Server merge is not needed

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 10, 2019.

  1. Yinla Augur

    They fixed the server a month or 2 after they offered free one way moves. As you can imagine the players are pretty happy that the community has stayed intact. :)

    It seems at the moment the server has less lag issues than other servers.
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  2. Cazmac Augur

    I am on AB (Boneene/Partalane mostly) and naturally anxious about any possible future merger because AB is THE Euro server and based in The Netherlands, so who would we be merged with? During the time when there were severe lag problems, we were offered a free once only pass to Vox, so would that be our destination? Do any fellow Antonius Bayle inhabitants have thoughts about this? I think some difficulty, in grouping at least, is down to those I term the "high and mighty" clustering at the top levels, so either overcrowding their tasks or making it harder for lower level players to get together because we at those lower levels feel we should be emulating them instead of encouraging each other.
    I am also rediscovering the Test server as a base for playing, with its crazy copy economy!
  3. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    halp. some1 trained tormax on us while we wuz ressin and getting redy for another try. Gawd people r terrible.
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  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I don't see how you are saying hunter, collections or progression isn't instanced. It COULD be in the base static zone but it could also be in any of the PICK zones off that static zone. Aren't they going to have the collections, named for hunter, and could even be used for going from point a to b? Though not sure why it matters on travellng between zones.

    Now I could be wrong here but can't you do any of these things in a pick (instance) version of the zone as you can in the base zone? And to be fair to the guy you responded to picks are basically instances.

    Ok edited this was asking if the training still goes on to block progression but reread thread and see it does. So if the Devs decide they don't want that sort of thing to go on they can make everything needed for progression instanced that way guilds get their "firsts" in solely based on their ability to play the game and not the ability to progression block. Sadly, remembering Holly's post long ago she thinks that sort of toxic behavior is just strategic play. *shrugs*
  5. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I understand his argument in regards to killing quests npcs or what not as a way to clockblock stuff, but maybe the reason they choose not to petition is that the GMs grow tired of "refereeing" conflict between ROI and MS on Xeg? I know if I was a GM I would get sick real quick of back and forth between the two.... I'd "stop the car and take my belt off" fo sho.
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yeah that was the one part that made sense to me but if the Devs dont want that sort of issue occurring it would be easy to put what is needed in instances wouldn't it? Seems to me taking any reasons for toxic gameplay out of the equation would be a good thing.
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  7. Warpeace Augur

    People don't bother petitioning because either it takes days for Daybreak to respond or they finally get answered and told sorry we cant do anything about that at this time. Thats leaving out the canned responses and having to request it be escalated.

    Easier to play cat and mouse killing / blocking and being able to get away with it even though anyone can see its grieving and not supposed to be allowed.
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  8. Warpeace Augur

    Problem is they want the game to be social and not give out personal XP instances. Doing Progression seems to be a roll the dice thing depending where you are at, maybe they could instance critical parts of a quest? They have done things like that in the past to an extent where part was completed in the open world the rest was completed in an instance. But, how much extra work would it create on the servers to do that? and would it be worth while?
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  9. Allayna Augur

    If people paid attention to actually figuring out the quests this year, there were often 2 or 3 different avenues to take to complete them. Different mobs to kill etc...the imps in Empyr were not that way and were reported as a potential roadblock in beta. I will also note that ROI (Drogbaa, iirc) has helped in reporting these potential grief points before they make it to live. I believe he reported the killable OT NPCs.

    Picks are a very limited definition of instancing in regards to your argument about it not affecting progression. In RoS quests could not be completed in picks. Picks collapse unexpectedly due to player loss in the different picks. Picks don’t prevent anyone from /pick over and continuing the same behavior. I’m not asking for closed world non-interactive zones. I responded to Ngreth on why anyone would be against a server merge. This was 1 of 6 immediate issues I could come up with in 5 minutes of retrospection on Xegony.
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  10. Evertrek Augur

    sounds like you want a private server. you should consider trying one of the games that support private servers, this is an MMO. by definition an MMO has contention, bottlenecks, and lots of players having a good time. TL;DR

    servers need to be merged, but dev has the final say if it can be done, but for populations it really is overdue...
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  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Thing is if there are more picks and the number of players are spread over those picks why would this behavior be worse with more raid guilds on the same server? Mechanics wise it doesn't seem to be an issue. The issues with picks could be fixed or addresssed as far as game mechanics go.

    I guess what you are implying is with more raid guilds on the same server there would be increased cut throat behavior?

