Server down - 12/20/2021 11:30am PT

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Gosan Kai, Dec 20, 2021.

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  1. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Has eq gone 64 bit yet?

  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Has Daybreak commented on it yet anywhere?
  3. Malbro Augur

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  4. Fenthen aka Rath

    No, and nothing will change when it does, until they build out all the modules that can work more effectively.
  5. SoroxDrinal Elder

    Error of Stucklin (yes I'm being nice)...
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  6. Herf Augur

    Stop blaming the hamsters, they are the victims here! FREE THE HAMSTERS!

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  7. Intercept Elder

    Servers are down, just a reminder.

    !dkp top 10 berserker
  8. Gengrel Journeyman

    would be the only reasoning for these downtimes, expansion to i GUESS
  9. Xclen Journeyman

    devs are on xmas break.. servers be back up next monday.
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  10. twotoneska New Member

    To adapt an old expression, EQ isn't 64bit, it's currently two-bit.
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  11. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I am guessing the servers are down for outages caused by:

    1. Perk System


    2. Guild Halls
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    I wonder if they can fix Autogrant while they are at it :)
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  13. Shaiken Journeyman

    Figures. I just got home from 6 days in the hospital from covid19 complications. All I wanted to do was play while I was on my death bed hooked up to everything under the sun. Now I have to...I don't know... clean? o_O
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  14. mordsith Journeyman

    Feed the hamsters! They need love too.
  15. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I am surprised it took this long. Last evening on Bristlebane the lag was huge and increasing. Folks were commenting in general about an impending crash.
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  16. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    They used to let us know whats going? least say something there looking into it or something but nada.

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  17. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Yeah, I was trying to do a turn in for Lxumon Labors, nothing happening. Tried to kick task, nothing. Finally locked up and saw why.

    I demand a squirrel replacement!
  18. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Even the red text dispenser seems to be down.
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  19. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Perhaps it's time to upgrade the squirrel power to, perhaps, woodchuck power.
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  20. Iuwene Master

    Just on Discord.
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