Server merge is not needed

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 10, 2019.

  1. Whulfgar Augur

    If it's just it's just a couple guilds out there who cant field a right raid force.. just have those players buy a transfer token and have at it .
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  2. Newbie32 Journeyman

    I think the main issue people have is the "top" guild on some servers will become middle tier if merged with a server with one of the handful of elite guilds in the game. They may feel that they will lose people to the better guild. While that may be true, they would pick up new players from other mid tier guilds that would be merged over.
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  3. Smokezz Augur

    The name issue is definitely a thing. @Absor... what you guys really should do, is if some char hasn't been logged in for a very long time and is under say level 60 on the live servers the name is recycled - they have a free name change token granted to them for when / if they EVER log in. If it's a char under level 20 they don't get the token. It wouldn't solve it all, but it would alleviate it somewhat.
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  4. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I just don't see how it's reasonable. You are merging the entire population for the benefit of just a few people. Maybe a couuple dozen people on these servers actually want a merge. The rest of the server is happily engaged in solo/group play and not even reading the forums. It's always been this way, if you are on a server with a poor raiding guild and you want to move up the chain, you transfer your character to another server and app to the guilds there. You don't merge an entire server.
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  5. Newbie32 Journeyman

    I would bet the more casual people would like, and benefit from the mergers more than the raiders. The more players around, the easier it would be to get groups and not resort to just using mercs.
  6. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Would you be open to letting a server's merge fate be determined by a server poll? Seems fair to me.

    From the last server merge:
    I'm pretty positive (because I have one), that toons who "lose" their names to somebody else simply get an "x" added to the end of their name and that they are all eligible for a free name change (regardless of time played or level).
  7. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I should have read a little further for more relevant info - it looks like no paying player should need to delete any characters, ever. :)

  8. KermittheFroglok Augur

    I’m one of the most casual players active on the forums and I disagree. Low pop servers are ideal for casuals because we don’t have to deal with as many spawns being permacamped by Krono farmers or being run out by guilds/groups that don’t play nice. There’s a noticeable difference in etiquette on the low pop vs high pop servers. Also, casuals tend to only play during peak hours, I DO NOT HAVE TROUBLE FINDING GROUPS at night or on weekends. On Thursday, my fiancé on was getting a Drunkard’s Stein on one of her toons and had to decline grouping with someone else we just casually ran into.

    I don’t oppose server merges per se, I opposed the idea that they’ll magically solve struggling guilds problems or make pick up groups just fall in people’s laps. The guilds struggling already will likely get gobbled up by bigger guilds where they merge into and the peak hours are the same for all US servers and boxing culture won’t change because of a merger.

    If they eventually happen, I think the goal should be to only merge the outright dead servers. I think collateral damage the anti-merger camp fears could be allevated by offering All Access members one free transfer per toon every 6 months or something along those lines. I think a few low pop servers should remain for the casual base that wants to stay out of the drama and just chill.
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  9. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    This is an interesting consideration I hadn't...considered. :p

    I think most of the concerns about content being overcamped are overblown. I did all three of the SK epics last week (1.0, 1.5 & 2.0) on Bristlebane, and I never once ran into another player competing for any of the mobs. But I also think that keeping server populations low is the wrong way to combat that problem: a far better solution would be for DBG to lower /pick thresholds.

    But I also know that overpopulated zones are terrible, even on the very same live servers we're talking about merging due to low populations. The latest expansion release suffered horribly from tiny, overpopulated zones with higher-than-appropriate /pick thresholds when it first launched. But all DBG needed to do was lower /pick thresholds so that people didn't have bottlenecks waiting on the same content. It really makes no sense to me why they set /pick thresholds so high.

    I have seen, from TLP servers, just how fun EQ is with higher populations. I'm still strongly in favor of server mergers, but I also hope we can find a nice quiet place for the folks that want to continue playing quietly :)
  10. Makaha New Member

    Wrong, there are not enough high end PST /Hawaiian raiders on the server, or any server anymore for that matter. A merger with Cazic or Bertox for instance, both servers have had very good PST/Hawaiian raid guilds in the past would I believe, amply feed the raid machine for that time zone. Yes it IS all about what time you want to raid. But your red herring about people simply transferring to a server to raid in their time zone isn't how it goes.
  11. Cicelee Augur

    I am a PST player. I am the perfect player for your guild. However, your raid times of Fri and Sat from 9pm-1am are way too late for myself. Therefore you are not the perfect guild for me.

    And honestly, that is something that I do not think you are considering. It is not so much as you need PST players (somewhat niche) but rather you need them to have no weekend social night life and stay up past midnight (super niche). You could merge Erollisi with six servers and still not find enough people to check mark all of your criteria. This is not a developer flaw, or a lack of PST players flaw.

    I am not saying you should change your raid times. You guys do you. But I am saying do not blame developers or non server merges for your check mark boxes, it is not the devs fault.
  12. Allayna Augur

    1. Added server lag/instability. IIRC Xegony also hosts the beta server and has many crashes per year and inexplicable lag in certain instanced zones (mearatas).
    2. Server population’s are unique, from where people gather to buff to how the economy works.
    3. Xegony for instance, hosts the #1 and #2 progression racing guilds and a handful of other raiding guilds. The environment at launch of any new content is initially toxic in relation to kill stealing/progression blocking and adding more to that just increases that.
    4. Name changes. Who gets priority on the name during a move?
    5. Housing notoriously gets “lost” in server transfers.
    6. Resetting UI/INI/Baz etc files.

    That’s a short list I came up with in a few minutes.
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  13. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I think it's comical that a reason not to want a server merge is some would be reunited with someone who talked in a chat channel in a manner they did not like....really guys????? Just a trash talked in a chat channel is your version of a "reason to bail from a server"..... /ignore is your friend brosefs
  14. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur


    For realz bruh. KSing and crockblocking are things of the past. Amusing things of the past...but nonetheless.
  15. Allayna Augur

    Abundantly clear that you don’t race.
    The progression to request raids...

    TBL choke/griefing point: Empyr progression has 3 fireling kills and only 3. They can and WERE chain killed by competing guilds just to block progression.
    RoS: Quest NPCs in OT are killable. Killing another groups spawned Skorpiki would bug their task.
    Training groups racing through progression has happened...
    DPS races on quest related mobs has happened...

    All in open world.

    Perhaps have an understanding of the subject before speaking about it.
  16. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    Badpallyguildleader - need some ointment for that burn bruh? LOL
  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    And as I see it you are going against a server merger for the benefit of a few people. *shrugs*
  18. alycin New Member

    Boy its a good thing you can /pick
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  19. Atama-Xegony New Member

    I am personally for offering server merges on a per-server poll.
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Its been mentioned but raid guilds don't want the added competition of other raid guilds that would come with a merger. Overall I think it would be better for raid players but it might cause some consolidation of raid guilds.

    Been through a couple mergers of Live servers and never really saw any problems at all. Ended up being good for me and my guild in all ways *shrugs*

    I think its a personal opinion thing and not the "facts" everyone tries to portray it being.

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