Server transfers between Mischief/thorn

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Transferboi, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Hythos Augur

    I don't understand what the problem is?
    Some of you are so elite, just reroll and level up by Wednesday.
    It's not like your Classic era gear isn't going to be replaced with VP gear by Wednesday night anyway...
  2. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    Still takes time and effort, why do it again when many more games are out there. Op is not asking anything unreasonable or with any malice. He/she appears to not like C&C and wants to try out mischief.

    Might like it might not, it’s his money and is willing to pay hundreds to move.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Accipiter Old Timer

    That's not fair. There was a chance that Thornblade would rival Mischief for population for a long time to come. It didn't happen that way as it turns out.
  5. Transferboi New Member

    Dont feed the trolls acci, that guys asking a question that was never said.
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  6. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I don't think there was ever much of a chance. Them calling it an overflow server doomed it from the get go.

    That's why I'm playing on Thornblade, wanted a nice quiet server to fool around with when I'm not playing on Xegony.
  7. Delphwind Augur

    I've logged into Mischief and Thorn several times over the last week or so to see the population difference based on the general channels (I know, its not 100% accurate) and Thornblade is only like 10-15% behind in population.

    There is currently no need for a server merge, or open transfers. Both servers are alive and well with thriving communities.

    I fully expect a server merge in a few xpacs however, likely around GoD or OoW.
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  8. Cronar Lorekeeper

    Check back on June 26th to see about transferring. If you made your character on day one, that is the 30 day mark.
    As for servers and transfers, i personally wish i would have put the time in on a character on Thornblade vs Mischief.
    It may be just me, but i feel that Mischief is overloaded with DB's Malcontents and overly rude people.

    I'd settle for quiet peaceful and kind any day.
  9. Numiko Augur

    some people may want to transfer low level characters because they may have bought and claimed those big bags on Thorn
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    Perhaps, but the transfer is going to cost $25 so...
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  11. Transferboi New Member

    Is the 26th and no transfers, ah well server was fun. Gluck, back to wow/ff14
  12. Cainen Augur

    If you cant/dont want to restart after 4 weeks on a server to spend 2-3 YEARS on the new one, BYE !!!
  13. Transferboi New Member

    This is my last post.

    You dont settle for something/people you are not enjoying. There are too many mmo's for that, the fact that you think like that is sad and conditioned.

    I would be paying them for that.

    Maybe mischief would have sucked? but that was my error to make.
  14. Mrjon3s Augur

    So heres what I understand. They are now only doing server merges once a year in July. Thornblade and Mischief did not get the announcement for a server merge. So you can wait 30days and pay for your transfer or sell all your gear convert into krono and reroll.

    As for mischief the grass is always greener on the other side. Both servers have 1 real OW guild Thornblade cowboys and camels, Mischief faceless x in virtue. This is the new meta now and seeing as faceless is a GDKP also your really not gonna get more geared out unless you plan on spending a bunch of krono due to everyone being able to buy gear from raids and just flip it in the tunnel. Best way to gear up now is just to small man instance raid with friends.
  15. Pappasalt Augur

    Why does an OW raid guild matter?
  16. Numiko Augur

    I would like to transfer too, not for the characters, I've already leveled up a new crew on mischief, just want to get the two 40 slot bags I claimed on thorn.

    and no it wont cost me any real world money to transfer, I have more than enough daybreak cash on all my accounts to buy a few transfer tokens.
  17. Slaytanic1 Journeyman

    What are you looking for in a guild? Just open world raiding? Your selection will be limited if you come to Mischief.
  18. Brickun New Member

    It's been more than a month and no transfer available, another broken service
  19. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    All those other top 10 games like planet side takeing up all their resorces, a game like eq is just a side project.

    To busy to handle all the groups warping in walls killing dragons in instances, or floating out of range useing z axis stuff.

    and you want server transfers! hah!
  20. Thornchief New Member

    Can a dev reply to this? Niente? In Discord back in May it was said that server transfers would be available between Mischief/Thornblade -- but you still cannot buy a character transfer token on either server.