Server Discussion - Non Truebox rule set.

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  1. Hinastorm86 Augur

    You'll get alot of the hardcore regulars saying "yes!", but here's a slightly different take.

    I pretty regularly play on TLPs over the years. I'm not a hardcore. I didn't box at first, but eventually played around with it a little, then went all in (for me) and 4 boxed legit on selo for a couple months.

    I enjoyed it, but it was regularly pretty annoying. I have to play games lying on my back in bed because of a back injury. You can probably imagine my legit 4 box setup was pretty silly. But even for a normal person who can sit and game, setting up several computers to play a game that I could easily run on one computer is just silly at it's base.

    That, and truebox does not really work. I'll admit it, I tried to look up how to do it on one comp, messed around with VMs, some stupid remote PC stuff. I never could figure it out, so I just did it legit. Enough people have figured it out, though, that the idea is not really working anymore.

    That said, I think we need some sort of compromise here. No one wants to see more than a single full group running around, essentially automated, killing open world stuff (well almost no one). I also don't care if people wanna 30 box their own raids in instances. It hurts no one.

    I'm not familiar with the full power of macaroni quest, but from what I understand, its basically automation. I don't think that should be in. Key broadcasting seems fine. I used eyeessboxer on live for awhile, I don't see any issue allowing people to use that.

    TLDR: If it's possible to limit people to 6 characters in open world, disable automation, let people mass box instances, I think it's worth getting rid of truebox. If not, you guys need to commit to truebox and fix it, so the elites don't keep having an inherent advantage over people like me, who could not figure it out. I just wanna play your game, not become a freekin PC tech to keep up.
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  2. Sethisto Elder

    Yes. Get them off the truebox servers for good. There is no reason to have people running around with full groups on TRUEBOX. It's pretty damn obvious that they don't have 6 keyboards all running different machines. Just give them a playground to play in so they stop messing up ours.
  3. TLP Addict Augur

    Zero interest in another slow xp server starting in Classic no matter the ruleset.

    Might be tempted to reactivate my long dormant 3rd account if we can start in at least Luclin and not have punishingly slow xp.
  4. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    Here's the current (or upcoming) servers, their current expansions, and their rulesets with regard to truebox.

    Mangler - SoV - Truebox
    Agnarr - LDON 4 Eva - Truebox
    Selo - DoDH - Truebox
    Coirnav - OOW - Truebox
    Lockjaw - TSS - Non-Truebox
    Ragefire - TSS (TBS Vote*) - Non-Truebox
    Miragul - HoT - Truebox
    Phinigel - VoA - Truebox

    Fippy - TDS - Non-Truebox

    There seems to be a lot of people interested in both truebox and non-truebox servers in expansions beyond the classic trilogy, but what's baffling to me is that they're not making use of the ones they already have. I get that people want to be on the new popular thing, but a lot of people get peeved because the new server launches are killing the servers you're trying to invest in. So why keep jumping ship? It's like you're shooting yourselves in the foot.


    (Edited - Forgot Prison Server)
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  5. That0neguy Augur

    Maybe I am off base here. But this is pretty much the definition of truebox working. You couldn't figure out how to circumvent the rules so you boxed on multiple PC's.
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  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Lol great example of it working as intended.
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  7. belnak New Member

    1. allow boxing
    2. FV trade rules. FV/Selos exp rate.
    3. Agent of Change
    4. Start @ Serpents Spine (all classes/races)
    5. Start @ 51 (already have the code).
    6. Unlock @ Server firsts, when current expansion reached allow transfer & wipe after 6months.
    I would be buying 6 gold subs.

    This targets those that want to form guilds and raid and claim server firsts without dealing with camping fights.
    Additionally you could try to attract the e-sports folks with things like Best of the Best, website tracker (like that one server), unique encounters that you stream for advertising and prizes.
  8. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    You realize if they make a non-truebox server alongside a truebox server.. all the people abusing the VM's to gain an advantage will still show up on the truebox server with their 12 to 40 box teams.

    It's how they make $ selling to you since there is zero enforcement from DBG why wouldn't they continue cheating on a server where most try to play by the rules.
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  9. qweasy Augur

    Because starting new and being on a level playing field is a lot different than trying to catch up to people that have been playing for years on servers where it's impossible to find a group under max level.

    Also there still isn't a single server with AoCs that doesn't have truebox.
  10. Kywen Augur

    I'm for a non-Truebox server because it doesn't work. I box two characters on two separate computers and still get disconnected a lot by it, so I don't play much on non-truebox servers because after the initial rush, groups are hard to find.

    On occasion when I have asked about this on these forums, people flame me and say "Stop Cheating!"

    I get disconnected for using similar keymaps on both computers, with Heal Spell on button 5 for example. The disconnects happen when I'm trying to heal with both toons at the same time, and I'm pressing 5 on both computers.

    People say "Don't do that!" but a better solution would be if your bad software worked.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    They need to start dealing with those on a Truebox server who are playing on one machine and non truebox servers they need to deal with those usinging 3rd party programs so they have to tab between clients and not let the program play the char for them.

