Servers again

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by TheRealDeal, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. TheRealDeal Journeyman

  2. Tzunamii Jones New Member

    An announcement would be nice concerning this.
  3. TheRealDeal Journeyman

    its silly now
  4. barrt New Member

    They forgot to feed the hamster so now he will need to eat then take nap ETA 3 hours
  5. TheRealDeal Journeyman

    Its my trak raid today ..........teeeeeth
  6. Piznut Angry Gnome

    I'm glad they went down right when I got to my camp; this should be interesting zoning back into a fully spawned room with no formed group if there's no rollback
  7. Khieran Journeyman

    I was locked in a fierce struggle with a gnoll pup outside the gates of Qeynos... who will save the city now?!?
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  8. RandomStrategy Augur

  9. TheRealDeal Journeyman

    Guess i can watch the England game now !
  10. barrt New Member

    Status: 6/28/2018 10:41 PDT - We are currently investigating a hardware issue.

    Guess the hamster didnt make it poor stanley
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  11. Clonkers Lorekeeper

    We had our trak instance going, gonna need some teeth as a refund
  12. Khieran Journeyman

    That would be awesome to log back in after a server crash and see Qeynos populated by the Darkpaw clan LOL
  13. Koop New Member

  14. IlllIllIllIlll Journeyman

    I was under the impression that everyone on the server already petitioned for and received teeth.
  15. RandomStrategy Augur

    Maybe they'd give you some better prices than that Sneed Galliway.
  16. Critt Augur

    Hit the home button at character select.....
  17. Gana Augur

    I was logged off while at work! Gonna need extended bonus xp...but wait til I get home to start it!
  18. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    I'm losing roughly 1 billion in Plat sales, since daybreak forced my trader offline. I expect a 99% DB store sale in compensation.
  19. Fumi-chan Augur

    That's really crappy, hopefully DBG makes it right for you guys. :)
  20. Roxxlyy Augur

    There seems to have been a hardware failure that caused a number of servers to go down this morning, but this should now be resolved. Please let us know if you see further issues!