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  1. MileyVyrus Augur

    I've always enjoyed the concept that a massive group of relatively similar people with similar interests... who enjoy a specific 25 year old video game ... manage to violently hate and bicker with each other at every single turn. Even if they end up playing the same server and ruleset, they still divy up into guilds and find reasons to hate each other every step of the way anyways lol.

    Yet if you bump into these folks in game, we're generally all friendly, helpful, generous, and laid back. The forums (and hell any form of social media if we are being honest) bring out the worst aspects of everyone.
  2. Soriano Augur

    I am not playing either of the new servers because there will be no FTE....

    No idea how you pegged me for anti-FTE....lmao

    YOU claimed they can just change how Krono work by changing the EULA to take care of legal issues...

    Changing the EULA does not address all the existing krono, that were bought under the premise of all access for 30 days.

    Krono are tied to an account not a game not a server in a game but to the account...log out of EQ and login to EQ2 on same account the same number of krono will be there...

    login into a different EQ server the krono will be there...

    a) So legally it is an issue.

    b) Technically not easy to do. Can be done just more work than it would be worth.

    c) Daybreak would sell significantly less krono so there is no incentive for them to even consider it.

    You're right it will not happen, you're wrong that simply changing the EULA resolves all legal issues.
  3. AzzlannOG Elder

    I'm not even sure if this is something that they "could" do. It is definitely not something that they "should" do.
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  4. xxar Augur

    Wow , first off I never said Krono will change.

    The change is in how it is distributed to the 3rd party , not the person that initially bought it.

    The 3rd party has no rights in this argument being the point.

    The initial Krono is still valid for 30 days of game time , I also know there account bound (no s***) why , I said this will never happen..

    The eula change , covers them for the change to 3rd party, Ie you buy the krono , then are able to trade it to me (DBG is now covered in what they sold as described) ... now catch on quick...

    The person that bought it from you IE ME can no longer trade it. I now have to consume it for 30 days of game time.

    I hope that makes more sense , even though if you read the entire thread I already explained it.

    Will it happen ever ... no . It's one of there primary sources of revenue.

    I do think it "can" happen if they wanted , but it never will.
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Any krono that is limited to a single server/game or becomes no trade after it is traded a single time is useless to most people. People won't want krono that they can't take to another server or game or if they can't move it to an alt account to enable their subscription. One of the uses of krono is to make trades on one account and fund other accounts with them.
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  6. xxar Augur

    I know .............. even if it was still account bound based , it can be done BUT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    That still does not take into the real intention of 30 days of game time , unless you are buying to resell , transfer them off server to resell at a later date or retrade them.

    If the initial reason for you buying them off a player is to consume for 30 days as intended, nothing changes ... you still get 30 days of time.

    If you want to fund a alt account , have the alt do the initial trade off the player on that specific server.
  7. Manwitplanz New Member

    I think they should do what world of warcraft is doing, be a good start. You cannot purchase a WoW Token unless you have spent real money to purchase and use at least 30 days of game time since 2017
  8. Soriano Augur

    it is no longer all is tied to a single server in a single game. say you can still get 30 days game time for it does not cover it.

    How do you handle existing krono...can I not use existing on this server or not or will all my krono be locked to one server inside one game?

    So if I quit EQ and start playing EQ2 my krono are no good for EQ2 because I played on this special server where krono are locked?

    again you're not thinking it
  9. xxar Augur

    I don't think it can or will ever be confined to one server , I think it can be changed account wide imo. I didn't make this thread. I already explained how.
  10. xxar Augur

    Example : Player A buys 1 Krono , Player B buys said krono with plat (the transaction from DBG point of view and contract settled with player A) .... player B now has a non tradeable krono that can be consumed only.

    Player B wants to hold onto it ! Moves to server x

    Player B still has said Krono on server x that is still not tradeable to any player they can still only consume it for 30 days playtime.

    Character Page Displays :

    Tradeable Krono : 0
    Consumable Krono :1
  11. xxar Augur

    Once again for the 10th time , I do not think it will happen ... Can it happen sure , if DBG want's to commit financial suicide :p

    IF they where going to do it , the above is a option on how it might happen....

  12. Soriano Augur

    Yes we all get you are saying it will never happen, but you are clinging to a ridiculous argument that they can change the EULA and they no longer have liability for pre-existing krono and how it works.

    Then you try and swing to it can be removed from the account level....with enough programming sure...but it does not resolve the legality of such a change...and they certainly are not going to do this for a single server which is the topic of the OP.

    You did not create the thread but you chimed in and made a fool of yourself.

    better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all
  13. xxar Augur

    I am not a lawyer and never claimed to be one. I don't see how the above violates anything , they complete the original point of sale and all terms.

    The end result you bought a tradeable 30 day krono , that Krono can still be traded .. please explain to me what liability there going to have? All the existing Krono still do exactly , what there doing now ... there just unable to be traded multiple times.

    The way I see it that has nothing to do with the original sale at all.

    This concept will directly affect 3rd party sales on suspect sites and yes , the argument can be said that people will just rmt.

    I can't dispute that , I do believe that a majority of people will not risk that or there accounts compared to legalized RMT.. I just don't pretend that is something that it is not , legalized RMT and or farming for 3rd party sale sites.

    I have brought this same concept outlined above , in other threads so I have not changed anything. That can be verified through my past post history.

    The same conversations rotate on these boards , that is the nature of these forums. IE. Epic bottle necks , sg farmers , rth mt hill giant farmers , aoe power leveling in the deep , velks to the removal of keys for zones , pof and lev yada yada. The same s*** every TLP , because nothing is done.

    If you want to be involved in the community , then you need to make your opinion and stick behind it.

    I am more then willing to look like a "fool" then be a silent person that is not willing to say anything. I think those people are the fools. That's my point of view on the subject , so take it how you want im done with the thread :)
  14. coltongrundy Augur

    how could a krono be locked to a server when it's not even locked to any game
  15. Soriano Augur

    They were sold as 30 day all access not 30 days of EQ game time.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That would still kill the concept of krono as many people trade for them to use on alt accounts or to trade them for other things without the intention of actually using them.
  17. xxar Augur

    Cool , you still won't be able to retrade them.
  18. xxar Augur

    That is the intention , to force them to be used for there intentional purpose.

    The entire purpose is to remove Krono from the system , instead of reselling and promoting 3rd party webpages.

    Those 3rd party pages undercut DBG I want to say current value is like 5 or 6 dollars.

    As for alts , you have the alt buy them.
  19. xxar Augur

    I said it can't be done to a specific server, it still be account wide access.

    The only thing that this will stop is the reselling of Krono.
  20. code-zero Augur

    I do not understand why anyone would think that changes that would affect Krono on all servers for 4 different games should be made for the demands of a small number of part time players on a single or at most 2 servers in just one game? I know that it's a minority who want this because Krono are the de facto standard currency on any TLP shortly after it opens. If it were not then there'd be no calls by a few vocal people to change it.
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