    Cheating is being done on both truebox and non truebox server and rules need to be enforced or what is the point of them.
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  12. Bigstomp Augur

    I essentially play 2 when grouping. Others play large numbers.

    They get it done. I get it done.
    There is no inherant advantage.
  13. Brovaar Elder

    I'm going to add to my list...

    5) AOC
    6) Option: Could start as a mid-mature server (meaning it could begin at one of the expansions beyond LDON but not too far beyond otherwise mercs will become available too soon).

    I think a Firiona Vie (FV) rule set would be perfect for this server. Right now the only other server like that is Brekt which is just an after thought when the Quarm server ended. It would be nice to have a FV type server we can all start in and grow with.

    As a side note, I do play on Brekt on occasion except I treat that like a FV server over-flow. It allows me to twink my alts using loot from TOV without having to deal with perma-camps and population induced lag on FV. If DBG would link Brekt's auction house to FV, boy, that would be awesome (LOL).
  14. weebly Journeyman

    All of these comments surround boxing and whether people should 6 box, so I'll just go ahead and say it.

    I'm a 3 boxer and I play in a social way with friends. I box so I can get started right away when I log in and make the most of my limited play time.

    I have no issue with my 3-laptop truebox setup, but I was hoping miragul would be non-truebox so I could play around with the grey-area software that is allowed on live, that hooks into EQ and adds features+scripting. I work in computers and the idea of building scripts to assist me when I play sounds fun to me. I could do it on live, but live is too overwhelming for me. HOT isn't *that* far ahead of where I left off many years ago.

    It should go without saying that I had no intention of playing unattended, warping, etc. Just want some simple automation and features like /stick to reduce tedium. The kind of stuff that you have in other modern games.

    A near-live server where I can't use any automation is much less interesting to me. I don't want to click that many buttons (on one character is fine, on 3 is too much), and I really want to try a high level melee focused group someday (very painful without the computer helping me stick to mobs and mash keys)

    Now that I've written this all out, maybe I should go ragefire. I'm just worried about the voting system making it de facto era locked at some point, I *do* want to get to live I just need a gentler learning curve than jumping right in.

    Edit: also now that I think about it, the truebox choice might have been made specifically to keep people like me out. Which would be disappointing but I guess is fine, it's their game.
  15. Rorce Augur

    Honestly every time I see a new TLP server announced I get hyped. Then I read that it's truebox, and it's like an instant disappointment, and I pass on playing.
  16. Brovaar Elder

    I don't see it that way. Look at Diablo 3. Every year they have a new season where players start over. There is a strong appeal for that type of game play. We don't have seasons with EQ, but we do get new TLPs which simulate the same thing, that of starting over again with all of it's fun. You gain achievements, level up toons, make new friends, form guilds, and twink alts, etc. The fact that we all gravitate to new TLPs proves that a lot of players enjoy this type of game play.

    Unlike Diablo 3 though, EQ-live gets new expansions while EQ-Classic gets their equivalent of new seasons (TLP servers). I think this is a winning formula for everyone ( EQ-Live, EQ-Classic, and DBG employees).

    We may not always agree on the underlying aspects of EQ (class balance, changes, TLP server types and frequency), but if what you are saying is right, logically you make sense, then why are we 20 years into a game that should have by all logical reasoning gone the way of the dinosaur? DBG has found a formula that works. Will it work forever? Who knows, but for now it does and the fact that we are always hungry for new TLPs seems to support this as well.
  17. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    Non-truebox, AOC server, yes please!

    The tricky part (others have already stated) is please do not clutter it up with too many untested additional server rules. For those of us that have been begging for a non-truebox server, it would really suck to see the server tank because of a bunch of additional rules.

    Of course, now that a lot of people are invested in existing truebox servers, that hurts too, but it seems impossible to accommodate server transfers these days.
  18. Ashian Augur

    This has literally been the same for me for years! Yes please to a non-truebox server.
  19. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Anyone else see a pattern? Please don't waste a TLP on a server that allows mass boxing.

    Mangler - SoV - Truebox = Success biggest problem people not being punished for figuring out how to avoid the truebox code
    Agnarr - LDON 4 Eva - Truebox = Success until locked. Still somehow more popular then the non-truebox servers
    Selo - DoDH - Truebox = Success but of a niche market
    Coirnav - OOW - Truebox = Success biggest problem same as Mangler
    Lockjaw - TSS - Non-Truebox = Failure problems unlock speed and boxing
    Ragefire - TSS (TBS Vote*) - Non-Truebox = Failure problems unlock speed and boxing
    Miragul - HoT - Truebox = Who knows, likely to fail because nobody cares about the game this close to live
    Phinigel - VoA - Truebox = Biggest success of all TLP. Pros first AOC server, unlock speeds and had the least amount of boxing of any tlps
    Fippy - TDS - Non-Truebox = Massive failure biggest problems Boxing and cheats.
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  20. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Boxing with ALT+TAB is a much harder then with 2 pcs. Boxing with one PC and cheating software is the easiest. None of these people wanting truebox removed want Alt+tab boxing. They all want 3rd party software to play most of the game for them.
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