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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by auto21, Apr 9, 2024.

  1. Varyk Lorekeeper

    The amount of times I've seen people post with a genuine interest to help improve the game only to be met with a stone wall reply like this which only serves to make them feel bad for even trying...

    There are constructive ways to give feedback and unconstructive ways. Please try to do better next time.

    To OP: your thread is not pointless and I appreciate you trying to come up with an idea to try to make change and improve the game. But as others have said, the All Access part of Krono is where you're going to see issues. It's what it's sold as and why it does so well. Impossible idea? No. Unlikely idea? Yes :)
  2. CdeezNotes Augur

    OP's thread is pointless. They aren't going to risk running into legal issues changing the entire functionality of krono. End of story. It's been said multiple times. Krono isn't an EQ thing, it's a global account thing. In order to have a non-krono or "krono locked" server or whatever other obscure idea that modifies the purpose of krono, they either need to completely revise their legal documentation or make entirely new launchers for those excluded servers.
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  3. Varyk Lorekeeper

    Now imagine if you just said this in the first place /shrug
  4. CdeezNotes Augur

    I've said it on the first 3,000 threads that popped up suggesting this idea. Imagine if OP used the search tool and found some replies to his suggestion on previous threads. /shrug
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  5. Kahna Augur

    OP posted a horrible idea that has been rehashed time and time again on these forums and is literally never going to happen. There comes a time when someone who doesn't know how the search feature functions need to be told, bluntly, that their idea is bad and they should feel bad. They should do better.
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  6. Hamshire Augur

    A lot of people lost their vision the other day, please understand.
  7. Laberintica77 Journeyman

    You seem a bit hurt and offended ; you should take a chill pill just because you don't agree with the OP idea, you don't have to attack him .
    and of course, you're absolutely wrong; some of us think is a great idea; so now go get a pacifier and keep browsing the forums /wave
  8. Hamshire Augur

    I brought this topic up before the price of everything irl doubled and people got so upset that I could of made a thread consisting of nothing of gamer words and people would of been less offended. I don't think any other topic is more disliked then this in the whole entirety of the TLP section.
  9. Soriano Augur

    A) Too many players do not really want it to change...

    B) There is ZERO incentive for Daybreak to make a change.

    C) the way it works and the legal issues surrounding it mean it is NOT going to change...

    Take your pick...LMAO
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  10. Kahna Augur

    Upset? No, but it gets annoying to have these things pop up everywhere all the time. Never going to happen, doesn't matter how great an idea you think it is. Get over it and move on to an idea that might actually have some chance of being implemented. Or go play on P99 and enjoy the game without krono. I am not the one whining over something that has been in the game for over a decade now and isn't going to be changed.
  11. auto21 Augur

    Upset? No.. but i just get upset.. is basically what you just wrote and you're not the only person on these forums who seems hyper sensitive, unable to control their emotions and overly defensive to any idea/concept outside their paradigm.

    I surprised (and not) the thread is still alive. As I mentioned before, I wasn't strongly for or against the idea. Let's just let it go.
  12. Kahna Augur

    LOL!! To say that about the folks on this forum. Hilarious.

    You are definitely reading far more emotion into this than is present. Annoyed is not upset. Annoyed is is far more mild than upset. But foolish people annoy me. People are foolish if they think krono are ever going to be changed. People are foolish to keep suggesting it. This isn't "outside my paradigm" This is "outside of realism". Go play on P99, what krono haters want already exists.
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  13. Elabone Augur

    This is crazy lmaooooooooo
    I meant to quote the search results about eyes, but clicked reply on the wrong post. Maybe my eyes hurt
  14. Soriano Augur

    You have no idea what you are talking about....LMAO

    You seem to think we can have one lone server krono locked...

    Or you seem to think they can or will change the way a krono works, they will not and it would be a legal nightmare if they tried do you have any clue how many krono exist across all the accounts on daybreak?

    Is it your plan than none of those existing krono can be used on the new server? or is it your plan that all krono going forward are server specific?

    and the 71 krono I currently have are now locked to Oakwynd? or I can use them anywhere but the new server or if I roll on the new server I have to lock all my existing krono to that server?

    exactly how do you get the existing toothpaste back into the tube?

    or have you simply not truly thought it out?

    think about

    Edit to add: Oakwynd was the first server I ever played on with krono...Do I see issues krono created...YES...can it be undone at this point...doubt it. and there is no incentive for Daybreak. I turned 5 krono into 71 in 9 months. Now that is probably chump change to large boxing crew....but for a two boxer it is not too KRONO save EQ....for all the issues it created there would be no issues without krono as there would be no game...
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  15. code-zero Augur

    The OP makes assertions with no proof.

    Everyone does not know

    The real reason for the drop in population is the recyclers leaving when they hit wherever they want out. If that's your play style then more power to you but it should be know that if you leave a server to wait on the next TLP you aren't going to be happy with having to leave those locked Krono behind.

    Krono provide a stable in game currency with a tangible value for the player no matter what All Access game they want to play.

    I sometimes wonder who it is that has the big complaint about Krono. The recycler who can use them on the next TLP doesn't benefit from limited Krono. The players from other games and servers who come to a TLP to pick up Krono certainly don't benefit and it can be argued that they're a net benefit to the long term server economy.
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  16. MileyVyrus Augur

    Yup, its amazing how many people are willing to play Everquest for free. It's quite the tried and true business model.
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  17. Celatusp99 Augur

  18. xxar Augur

    I love it when you respond , please read the thread!

    I said it never happen.

    The only time you ever enter a thread is to bash a post or are anti-fte. I will just ignore you now.
  19. Sheila Elder

    My favorite are all of the different flavors of people posting that want to play like it's 2001, very vocal in every thread about the way they want to play it and then being absolutely deconstructive of others thoughts when they want the same. Like you all have original thoughts on all the posts where you post nearly identical thoughts. It's ironic but also sad.
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  20. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    What original thoughts? This is a TLP forums. By definition we want nothing new, and want to "experience" old stuff we already have experienced more than once since 1999! :p

    We are a bit mental that way - knowing fully well you can never capture that old nostalgia again, but keep trying! Expecting any non-identical thoughts in this forum section is just...odd!