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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 10, 2019.

  1. Mazame Augur

    Currently their are 3+ post asking for server merge. Rather than post in each of them I just want to say to all of them that a server merge is not needed.

    Guilds are struggling I hear that. You feel that you don't have the people to fill your raid force.
    So please tell me how a server merge would fill your guild up?

    Currently lets keep this simple and say each server has 500 people (I know each server has a lot more but were keeping it simple.) Now each server has lets say 5 guilds that raid and 5 family guilds. Now lets say in our example that each guild has 50 people.

    Now lets take two of these servers and merge them. you now have 1000 people and 10 raid guilds and 10 family guilds. but each guild has only 50 people the same as before. Just because a merge happen doesn't mean you guild is going to grow.

    What it does mean is when your going to farm a target there is an increase change that that target will already be camped. When you going to look for a rare mob for your hunter task there is more chance that some one already killed it. Or when you want to farm a zone fore the TS drops there is more people to compete with. Having played on High and low pop severs I can tell you from a soloist point of view a lower pop server gives you a lot more options.

    If your guild is having a hard time then you need to look at what the issue are but I am 100% sure that population is not the cause. Each sever has well over 200 people. getting 54 of those people together is not hard. My proof of this post about open raids. Almost every server is hosting open raids. 50% of the people that show up to open raids are not in a raiding guild.

    If you want your guild to grow then you need to put work into your guild make it a place where people want to be and you will get people joining. A great way to do this would be to hold open raids. Make announcements about the open raid. the more effort you put into it the better the turn out will be.

    Another option would be to Invite people from general to you regular raids. If you need help filling spots in you raid then turn to the people on your server for help. Bases on what raids your doing you can get people to help. Those that come and help may find they enjoy raiding with you and apply to your guild.

    This is a social game and the top guilds that are keeping their numbers full is not because just sit around wishing people will join. Most of the top guilds are active seeking new players all the time. They do this in a number of ways.

    1st is the group with people out side the guild. You can't get to know some one if you don't play with them.

    2nd is to talk with people. I know it hard to be social in a social game but again it how you get to know people.

    3rd is help others to become better. I not saying belittle them but rather work with them. I joined a group playing a cleric and we had died a few time. So the people i was group with asked what spells i was using and then offer a New line up of spells. After the change we had no deaths. I was latter on able to share what I learned with another cleric that was struggling. The point is Gear didn't fix the issue / AA didn't solve it it was a simple change in what i cast and when i cast it that wisdom was shared.

    Look at the forms their are a number of post of people saying X is so hard. Then their posts of people saying we are having trouble with X event what can we do. The difference is one person is just wanted to game to be nerfed to his abilities. The other is people looking to improve and step up the challenge. Those that seek help often post a few days latter saying thanks for the help as they now over come said event.

    If your guild struggling then look at why. Do you need a new tactics? I was told of a guild that was fighting the new GMM dragon they kept losing to the enrage timer. They asked for help and were able to beat it in under 10 min. They didn't add new people they didn't improve their gear they simply used a different tactic. not only did they get the win but did it in a fraction of the time.

    Maybe your guild has other issues. Ask your self why do people keep leaving? is it because of how they are treated? Their are a number of people that are very dedicated to their guilds. But no matter how dedicated some one is if they are not treated well they will move on. I not saying you have to be a care bear. but do keep in mind these are people and not just a number, it takes working together to be a team.

    So before calling for a merger that has been shown to cause more problem then it fixes. remember just because a server population doubles that doesn't mean people will want to join your guild. If you make your guild a place were people want to be then people will transfer with out needing a server merge.
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    The problem is not the lack of people..

    It's not the guilds who always finish expansions who are asking for server merges..

    It's the family guild that raids.. that can not recruit people because they lack any real incentive to join their guild that are saying it..

    Take notice.. every merge server now thread is always started by a new account handle. Also take notice how every one of them .. don't want to put either their toons real character name nor their guild tag in said thread.. even when asked point blank who they are and what guild they are from.
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  3. Absor Developer

    I am genuinely curious. What would make you NOT want a merge?
  4. code-zero Augur

    Because past experiences with merges results in massive clusterflops, guilds breaking up, over crowded zones, predatory guild recruiting, friends finding themselves on different servers after attempt transferring to be away from people they hated and had already moved servers to avoid previously.

    The first merges way back weren't that great and the last ones sucked pond scum through paper soda straws. Merges are generally a pain in the and demotivate people from wanting to play. After that last merges I ultimately ended up ending my raiding career and it's taken a long time to get back on track.

