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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bewts, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. Alrok New Member

    Faceless cares Val! Everyone knows Gremin likes to bend the knee and waits for hand outs that's why DHS is the only guild that works with FI. DHS didn't even get into VT until the last month of SoL. The only reason FI stomps sh*t as Vince says is because no one cares for competition. FI likes to say they did stuff so fast but yet look at SoL clear, they lost to phinny's time whereas phinny had multiple guilds camping shards.
  2. Valencia Lorekeeper

    I probably should have included the words guilds, progression, game, ePeens instead of my generalized term of content. ;)
  3. Silinius Augur

    Ok so back on topic then! Benefits of opening up bilateral transfers:

    1. People will have a choice on where they want to play. If they want to play on Lockjaw in either DHS, Faceless, Damage or MP and check out how things operate now, they at least have an option of transferring a character they have worked on and are given that option. If they don't like it, they can transfer back (at least for now).

    2. I can transfer my Mage and SK back to Lockjaw....

    Seems perfectly logical.
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  4. Silinius Augur

    I have a problem with this statement. First, Gremin didn't bend a knee. He respectfully asked what we intended to do, which goes a long way in establishing a successful relationship between guilds. Secondly, DHS got into VT 2 full months before Planes of Power and we established a rotation up front on VT; getting access to end game content earlier than any previous expansion. They also were on a rotation for Seru and Khati and killed Emp 2x before they decided that they wanted to go into VT. It so happens that they got those two kills over a 3 week period of time due to server downtime and respawns and how that fit into DHS raid schedule.

    Gremin also has access to our Teamspeak server and at any time he has a concern, he is welcome to jump in TS and talk to me. We also have a co-op discord server where our officers can communicate. So please, tell me how that is "bending the knee"? That's called communication and partnership.
  5. Ethereal Augur

    As long as they do exactly what we want, we'll give them scraps after we've had our fill just so we don't have to sock 24x7 anymore.
  6. Alrok New Member

    Sil, we all know anyway you spin it, FI's been graceful enough to let DHS kill stuff so they can brag about killing content in era. For instance, PD before velious launch was what 1 kill out of 6 months? YAY, good communication there! Let's be honest and call a spade a spade. In velious, MP and Damage were finally let in to farm ST, but what happens? Sleeper gets woken up shortly, and the question really is why? oh wait because CoS, DHS and FI talked it over and decided it was time cool beans.
  7. Manfred Wilmont New Member

    Not exactly what we wanted, several of us were not happy about giving up in era targets and were told to suck it up for server health~
  8. Shadey New Member

    This. This a lot.
  9. Protocol Dragon Defender

    People on a server where the Sleeper was woken after one month with one guild farming complaining about FI waking the Sleeper after nine months while sharing the zone with five guilds.
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  10. Jarith Lorekeeper

    I think that people have different viewpoints on the word "partnership". I doubt DHS and FI are truly equal partners. That doesn't stop you from having an agreement, and doesn't mean that DHS is spineless either.

    And I think it makes sense that FI leadership places its own membership above the happiness of other guilds, I know I'd care more about someone in my guild than some stranger in guild_003.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd rather FI played somewhere else than LockJaw, but that is simply because I think we'd have more targets available. Mobilization is the most important trait for a competitive raiding guild on non-instanced targets. Being capable of killing a target is worthless if they're dead before your guild even enters the zone.
  11. Silinius Augur

    You realize that I became Faceless guild leader half way through Velious right? The fact that CoS, DHS and FI (and PoFex) were even rotating ST to begin with was progress and a far cry from what happened on Ragefire and Phinny. The sleeper was awakened because the rotation was crumbling due to PoFex killing random dragons on spawn. The guilds that had been on the rotation the longest wanted "the awakening" to be a server event. So when MP and Damage were able to see the content in era, we woke it, with representation of the majority of guilds on hand.
  12. Silinius Augur

    I agree that in most situations, I try and put my members at the forefront of my thinking. That said, I've also made decisions that took into account "server health" and as some of my members pointed out above, I've told them to suck it up.
  13. Silinius Augur

    Again, thread is completely off topic - I've had conversations on the side with folks from DBG. They will look at the server unlocks and determine if RF and LJ are now on the same unlock cycle and if so, they'll make a decision as to whether or not they want to open up bilateral transfers. So until they make a decision, we wait. I'm ok with that response. I'd rather they spend their time getting the servers up and running :)
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  14. Bewts Augur


    Waking the Sleeper was server event on LJ, there were like 200+ people in the zone, basically anyone with a key was invited to participate with one character.

    A far cry from Ragefire waking the sleeper a month after the expansion launched to get superior pixels from out of era quest mobs that come to find out were not actually in game yet.

  15. Manfred Wilmont New Member

    No Bewts, we're ignoring the fact Sil was in general channel inviting everyone with a key who wanted to tag along and see the event to come with us. It doesn't fit in the picture of us being a massed boxed group of tyrants.
  16. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Didn't you know? You are supposed to let all guilds know the exact date and time of a Sleeper awakening at least one year in advance.
  17. Bewts Augur

    I heard all the major guilds knew in advance approximately when it was going to happen, but that also doesn't fit the leftist agenda of Ragefire Sour Grapes.
  18. Ethereal Augur

    Yeah, after faceless and a box guild rotated sleeper enough to sell the loot on Ragefire daily. LOL man, this thread is awesome.
  19. Bewts Augur

    If it did happen, which I have no clue if it did, whose fault is that for locking themselves out of the original Sleeper loot tables?
  20. Protocol Dragon Defender

    You should be thanking Faceless for bringing more ST 1.0 loot to Ragefire than your own guilds ever did.
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