the night