Server Downtime: Weds, Feb 17 @ 6:30 AM PST

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  1. Emarra Journeyman

    I have not seen anything showing a nerf to GoDR except in this thread. If true, that does cause great concern. And when added to any reduction in the usability of swarms, I see dark times ahead for my class.

    I will never understand why 989, then Verant, then Sony and now DayBreak feel this insane need to fix things that are not broken. People will always whine that class X is OP because class Y can't do something. Put on your big girl panties and either find a way, reroll as class X, or just generally be happy enough people are enjoying the game enough to keep the servers open. NEVER hope for a nerf on any class. It never helps in any way.

    Anyway no class in the game is OP as long as they actively allow things like mage bot armies. You think a single necro taking on a named solo in a fight that takes 5-8 minutes is OP? May I point you toward Brother island with the roaming bands of bot armies slaughtering a named in less than 1 minute? Or the Wizard bot armies that are blowing up raids faster than game mechanics can activate?

    Even then, who freaking cares? Let them have fun if that's what they call it. Instead of piddling away at game mechanics that have been in place for ages, add useful things instead. People are mad that someone is farming a particular mob? Fine, instead of punishing the entire class because of a few players, why not simply add more instanced versions of zones? Let there be 15 versions of Brother's Island and 7 Grounds. Seems that would be easier to do anyway with far less chance of breaking the game with unintended consequences.
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  2. strongbus Augur

    - Necromancer - Adjusted the the minimum mana focus restriction on Gift of Deathly Resolve and Deathly Resolve from 10 to 100 points. this is copy form the 2/10/16 test patch notes.

    what it dose is make it so flesh to poison will not trigger it. meaning we can't get as many dots twincasted.
  3. Emarra Journeyman

    I get what it means. I just had not seen it before now. Hopefully, this gets nixxed on Test when they realize what it actually does. I mean, isn't that what test is supposed to be used for? (haha, ok sarcasm off)
  4. Xinj Journeyman

    Cant believe i'm getting nerfed... =( :(
  5. shammigan New Member

    Why FTP is one of the worst things to happen to this community and gaming as a whole in the last decade?
  6. Smellyogres New Member

    Three cheers for the nerf bat!!! Time to reroll yet another toon.....
  7. Xanadas Augur

    Says the guy who just asked people not to flame *his* post. RME.
  8. Mr_Shadow New Member

    Finally got time to play and the game is patching.

    The angst. :eek:
  9. PreVoiD New Member

    Does anyone know how long the servers are expected to be down?
  10. Derd Augur

    3 hours according to the tweet
  11. Warpeace Augur

    from the original post
  12. Zamiam Augur

    necro's gonna be hurting .. call skeleton swarm spells will share a timer now .. no more casting 2 or 3 lvl 95, 100, 105 swarm pets at same time anymore :( .. sux
  13. Taein_Brell New Member

    I've been high end raiding with Taein since Sept 99. Ive managed to deal with all the nerfs since Underfoot, so why question is when is enough enough? well after test, the GoDR nerf cuts the necro burst by 40%, yes 40%. Which we use on every raid event because there always that certain time when burns are a must. For the first time since Sept 99 I'm all but don't with this Nerfro, err necro. ~) So glad ive had an active account since Brell opened, what a waste of my passion~~~
  14. Greyvvolf Lorekeeper

    Just wondering if the changes to the Taunt skill was warrior only, or if it applies to every class with the skill? Mainly curious if it affects Ranger's Taunt.
  15. Artefax New Member

    I'm impressed. You must be a mathematical genius! Just like that, you know it is a 40% cut down. I would think it would be extremely hard to calculate what a change means and it is probably depending on a lot of factors as well. But nope, i'm wrong. It is a 40% cutdown. Wow! With a keen insight like yours, i am sure you will find another passion soon enough!
  16. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    From what I read. It has nothing to do with the classes, but to the ability itself. Thus ranger taunt also.
  17. Vivamort Augur

    To the underperforming necro, who will not be effected by the nerf, 100K DPS is nothing, non dps classes can manage that if played for DPS. You should apply to a raid guild to replace the necro that could sustain more than twice that. I am sure they will be happy with your performance... oh wait, they will just take a wizard instead, because raiders want to win raids and that makes more sense.
    Do you see the issue now for the necro class, even if you are getting what you want out of your necro, why would you say stuff that someone could take as, "See even the necros agree it is a good thing!"
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  18. Taein_Brell New Member

    Yes ArteFUX, it,s called having many people that care about their class do hours of testing. You must be a 2 button pressing wizard or such and not a class that has to put though and effort into actually earning a parse. enuff said, I refuse to engange gradeschoolers any further on their day off~
  19. Artefax New Member

    Thanks to your namecalling, you sound a lot less brilliant already... Hours of testing and the result is always 40 huh? Odd. And if you like, sure, call me a 2 button wizzy! I have a 105 wizzy after all! (and a 105 mag, and a 105 chanter and a 105 bard, and a 100 SK and so on...) all 2 button ones, that goes without saying...
  20. Greyvvolf Lorekeeper

    Yeah but after 16 years I don't assume anything about what patch notes say.