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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Kattria Minx Augur

    I would have enjoyed a non-true box server like Miragul. Otherwise, a server like Ragefire that has AoCs would be great.
  2. oldkracow Augur

    Zero interest in playing on any other server that has truebox and a false sense of rules that are easily avoidable by googling how to bypass everquest truebox. Why setup rules that have zero enforcement.

    Or do you really think that if not enough folks exploit a system it's OK to look the other way. :rolleyes:
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  3. Levy Journeyman

    I don't understand if you're trolling at this point of just don't get it. We're taking away from the discussion so this will be my last response. YOU and your guild and a few other guilds had access to raid content. That's great. My point is the vast majority of guilds between the two servers did not have access to that content because the content was limited, the respawns on raid mobs were long, and it was mainly controlled by a few guilds. I would argue that while you and your guild left for your own reasons, a significantly higher number of players left because they could not access that raid content to go to a server where they were guaranteed access. So while it wasn't a reason for you, it was for many others. Again, just because it wasn't important to you, doesn't mean it isn't important to others. AoC's wouldn't have fixed the server, but it would have helped a lot.

    TL DR; Fully support a non-truebox server. If it starts anywhere between classic and velious it'll be a dumpster fire in my opinion. The later the better which was why I thought Miragul would be a great test.
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  4. Raina Elder

    I know I would love a non truebox server. Having to use multiple PCs becomes a huge pain, and honestly this game is unplayable if you only play 1 character. At least for me.

    AoCs were a great addition and would make a non truebox server great for everyone who plays on them. Those that wish to play large armies of characters can, and they won't get in the way of those who want to play 1 or 2 characters.

    Sure, there would still be some open world concerns, but you have those on the truebox servers as well. It honestly wouldn't be much different, but it would be SO much nicer to play on.
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  5. Eangel Elder

    You are missing RF and LJ are valid examples since at no point has it been agreed that we(collectively) want a non truebox that starts in early eras or that there is even that thought out there. If people are still stuck in nostalgia land that classic will be fun for the 6th plus time, there will other servers coming since DBG seems to be stuck on that formula for the majority of TLP servers. Don't worry, one Non Truebox server won't ruin your plans to jump to the next truebox server.

    I don't get why you would want to dissuade a server that others, maybe not you, want to see happen and get to experience. Every time you try to pass off your opinion or perceived reality as fact, it just makes you sound less genuine, more fearmonger. There has been a faction of players that have been asking for a non truebox server for quite a while. Truebox fanatics have had PLENTY of servers to enjoy.

    Don't be that kid that tries to take all toys from the other kids, man.
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  6. That0neguy Augur

    By that reasoning DBG should be opening up a new TLP server with different rules for every thread created about it.

    Back in reality we are all fighting for dev time in a very limited resource pool. So yes spending time to get a non-truebox server up and running, and all the time spent maintaining it does affect everybody.
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  7. Eangel Elder

    By what reasoning? Make more of the same server so people can do the same thing over and over? Again, truebox lovers have PLENTY of options for TLP style servers. It's pure selfishness to try to stop one non truebox TLP.
  8. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    If we aren't talking about early expansions go play on RF and LJ. Non-truebox TLPs already exist, like WTF are you on about. You already have non-truebox TLPs to play on if you don't wanna do the early expansions. We don't need Dev time used on creating Ragefire with AoCs that starts in era past when AoC are relevant and close to the expansions RF and LJ are already at.
  9. Eangel Elder

    You think that everyone just wants to do classic over and over again? Maybe the problem is you don't really understand the idea of a discussion. At no point was it ever stated a new non truebox TLP would be starting in classic, MOST of the non truebox suggestions have NOT been for classic. Maybe you should review the conversation again.
  10. That0neguy Augur

    As much as I don't want to do a classic start it makes sense that a potential non-truebox would start there. Otherwise there are too many variables to say why it was or was not successful.
  11. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    No i fully understand people don't wanna start in classic, the last TLP set that came out i played on Selo. What i don't understand is why you can't just play on RF/LJ or Fippy if you wanna skip the early expansions. Do we really need a 4th TLP without truebox that nobody plays on? The only reason DBG would do a non-truebox server would be for the early eras and the early eras without truebox would be a disaster.
  12. Machen Augur

    Literally the only people arguing it should start in classic are people who also don't want to see it happen in the first place, and want it to fail hard if it does.
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  13. Eangel Elder

    RG and LJ are still stuck with the system of expacs unlocking based off killing raid targets, not a standard 2-3 month unlocks and it sucks, tbh. I believe fippy is in the same boat as far as how it unlocks. But you guys have 6 servers for truebox and STILL fighting for not having another non truebox ever. You guys can't see how that might be off a bit?
  14. code-zero Augur

    How about a 51- 50 non true box starting in OoW? 2 months non level increase and 3 months with level increase
  15. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    So many excuses for not dealing with reality that nobody REALLY wants to play on a non-truebox TLP.

    No we have too many non-truebox TLPs that nobody plays on as it is.
  16. Eangel Elder

    Says the smart guy that has 6 plus truebox TLPs to choose from.
  17. Lidwen Elf Stalker Journeyman

    I would Love to See a Non Truebox Server TLP Server i Ala Selo.
  18. Dabrixmgp Augur

    Non Truebox with FV ruleset that starts in TSS. Just dont wanna have to play thru useless expansions like LoY, LDoN, and PoR.
  19. Sumyungguy New Member


    The last 5 servers have been truebox. Time for something different. No need to not only pay for multiple accounts, buying multiple pcs and taking up space is not ideal.

    AoC, and pickzones will do enough that truebox is not necessary.
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  20. Preston New Member

    • Non-TrueBox - Yes please
    • AoC - Yes please
    • RaF - Yes please
    • Expansion Start - TSS or DoDH please
    • Vote Server - No thanks
    • Unlock Server - Yes, I think one month like Selo's is just to fast, and I think 2 months would be perfect. The problem with 3 months or even longer is that people get bored of the content to fast.
    • 40 Slot bags - Allow people to buy as much as they want etc even trade-skill ones from the start. This helps you DayBreak, and you make money off it. People will buy it wither they believe in this company anymore or not because it is convenience.
    • Clickies from Bags - Yes and Yes please
    • Name Respawn Rate - Selo's rate or better please
    • Raid Loot and Keys for Expansions - Double it from the norm please
    • Experience Rate - Selo's rate or Test (Nothing slow period) please
    • Extended Target Window - Yes please
    • Out of Combat Regeneration - Yes please
    • Pick Zones - Yes please
    I never post on these boards ever, but the fact Daybreak you are even considering a non-truebox is very exciting to me. My personal experience from the TLP's is from Fippydark Paw, RageFire, Phinny, and now Selo. My take on all of this is if you release an TLP with non-truebox with AoC with unlock timer, and fast experience rate you are going to get people to come back to play this game. I think this kind of server would allow people to log on, and actually accomplish something instead of waiting around for group for 3 hours.
    Truebox has worked great to fix the early expansions of the game where people can enjoy it, but anything past PoP really truebox makes it harder for people to farm anything they need for their character or characters. In fact, the one or two hours or longer of waiting for group gets old on these truebox servers then people will leave to go play something else.
    If you are to limit boxing on a TLP, I would personally limit it to 6 characters max. Anyways, I just wanted to say yes I support non-truebox with AoC at least. Thanks for yalls time!
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