Server Downtime: Tuesday, December 8th @ 6:00 AM

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  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Ops is in the process of investigating the cause of the world crashes shortly after the servers came up. Please keep an eye out here if there are additional updates. There is no ETA on unlock at this time.
  3. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Ops is still working on the ongoing issue that caused the crash. At this time there is no updated ETA for server unlock.
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  4. dreamweaver Community Manager

    In about 20 minutes Ops will begin to unlock and monitor servers, please do not be concerned if your world is not unlocked immediately as they are being unlocked in waves.
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  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Ops is going to be locking FV and Xegony while the dev team investigates.
  6. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Erollisi Marr, and Phinny are being locked as well.
  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    We are currently investigating a stability issue affecting multiple worlds. All Worlds will be locked and coming down in approximately 10 Minutes.
  8. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Once all servers are locked and down, expected downtime will be 2 hours.
  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The ops team is continuing work on the stability issues with all worlds. ETA has been extended an additional 2 hours.
  10. dreamweaver Community Manager

    If your world has not locked after the most recent crash worlds will be locked and coming down again. Once all worlds are down ETA to server unlock will be approximately 3 hours.
  11. dreamweaver Community Manager

    All EverQuest worlds are now up and unlocked, thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. It's time to resume your adventures in Norrath!
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