    Merges aren't quite as bad as a Classic TLP server without AOC or picks but they're pretty bad

    Just because there's a higher population doesn't mean more people to play with and especially not more people you want to play with. It's just more people

    In short server merges don't in any way improve my QOL in game and potentially can serve to screw it up possibly quite badly
  5. ShadowMan Augur

    As stated mergers themselves do next to nothing to solve the issues most guilds have. If your guild lacks motivation, a unique draw or fresh blood its an internal problem. I play on one of the least populated servers and we get recruits and new bodies all them time. Because they come for our draw and the desire to not have everything perma camped.
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  6. Daedly Augur

    If there are too many people for you or someone you don't like, you could always buy a transfer token after the merge is done. Also, you could work with your guilds leadership to make the recruiters aren't picking up these toxic people....
  7. Cragzop Augur


    The toxic people, the bot farmers, the heavily politized channel talkers, etc. - I know who they are on my server (Xegony). For the most part, I can ignore them or move to another zone...or leave a channel... Each server has them, but I suspect like Xegony, each server has a "tolerated" equilibrium with these types of folks. Have a flare up now and then, but for the most part, the community can self police.

    ...because we all know that DBG CS will not...

    Now double the amount of those type of folks (with a merger). Completely changes the complexion of a server. I've been through this once already (Combine merging with Xev-DruzzilRo). Xev-DruzzilRo was a nice, laid back community that was never the same again once the folks from Combine came on. Welcome to look at logs for old General chats pre and post merger.

    In EQ, one bad apple can really ruin your enjoyment of the game.

    No thank you.
  8. Cragzop Augur

    It doesn't seem like much of a solution to pay more to chase what you had previously.

    If you want a merger, perhaps you should be the one paying...
  9. Daedly Augur

    My point was more that comparable solutions exist for people who want mergers and people that don't. If people don't want them, that's fine. However there is no reason to act like people are dumb and unequivocally wrong for those that do want them. I personally wouldn't mind it. They already said that it not likely to happen soon, so it is what it is.
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  10. snailish Augur

    Fear of change?

    Past mergers had some warts, has already been posted in the thread. Recent Vulak to Fippy merger had technical issues that alarm some.

    Losing your name is a big deal to some. Some of us would make all our characters with our original server tag if that was possible...

    Some lose their status in a merge (i.e., #3 guild on server is now #7, perma-farmer of spawn X now has competition, etc.) so some are against it (though it may be shortsighted --I played on Vulak after the population was gone, at a certain point there isn't much you can do without an economy unless you have a lot of time or boxes).

    Having more characters than slots (happened to me one round, when a server I had long left became the destination for my newer server) was inconvenient when it locked some out (or didn't show them --I forget, I know I fixed it by deleting a bunch).

    Dev post in the Cazic specific thread basically said "mergers aren't possible right now" so people are getting overly antsy about the whole situation anyways.

    I still think a temporary "free transfer window" of 2-4 weeks, to a select few live servers (from all live servers) would be a good experiment. This doesn't force anything, but does allow a large account/character player or most of a guild to move --and maybe it gives us 2-3 really populated servers, a midrange and the really quiet. Then just play where suits you?
  11. Gremin Augur

    Its not always just family guilds who want merges. I would to see Lockjaw folded into Ragefire, although DHS just paid to move there themselves. Dead servers are dead servers, and should be looked at to allow merging. Even if that means free transfers off are given and if you do not get off by a certain date you lose. Rather money be used elsewhere then running a server thats dead.
  12. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    people that largely do not know better. It's mostly fear of change.
  13. Febb Augur

    Daybreak should really just set the transfer tokens to free. Many large MMO games out there provide this service for free. It would eliminate the need for the complex workings of doing a server merge.
  14. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I'm not sure who is starting the "merge servers" movement, but it is silly. When guilds want to raid more content and higher level content they can merge guilds. They can recruit newbies even. They can post forums asking for people to transfer in. Those are your options, stop the whining about server merges.
  15. IblisTheMage Augur

    Fear of execution issues leading to loss of players due to frustration, thus hurting established communities and relations.

    But do please consider merging AB with a US hosted server for uniform server hosting :)
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    Can you name 5 that allow free server transfures ??
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  17. Rumplestilskin Lorekeeper

    Mazame, seriously take a hike. PST players are begging for a stronger raid base. If DB won't oblige that's their choice, but seriously you are not pertinent here.
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  18. Odiiusx Elder

    It is simple. Those that are in solid raiding guilds don't want a merge, those that are not, do.
  19. Cailen Augur

    Cazic is highest pop normal rule set server...…. our lag is bad enough thank you...… no disrespect intended
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  20. Drogba Augur

    if you can recruit 20-30 people cross server for late hours raiding, you're a champion.

    That mountain looks awful steep, though.
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