Server merge is not needed

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 10, 2019.

  1. Aurastrider Augur

    I am in favor of mergers from the theory that it will provide more people with groups, more struggling raid forces with increased recruits, and an overall sense that a server is not dead. If this actually happens with a server merger I have no opposition to it. For me I don't actually need a group so it does not impact me on a personal level either way. The other issues I have concerns with do impact me and I would want those issues to be hammered out in advance before its considered. Increased server lag, missing toons on merger, crowded zones without picks (need a lower pick threshold for all zones), messed up economies (don't merge small servers with large servers) and these are just to name a few issues I see. There are actual potential benefits but there are a ton of negatives also. I guess it all boils down to do the potential benefits outweigh the potential losses.
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  2. Yinla Augur

    If It's Pop zones it is more likely to be someone doing Hunter for evolving gloves! :rolleyes:

    Really could have done with pick zones for doing that!
  3. Allayna Augur

    Hard for who? You? We field full raids.

    Something else I see glazed over in these threads is housing.

    I've seen Machin Shin get disbanded due to a bug, guild halls disappear, housing full of trophies, tradeskill items or collections poof....all without trying to shove one server down another's throat.
  4. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    All of this overly aggressive arguing is pointless. Daybreak doesn't have the man power or sufficient technology to do server merges as shown by the last attempt at doing so. So those of you that are getting upset are just wasting your time and energy for no real reason.

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  5. code-zero Augur

    Nothing that anyone has said would be a positive thing about merges will have no positive impact at all on most players. I realize that this is difficult to grasp but it’s the truth. You only have to go to an open world zone with no picks after a new expansion launch to see how lame the idea of high population being a bonus reall is
  6. Evertrek Augur

    that is an opinion not a truth.

    how did you manage to play for 20 years like most of us??? the servers in the past (up to about 2010ish) were teaming with players and a blast to log into (even with the asshats in chat). full servers and zones are a sign that a MMO is healthy and functioning as intended.

    it would be nice for players like yourself if a guild could rent a dedicated private server as with survivor games, but that will not ever happen with EQ. so suck it up and embrace the up coming needed merges.
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  7. Warpeace Augur

    I almost wish they would merge servers. The why wont anyone group with me, or Soandso has the camp I want perma camped threads would be great.

    Lets not forget why is my guild still struggling with all these new people, someone force them to apply.
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  8. Warpeace Augur

    Opinion much?

    Why are these mergers needed? There are a small handful of people complaining mergers are needed to feed their Guilds so they are not struggling. There has not been much to honestly support a server merge, ignoring recent Dev response on the lack of Daybreaks ability to even merge them if they wanted.

    Several guilds recruit from other servers and if they are even a decent guild people do server transfer. Getting Daybreak to reduce server transfer fees could go along way to people being willing to move and try things out.

    Forcing a server merge even if Daybreak could does not guarantee anything for the actual complaints people currently have and think a merger will fix.

    If Daybreak suddenly fixes the ability to merge servers and does, great. If not, start complaining about the cost of a server transfer token?
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  9. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    And at the end of the day it might all be decided by the "we dont have the manpower" deal. I always try to balance my thoughts with the idea of what it would be like to walk into an office of what used to be let's say a dozen and a half people and now there are 1/3rd of that left and of that, only half are kinda techy in their job roles.

    So if that is the case then some type of summer vacation event for character transfer tokens might be in order as a ghetto merge strat.

    Desperate times, desperate measures menz...stay strong and be calm.
  10. code-zero Augur

    My main is a bard. In the early days I would frequently round up Tunare’s own train and AE DoT them to death. Other players were just in my way. Later I used reverse charm to kill mass groups of mobs and again other players were a nuisance. When I began grouping I chain pulled for high DPS friends and and had to put up with whining slackers who couldn’t compete accusing us of “kill stealing “ mobs that they never engaged.

    Crowded zones cramp my style and I hate them
  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Ummm yeah. Its called a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game. Now I get why you are against mergers. Thats sort of opportunistic of you. (and you know I am only throwing your own line back at you here). Learn to get along with other players and mergers might not seem so bad to you then.
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  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Numbers came from what happened in the previous instances of server mergers, both the two times that multiple servers were merged as well as the times when just my server was merged with another server. Additionally, all of the server mergers occurred well after any other games coming out to draw away player's. The players left because the merger was a net negative for them and it made the server not fun.

    I have never seen grouping helped by a merger. Getting or making a group was no easier after the mergers than before but the friends and guild stability was less after netgear than before. So for those people it is actually harder.

    Your merger math is wrong, because you assume the net result is more people lfg when in a lot of cases the X is negative. Not because people got a group but because theyleft the server or the game.

    Larger servers do not make it healthier for low or mid raiders. It only makes it healthier for those at the very top as they have more to cherry pick. The low and mid raiders actually experience a rather unhealthy existence especially after a merger as their guilds are ravaged by the high-end thru bleeding edge guilds who pick them apart as well as new rival guides do that to each other as well. There is no stability.

    Apparently, your guild was one of the lucky ones more guilds from before the two major mergers died than survived. Scratch that your guild was a large one where most are not. I find it more likely that your size insulated you from the reality of the mergers.

