Server locked krono

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  1. auto21 Augur

    I'd wager >95% of those krono stay in EQ1
  2. xxar Augur

    I have dumped 100s onto eq2 just to corner a market for multiple expansions , because I was waiting on a TLP here.

    There server launches in tandum with eq1 and always on a rotation.
  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Krono are sold under a contract which can't be changed to limit their use as easily as you think.
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If there was no krono or it was limited they would just take the sales of things to third party websites just like it used to be before korno got introduced.
  5. xxar Augur

    I like to see that contract , but im not arguing for it or against it. I honestly believe , IF they wanted to it can be changed.

    The reality is if you had 100 Krono on a account , they can simply ban you period ... no reason , no ifs and you lose all 100 krono. There will be nothing you can do about it.

    I will say it once again , do I think it will ever happen .... no.

    This game is on life support and getting rid of one of there primary cash streams is suicide.
  6. auto21 Augur

    This just proves my point. Thanks for showing up
  7. auto21 Augur

    who said no krono? wrong chat?
    btw, who do you think buys almost all the krono? new players and people with limited playtime, and they would continue to buy server locked krono...

    Server locked krono would increase the value of this krono and reduce the value of dumped in krono...
  8. xxar Augur

    That made no sense , add something constructive to the conversation perhaps.

    I am just 1 person and can do 100's I know people that can dump even more if they wanted.

    In fact I know people that accumulate them just to remove them from the game, the point is it still can be done.
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  9. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Do you all follow elon musk around and whine about how many dollar bills he has? Or how he got them?

    I have a lot of Krono and yet have never played on a TLP. I am not a new player and am not limited at all with my playtime.

    A lot of posters tend to have tunnel vision and overlook the big picture.
  10. auto21 Augur

    This idea is specifically designed to stop people like you, and others you know, to stop dumping hundreds/thousands of krono onto a fresh server to "corner the market" and screw up the economy.

    A lot of people recycle TLPs because the economy isn't messed up. Go figure
  11. Celatusp99 Augur

    Corner the market on what? On a random bonus loot free trade server what do you imagine will be cornered and how would it screw up the economy.
  12. auto21 Augur

    I suppose you're one of those clueless people who thinks he has billions sitting in a bank account?! lmao
    Grats on your krono, welcome to the TLP forums, but I'd wager you were in the minority.
  13. xxar Augur

    Wow , you need to read the thread .... I am non biased honestly , I know eq is a broken game , exploited , piss poor itemization and has a expiration date on a TLP server. You are barking up the wrong tree.

    I would love them to scan hard drives and instantly ban people using 3rd party software , I love krono to be removed or the game have enforcement... those days are gone. I don't know what the point is you are trying to say ? I am just saying the way the current system is , things like that can be done.

    There is nothing that can be done about it , short of a revamp of the entire system.

    I also don't think that will ever happen, end of story.
  14. auto21 Augur

    If you can't understand how/why dumping hundreds/thousands of krono on a fresh server wouldn't negatively impact the economy, then you are beyond help or another reply x
  15. xxar Augur

    I know exactly what it does , what is your solution though . I hear you crying , I even feel the same way .... but what do you think that can be done , besides remove Krono ... because that will not happen.
  16. Celatusp99 Augur

    I think that happens every tlp and we make it through just fine. The limitation of plat limits the value of krono no mater how many there are the dmg is mitigated. Its plat you need to worry about. My question was though what do you imagine is a good target for cornering on a server that will have so much loot that it will literally be given away in the tunnel.
  17. auto21 Augur

    I don't know what I said that implies i'm crying, but you can cry on my shoulder if you wish x
    I already mentioned what I wanted. To open a discussion about an idea that may or may not help/work, which as I also mentioned, I wasn't strong for or against..
  18. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    EULA can be changed without notice.

    Regarding real life money items like krono - the EULA cannot be changed without notice. It was sold as a transferable token to be utilized for gametime or to obtain currency/goods in game. Literally on the website as such - to change that would be something for all new krono purchased and change the colors or something.
    • Fully tradable and saleable.
    • No expiration date.
    They could call a TLP something like EverQuest: Redux and make it a "new game" and label it a non-krono supporting game as they clearly state they are only available on Krono supporting games.
    I'm pretty sure this isn't the revenue stream you think it is. It would die faster then the legends server. Just not going to happened
    Ignore the non-lawyers posting it can be changed. It cannot it is advertised as fully tradeable and saleable with no restrictions.

  19. code-zero Augur

    Dumping hundreds/thousands of Krono??? what are they buying with those Krono

    Actually you have it completely backwards. People go to TLP servers with a plan to farm and sell stuff for Krono so that they can accumulate enough to play their main character on their real servers once they've gotten ahead
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  20. auto21 Augur

    I know I said that I wouldn't reply but I got you x
    Let me answer your question with a rhetorical answer, are there items on mischief that are still traded for krono? well, economy manipulation is far more potent on a fresh server