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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Skiper, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. Justbefairaboutit New Member

    I think it crashed completely 20 or 30 minutes ago. 15 traders in bazaar.
    Laggy right now.
  2. Xegrogue New Member

    yup they locked it and took it all the way down.. but doesn't seem to be fixed at all
  3. Geibahik Journeyman

    The Rathe server is laggy right now that I can say something in guild, run up to the grocery store and come back and there it just now pops up in guild chat.
  4. suds New Member

    Xegony might as well be down... the lag makes it unplayable
  5. Elmindor New Member

    As is the case more often than not these days, Xegony is unplayable. Losing sight of why I pay money each month to play this game.
  6. Elleven_Cazic New Member

    Please post again and tell us how this is an incremental fix that you all are working on. Because 1) that is a load of crap. 2) Its not getting better 3) This is ongoing for MONTHS with no info 4) It's still a load of crap 4) miraculously other games and servers all over the internet have figured this whole internet server thing out 5) and it's a load of crap.

    I don't care if the dev team doesn't tell you enough. That is not OUR problem. Customer service is supposed to serve the customer, if you are not doing that you are not doing your job and I don't care why. You can either be our advocate or you are part of the problem. This has been going on for over 4 months now. It's inexcusable, incompetent, or partially immoral.
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  7. Grumpycat New Member

    I'm really not so certain that DBG should be allowed to use the words server and stability in the same breath.
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  8. Fadyena New Member

    sooooo while the Devs are playing and updating the Test Servers... how about doing something about the Live ones!!! This is getting beyond a joke really!!
  9. Naoaf New Member

    This is BS, just paid for Subscription and bought the New expansion and can't even play
  10. Justbefairaboutit New Member

    aaaaannnnnnnddddd Xegony is down again.:(
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  11. Arog Lorekeeper

    Xegony is unplayable now. The lag (understatement of the year) does make it unplayable. Not enjoyable but unplayable. Four times in the last 40 minutes I have tried to zone out of POK and we can not zone. General chat is lagging about 10 minutes behind when it does work. Stood in Bank for 5 minutes clicking door trying to get out. Daybroke everquest. Stop running your backups ASAP. You are bogging down the system. I can say with all confidence after the last two months of observation that the Xegony server equipment is the oldest and most obsolete and can not handle it. We have by far the most crashes with Cazic and Tunare a very very far distant second and third.
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  12. Geibahik Journeyman

    Idk what server stability is anymore.
  13. Arog Lorekeeper

    My character on Xegony server finally got one of the stones in POK to say loading zone but the screen is frozen for the last 10 minutes. WTF.
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  14. Arog Lorekeeper

    Forget this game. Gonna go watch some movies. Maybe by 2019 when Daybreak sells everquest it will work. Canceling my subscription.
  15. Candaan New Member

    4 Jan, Cazic Thule server crashed twice about an hour apart. There was also significant chat lag and long delays taking campfire and zoning. For us, one crash occurred right after completing a mission in an instance, but before the task updated giving us credit for finishing the task. Took a while, but we finally were able to log back in. We got dumped into the static zone at the exact same spot we had been in the instance. We were the perfect pull for the mobs, entering the world single file and dying. We did not get credit for the task, nor did we still have the task.

    It would really help if instances / tasks / expeditions could persist thru a server crash.
  16. KermitMadMan Journeyman

    any response from DB?

    I see nothing on Twitter / Facebook.
  17. Kollin Journeyman

    Emarr crashed still showing up on server select but giving "An unknown error occured while trying to join the server." Kicked all my characters either to server select, desktop and even one to character select where I was promptly booted again.
  18. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Cazic dropped yet again
  19. Havepint New Member

    And so it continues, Xegony down.
  20. Larsupial Journeyman

    Yep. 2nd time this week that a server crash has cost me a death.
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