    I can't look at it from a raid guild perspective and all that entails but perhaps the answer is to remove all avenues of griefing from the raid progression process. That way no guild can block another with negative behavior. There must be ways to do raid progression that eliminates this sort of behavior if that is what raid guilds and the devs want to happen.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    From a raid guild perspective how much of the concern over mergers is about the increased competition for high end players. Not being in that part of the game I can't say how competitive that is but I would guess that would be an issue if there were server mergers.

    With a merger there would be more high end guilds but more high end players too but that is probably over simplifying the whole process of recruiting high end players.
  13. Allayna Augur

    None. High End or competitive raiding...people pay the character transfer to come to raid in a guild they want to be a part of.
  14. code-zero Augur

    Overcrowded zones aren't a good time. I've got friends and family playing but I'm pretty sure that with your attitude of "go play on an " that you'd be on my ignore list and blacklisted if I had anything to do with it.
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  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Well that makes things easier. We just have to deal with prog blocking from a raiding perspective then?

    I guess other issues are the losing the name issues and such.
  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Pok overcrowded maybe. None of the end game zones would be overcrowded they would all have instances. The popular low level zones these days MIGHT be populated enough to get groups.

    Went through a server split from Tarew Marr then the server mergers from Xev to Xegony and had zero bad experiences. I didn't see any more attrition in guild then normal.

    And simply logic says that if there is x percent of people who are "your kind of people" on a server that with a merge there is going to be x percent plus y of "your kind of people".

    So is it hyperbole when you talking about black listing or putting on ignore people who are in favor of mergers or are you really that upset? And would you really be that harsh for someone else expressing their own opinion.

    And to be very honest the reason a lot of people left EQ was because of Wow and other games coming out not because of server mergers in my opinion.

    I think if we are all discussing all this based on what we think would be best for the game longetivity and the players we should all be able to express our opinions and discuss this. Just not sure comments about black listing folks are helpful unless it was a joke and I just missed that.
  17. code-zero Augur

    I get it, last time there were merges your guild stuck together and you were unaffected by any of the crap that a large number of other people had to deal with.

    You see a large pool of new recruits becoming available but chances are that none of them had any real enthusiasm about joining your guild before the merge and that they're there at all is just a happy accident for you.

    Simply put you're being opportunistic about disruptions caused by merges.

    I'm sure that one day they'll figure out how to do merges again without people losing characters or whole accounts and they'll figure out how to stuff the largest numbers of players into the smallest number of servers but until that day comes it's much better for everyone, even people who want merges, if objections are made and explained so the developers can consider them and we don't all suffer from a gigantic clusterflop
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  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I agree with your last paragraph. Disagree about being opportunistic. Back in the day more so then now you didn't run even a casual guild in a vacuum. Guild leaders talked to each other. I didn't see the casual game impacted. I mean I could say you dislike change and are being opportunistic about standing up against mergers just so things stay comfortable for you.

    We may both be coming from the same place if we both are basing our views on what we each think would be better for the game as opposed to just better for either of us personally.

    The forums have lots of raiders who are proponents of what makes EQ good for them. It's the nature of the beast that the side of the game that has the people who love planning and executing complex raids and likes the competition would be better represented on the server. That's fine. I've picked the ground I want to stand on and it is about what I think is best for the more casual group part of the game and Everquest as a whole. I am selfish though I want Everquest to keep going for many more years to gome because no other game as done it for me and because of the people I have gotten to know and play with.

    Guilds never left for other games because of server mergers they left for other games because they wanted to play other games. Yeah I can see it would hurt when Wow came out we lost a handful of folks to it. Same when Black Desert came out and a host of other games. But mergers dont make people jump to other games.

    You are right DBG will do whatever they will do regarding mergers. Best we can all do is talk about our concerns or solutions we see IF they ever do mergers. If it happens it happens best we can do is help support the best outcome if it does.
  19. Yinla Augur

    Rathe or Tunare would probably be best, I believe both still have Euro players on them
  20. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Every single time there has been a server merger, the net result was the loss of players. The resulting server always ends up with fewer total players when the dust clears than the sum of the players were for the two parent servers. As a result around a 1/3 of the guilds (mostly casual and low-mid guilds) end up dying. I've seen it happen each time servers were merged into Tunare. Further the mergers don't solve any issues with grouping for more than a week or two, if even that. The people who cannot get a group on most servers currently, are not going to be able to get a group on any merged version of their server either, because everyone on the other server is also grouping with friends, guildies, and themselves. After the initial testing of the waters to figure out who are the people to avoid. Then there are all the actual negatives that others have pointed out. I cannot really think of an actual long term positive of a merger at this point.
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