Servers-Bertox-Bristle-EMarr Crashed

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Dharken, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Dharken New Member

    Might want to look in to these servers along with FV... lol
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  2. Shaantara Elder

    Xegony now too.
  3. Lorai Journeyman

    Yes, I was just Disconnected from Bertoxxulous
  4. aiha Journeyman

    I logged in about 3 minutes before Bertox crashed, and I got an error upon reaching character select saying something along the lines of "it took more than 18 seconds to load your characters, if any are missing please contact customer support"... sure enough 3 are missing. Good times, will check again if server comes up tonight.
  5. Kneeo Journeyman

    On a TLP, this sucks. Add in the 24-hour maintenance patch on Feb 11...reducing the very little time we have to get through a very big xpac (SoF).
  6. Roladdar New Member

    I got disconnected while playing.
    I noticed that all servers were locked. then I noticed an announcement concerning a potential proble,. Now I noticed an announcement :-
    Status: 2/7/2020 19:48 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled maintenance.
  7. Nennius Augur

    Having nothing else to offer:

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