Server Downtime: Weds, Jan 20 @ 5:30 AM PST

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Barley Enhops New Member

    I guess I'll go level my P99 toon till they figure it out. Hope the guys working on this don't take the whining personally. Thanks for putting in what I'm sure is turning out to be a terrible day.

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  2. Cinya New Member

    Well, you did say you came back for the "original EQ experience", hehe
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  3. skr3w3d New Member

    I just paid for a years sub last week.. DUH! I should have known
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  4. Saveloy New Member

    I think people's frustration is generally about communication rather than technical issues. DBG should do what Scotty would do; take the worst case scenario, double it, and advise people it will take that long. e.g. Tell people servers will be down for another 12 hours.. and when it's fixed in 2 they look like heroes..
    We'll all go and do something else, and be pleasantly surprised (hopefully) in an hour or two.
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  5. McDougal Augur

    They need to start putting TBS CD's in boxes of corn flakes. What a disaster,it is sort of funny though.
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  6. Pretarius New Member

    So is this how evercrack ends....
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  7. N0tThisAgain New Member

  8. Shainai New Member

    As someone who has just come back to the game, been playing on Phiny. Almost 30 days back, re-sub will be in a couple days. these problems have happened on every game I've ever played. It's VERY annoying to say the least. But in the past <month there have been 3 issues some were ddos where servers were unavailable. Not a good thing to come back to I tell ya. Hopefully in the next month there won't be anymore issues. I even gave eq2 a try today, as well as Ultima Online (Been a long time away from that one). Just neither of them (to me) are as fun as original Eq.
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  9. Inter New Member

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  10. Cendharia Journeyman

    I only like every other post...I'm holding back. :p
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  11. Cendharia Journeyman

    I love everybody there something wrong with that? :D hehe
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  12. taffastrophe New Member

    I'll give EQ this... I hadn't played in years, and just came back a few weeks ago for the Phinny progression server. I know I used to have things to do when I got off of work... and I know I never sat around bored... and I know I was productive... but now that I'm back, I find it hilarious that I've been clicking the "refresh" button on the server status page every 2-3 minutes for the past 5 hours and can't, for the life of me, remember what the hell I used to do after work every day. EverCrack is still EverCrack. Easily the best game out there.

    Thank God that HBO has all 5 seasons of "Game of Thrones" On Demand again, rather than having to go to HBOGO online & watching it on a 21" screen. It's so much better with a big TV and surround sound. :p It has made the past five hours bearable. (That, and reading some hilarious crap on these forums.)

    So... yeah, hurry up and get the bugs fixed, but mostly thanks for keeping the game alive for this long.
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  13. Soulessone New Member

    if you think about all the players that pay to play on all servers .. now take that amount and how much it cost to play per day ... Devs don't see it but us players who are paying to play do .. that is a lot of money you just ripped off from your players .... just giving some dlb exp time don't cut it at all .. hell it don't cost you any thing but doing so but still cost us .. give up a week to all our allsccess play time and maybe you will not screw up so much next time and if you do . we get more free time to play . that way this kind of thing will stop happening so much cus you don't want to lose money ... we should not pay for your mistakes ...
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  14. Tazz New Member

    I'm probably old enough to be most peeple's uncle and not to sound like as but you sure like to defend DBG are you on the payroll lol. like i said i have every right to say what i will since i pay to play and not once have they extended my sub for this. I'm not venting just stating the bare facts. Oh and it would be nice if they would actually update us wich they don't so i see why peep are upset
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  15. Cendharia Journeyman

    Wait...I think that's my does that, and scares me. Save me!
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  16. Lanogas Journeyman

    I'm assuming that the issues has been located and are just about fixed, since you have at least one developer starting a thread about bug reporting for test server? Or are you really going to start looking for new bugs before updating and unlocking servers?
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  17. taffastrophe New Member

    I had the same thought about heading to P99, except I haven't downloaded EQ: Titanium because I didn't know if it would overwrite my existing EQ files or what. Any advice for someone trying to play both on the same computer?
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  18. Cendharia Journeyman

    "I pay, therefore "I" am entitled to rant...that how it goes? Maybe I am doing something wrong..I pay too...hmmm let me think about that. :p
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  19. Isssk New Member

    Servers are up
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  20. taffastrophe New Member

    EQ Resource says the servers are up, FYI.
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