Server Discussion - Non Truebox rule set.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Gootak New Member

    Stop fear mongering to push a personal opinion/agenda, this is very untrue and a fallacy that "since a number of people use 3rd party programs, all boxers use them". A large number of players went and bought laptops purely so we can box legitimately on Truebox servers, This doesn't mean as soon as a non-truebox server comes up that we will start using cheats or third party programs.

    Also in regards to the discussion about box army's locking down hill giants. I'll agree boxing pre-GoD has a number of setbacks. Totally hope with whatever era the non-truebox server starts in that it is GoD or later to at least provide instancing. Even starting at level 1 on a server in GoD would be fine due to the number of places you have available to level and get gear.
  2. elumxe Elder

    Just open a m q 2 allowed server and you will get thousands of f2p players who use it on live to sub all their characters.

    Win for everyone because now they are contained in mostly one place and everyone else can alt tab or truebox on any other server...

    Also to fix your botting problem on truebox servers, release a truebox client eqgame. Problem solved since all botting software relies on offsets from the live client...
  3. qweasy Augur

    "wait x time then do action y" is just as much AI as anything else. But your definition is nonsense so that doesn't even matter.
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  4. Ghubuk Augur

    Except they won't because they want to be on servers where the cheat programs give them the huge advantage so they can rmt.
  5. That0neguy Augur

    Think you have a serious lack of understanding what AI is. And that's not my definition. That's the definition of what a gaming bot is.
  6. qweasy Augur

    You clearly didn't play original eq then.
    No, they haven't. There still has not ever been a server without truebox that had AoCs. Most people didn't leave RF or LF because there were boxers. They left because they couldn't raid because the content was monopolized by 1 or 2 guilds. They left for AoCs not truebox.
  7. That0neguy Augur

    The problem is where do you start it? Scientifically I would say it should be a standard Phinny clone without truebox to really see what the appeal is. Problem I think is so many people are worn out on playing through classic for the 50th time now. But if you come up with some elaborate ruleset how do you know if it was the non-truebox that really created the draw for people.
  8. elumxe Elder

    Thats just bs hyperbole since only a small minority do that.

    There where over 3k downloads in the last 6 months. Now i can’t tell if those are unique, But it’s stats from the smallest site, now take rg for example which has tons more users so if you count that in there literarily are thousands of player that use the software. You are seriously telling me they all rmt?

    Cmon man, be reasonable.

    This is basically free money for dbg, if they don’t capitalize on it soon those players will eventually have their own e m u synced to live, and the income from them go away for ever.

    It’s the smart business decision long term.
  9. Machen New Member

    Would this actually solve it? Couldn't people find the offsets just as easily for the truebox client?
  10. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Nobody is "fear mongering" we have non-truebox servers we know how things are on those servers. many of the people in this thread saying they want to "alt+tab" box i've been in guilds with. None of these players "alt+tab" boxed on RF, some of them have been banned for using illegal programs, most of them use illegal programs on truebox servers.
  11. Pahppa Journeyman

    I would be very interested in a non-truebox TLP server. Preferably with FV loot rules but I'm flexible on this. Would definitely wast to start no earlier than SoL, I'm not a big fan of of redoing the first 3 expansions. As far as unlocks,I would want a 2/3month locks to ensure there is enough time for a casual player to get the things they want in era. Exp rate doesn't have to be selos, but maybe agnarr?
  12. Ghubuk Augur

    Oh my goodness, from what i have seen on the sites, rmt looks extremely lively (a ton of pl'd characters and kronos seem to be the big thing). I don't subscribe to those sites, so fairly certain that I only see the tip of the iceberg.
  13. elumxe Elder

    well... it’s not just offsets, but i didn't want to get too technical...
    It would be a good way to solve it because the 3 people that know how to update structs etc for the live client wouldn’t touch a truebox client. Impossible? No but improbable that someone would do it each patchday without help from the devs... it would make it harder for sure. By a lot. (You should know ;)
  14. elumxe Elder

    Ok man, whatever, sure there are 3000 players rmting. Eq has such a huge market that it can surely feed them all. They live in their mansions playing eq 12h per day. ALL of them. Every day. Thousands of posts from thousands of people, man i got to get in on this.

    Dude... plz. The posts I’ve seen are like always from the same handful of people. And there aren’t thousands of posts either. It’s a few new ones each day.
  15. birisu Elder

    Classic sucks regardless of truebox or no truebox. And no, DBG hasn't tried this because they didn't have AoCs on RF or LJ.
  16. Finchy Augur

    this thread is for discussion on truebox or not, not about your opinions on what software people do or do not use.
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  17. Aegir Augur

    To be fair to WaitingformoarEeeQ. It's kinda hard to see past the huge pink Elephant in this discussion, that is Automated/Scripted software that comes with removing truebox. It seems to be a huge grey-zone for Devs/Gm's at this point - and I can't really blame them. My Guess is on a non-truebox server - if you are subscribing your 6 bot group - and bought the latest expansion, you get a free-pass.

    For a TLP server beyond Seeds of Destruction I don't care - if they want an automated Merc that can do other classes than those provided by default, they can pay DBG for that. It would even be better if DBG created more Merc Classes, that you'd have to pay to unlock.

    They don't have the ressources to enforce the automation stuff for boxes. Just take in the cash themselves.
  18. halagren Journeyman

    i would sign up for ANY server that stopped people from using 3rd party programs. boxing is rampant on both styles of servers to the point that it really isnt a relevant question anymore. how many of us saw the 30 necros in rathe mountains on mangler? how about the bot crews perma camping juggs for plat farm. or the bot crews perma camping pre-nerf circlet of shadow in temple of droga?

    truebox or not truebox doesnt really matter AT ALL. now that people have realized how to use those 3rd party programs on truebox servers, it no longer makes any real difference. Phinigel had massive massive success as the first truebox server because it took quite a while for those programs to become widely used. And the more that happened, the more the server suffered. It's very clear that there are people that prefer non truebox from many forum threads, but it's equally clear that the vast majority of people despise that ruleset because of the mass bot armies that existed on ragefire and lockjaw.

    Bottom line what people REALLY want has nothing to do with truebox. to answer your question dreamweaver, what the vast majority of us want is a server where people can box a few accounts on one PC without any armies or cheaters running around rampantly. and now that it has become a lot easier to use the cheat programs on truebox, people want non truebox again because it really just isnt helping anymore. NOBODY is legitimately running 50 man raid crews as a solo player. it's literally impossible w/o 3rd party programs.

    Personally I hate boxing altogether and would like the introduction of a NOBOX server but i also realize im in the minority on this issue =P but i prefer to play an mmo to be social with other people, not to solo.
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  19. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    Geez, a lot of folks have no idea how to compare apples to apples.

    You can't compare RF/LJ to Truebox servers. They didn't have AOC's and /picks. It's complete apples to oranges.
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  20. That0neguy Augur

    Ehhh. I think you are still comparing apples. Just maybe Golden Delicious to Granny Smiths. Depending on the era of EQ there is still plenty of stuff that AoC's do not solve. VP Key, VT Key, jboots, eboots, and countless other things.

    I am all for a non truebox server. But lets not kid ourselves. Without fixing issues with 3rd party programs a non truebox server opens up the floodgate and improves nothing about the game other then making boxing easier which cuts both ways.