Server Not Responiding

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Indar, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Indar New Member

    After character select I get a black screen that says server is not responding. Then you have been disconnected. When I get back to server select it says I have a active character. HMMM
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  2. Vaxpo Elder

    Same thing happening to me
  3. Jezzie Augur

    Same here!
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  4. WhoWasThatMaskedMan New Member

    Died, zoning into Gfay and then not responding. Now it says i have character in game that everytime i request removed it just times out. Time for bed and hopefully they fix be tomorrow.
  5. Potent New Member

    Dito to my situation, this server stability is shockingly horrible
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  6. brickz Augur

    My main is in game. Had to restart laptop and now I am also getting "server not responding" after trying to enter from character select.
  7. Milamber New Member

    Another up vote for this issue here. Server not responding after character select.
  8. Leoden New Member

    Please fix this!
  9. Cohhfarmage Journeyman

    Same thing here
  10. Lionfyst New Member

    Someone said these servers are either their first on a VM's or their first on this particular VM, and I wonder if they just aren't springing for enough resources, or maybe they thought Riz would take more of Aradune's traffic.
  11. faberin New Member

    +1 for server sadness, halp
  12. Potent New Member

    Did this server overdose?
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  13. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

  14. Wulfhere Augur

    Same thing here.
  15. Wamthump New Member

    fix yo $#!+
  16. Name2 Augur

    Did you guys see how super briefly there was an "investigating potential issue with Aradune" status up on the main forum page? I refreshed and it wasn't there any more, must not be an issue, working as expected.
  17. Grimvalor New Member

    So basically I waited for a camp I wanted and I got it. Was soloing The croc in u Guk. I literally was a happy camper...but I get disconnected for no reason and can not log back into the area that I waited an hour for due to sever issues. I completely understand this once in a blue moon, but this is every night. I, for one, do not want to play 3am to 7am. How is this even remotely ok? You need to do better. ALOT better.
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  18. Tsar Journeyman

    Crazy how bad this is when there is no doubt in my mind the volunteers on P99, that free server, would have the server reset, rolled back to save deaths, and constant updates on their progress the entire time.
  19. Name2 Augur

    No jk, I wish I'd snipped it. Just went through my back history and wasn't there.
  20. Soraffe New Member

    Yeah I mean you guys realize that Daybreak Games is just an investment firm now, they aren't gamers. They are just milking money from EQ fanbase while trying to not spend as many resources as they can to keep the game functional to say the least. Same thing happened to DCUO when they went to the switch. The servers constantly kept crashing or waves of crashes happened to players... Imagine a football stadium doing the WAVE.... everyone got a crash, then 5 minutes later, another crash.

    EQ is 20 years old running on old technology and they can't even keep it up... but they want you to pay that subscription.... kinda lost interest in paying a sub if I can't even play the game I'm paying for.