    For Sony, doing the mergers had more to do with saving money than how it affected the health of the servers. Especially the 2nd major one.
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  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The official solution & system in place is to delete your characters until you are once again under the cap or during server mergers move toons to a different server.
    That is pure and utter BS and elitism. The guilds collapsed more times than not because of they got cherry picked to death not because they had anything bad happening nor were they in any danger of collapsing before the mergers.
    The grouping I agree that cross server grouping would resolve the issue those crying for mergers want. But I disagree with the whole idea of 24 man raids being any kind of solution. The solution for raids is guilds actually making alliances or open/semi-open raids. Changing the raid sizes needed at this point will not end well.
  14. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Corwyhn Lionheart said:
    “If guilds collapse after a server merger they already had problems. Guilds that MUST HAVE a server merger probably already have problems.
    "These people just don't care" You do realize that every time you say something like that and it can be turned around on you right? These people who had bad experiences don't care that a lot of people had good experiences. See what I mean. You had a bad experience and I am sorry that happened to you. Given a choice I would like everyone to have only good eq experiences.
    I think server mergers would be good for the majority of the players in the game. That's what I believe. It is not based upon what I would think is best for just me. I can't help the fact I saw no problems at all due to server mergers in the past. The only mass exodus of players I saw was due to other games. From WoW to EQ2 etc etc etc.... other games make folks leave and for the most part not mergers.
    And when you talk about people taking an opportunity to go to another server even if it is my own guild members I say good for them. You can't force people to stay in your guild. And you can't be against mergers JUST so others won't have a choice to go to another server. A guild has a real problem if they worry about losing all their members due to free server transfers after a server merge.”

    So you are telling me that in these guilds all their gaming needs were being met but after a server merger they left anyway?

    Having run a guild for almost 20 years there is something that I have learned. You can't make people stay in your guild. If people are missing some part of their EQ fun any good guild leader should be fine with them moving on to something that does satisfy their EQ gaming needs. If everyone is happy in a guild they would never collapse.

    Thing is you can have people in your guild because that is the guild they want to be in and people are are there because they don't see something more to their liking.

    This occurs more in raiding guilds because it is not just about liking the guild or the people you play with but for some it is about having the best raiding opportunities. So what you are saying is don't merge so people don't have more choice and so they don't go where they think they would have more fun in the game.

    Now sometimes the problems a guild has can just be one of numbers. And guild leadership has to decide if they go with a guild merger to help solve this even if it means merging in to another guild. My guild never cherry picked anyone but we did get guilds asking to merge with us and we merged.

    In the end we are all 9 years older then the last set of mergers and hopefully more mature. I would like to expect that has to have an effect on guilds after a merger.

    Its not fun when a guild ends while it has members who don't want to see it end. Its not fun to see players leave for what they believe to be better opportunities. But the idea that you want to restrict their options so they don't leave isn't any good either.
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  15. Windiren New Member

    I wold like to see a server merge or two. For example, taking some of the older worn out progression servers and bringing them into a real time live server, that would take some of the lower level population and recirculate them into a server where it would fill a gap that is needed.

    There are new people playing on live servers that don't have anyone to play with, instead they box to make a group. That would also give the older progression players a reason to knock the dust off their toons, now they would advance up with more players; and yes in a non progression server.

    I have toons on other progression servers that I had fun playing and will never play with again because the servers went stale due to no players. On the server where im at, you are max level and no one wants to play with your toon if your not max level or close to it.

    So why not fill in some of the gaps and give more people a reason to play. My guild has fallen apart to two or three that log in these days because the rest went to the last few guilds that can fill in some of the gaps to make a raid happen. More players are needed all the way around to make the game more full again. I doubt anyone will care but, it's a idea that I haven't seen proposed before....
  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Not sure I am fond of the idea of merging TLP servers with Live servers. TLP seems to have a different way of playing with DPS races, not respecting camps etc... I would hate to see those sorts of things reinforced on the Live servers with mergers.

    I think merging TLPs with TLPs makes more sense and I suspect it is more feasible from a technical stand point as there are some differences in the server types.
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  17. Yimin Augur

    Reduce the cost of transfer tokens and people will server merger on their own !

  18. Foliax Journeyman

    "It's the ECONOMY, stupid." - Some politician.

    Not enough players = not enough market to buy from = not enough traders up.
    Not enough traders = those random tradeskill items you need for your under TBL toons is insanely expensive or simply not there any more.
    Need a lore item for a quest you're doing? - without a vibrant game economy you better farm that yourself because you can't just buy it (good luck with those lightning cores, Smiths and Berzerkers who need it for your epics).
    Need port pots for your melee toons? Better roll an alchemist and make your own because there's no need to sell then on a trader because the buyers aren't there any more (which turns EQ from an MMO into Single player Skyrim with more steps).

    You fools keep bickering back and forth focusing on just end game raiding yet somehow missing the forest for the trees - without a large enough server population, the economy died. If the economy dies, then everyone just vendors and you now need to farm everything you need by your self (or set up a /buyer and wait... and wait... and wait...).

    On The Rathe I've seen nightly trader counts drop from 175 traders up a few months ago in the bazaar to just 75.


    about raiding and guild dramalamas while your worlds are wasting away to atrophy... /smh
  19. Zunnoab Augur

    Merges preserve communities. Server transfers do not.

    I saw someone from ~15 years ago log on last night and sent him a random tell. That would never happen on another server. I've never left an active raid guild and have no plans to (merges do not count), but I wouldn't want to leave the server either.
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  20. Yimin Augur

    DBG have said repeatedly there will be no server mergers ! The best you're going to get is cheaper transfer tokens , and if you want whole guilds to transfer at once to preserve communities you need to lower the cost on the tokens ....

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